Deconstructing GH: A Week of Baffling Storyline Decisions

September 2 - 6:

Peter hovers over Andre on General Hospital

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This week saw the unofficial end to summer, and kids headed back to school. The teens on General Hospital were bemoaning returning to school, Andre made it back to Port Charles, and Drew has predictably gone missing. With a Labor Day rerun, it was a shorter week with developments here and there, but it felt a bit slower. Also I found myself baffled by the direction several storylines are taking. 

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Jason’s latest gig

I applauded the move in last week’s Deconstructing GH of Mac being named chief of detectives at the PCPD. I thought it was a brilliant move on Jordan’s part and the powers that be. I felt it also might bring more brainpower to the department, but alas, on his first day Mac named Jason Morgan as a special aid on their case involving the return and stabbing of Andre Maddox. Say what? Aside from the fact that Jason spends half his time at the PCPD being questioned or detained, there is no reason whatsoever for him to be involved in this case. None. Zero. Jason needs to get back to Sonny’s warehouse and manage some coffee. It’s okay if his character isn’t utilized in every episode and story.

The Langoliers

Viewers found that that Drew’s plane not only didn’t reach Afghanistan, it completely vanished from the radar. It’s obvious that Drew’s plane went through a wormhole, just like in the Stephen King novella The Langoliers. It was expected that something like this would happen until the show decides to recast the character, but I was expecting something a little more realistic like he had been taken hostage or a plane crash leaving him presumed dead.


The power that be has spent a year building Peter up as a good guy who is striving to overcome his dark past. He’s been forming a relationship with his mother and with Maxie, slowly gaining friends and acceptance, and now they’ve thrown it all in the garbage with his latest actions. I felt the reveal that he was Helena’s right hand man the entire time was a fairly weak and non-shocking secret, but in his desperation to keep it a secret he’s been plotting Andre’s murder. If I’m supposed to feel pity for him, I don’t. I feel like a lot of my time has been wasted trying to convince me to care about this character for nothing.

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Drew’s a jerk

For years now many viewers have wanted to know about Drew’s past. Now that his memories are in Franco, we’ve come to find out he’s an arrogant jerk as Kim pointed out. This is the guy that was the great love of Kim’s life? And Kim knows he’s not Drew, but seems to be drawn to him simply because of his memories. The romantic quadrangle that they appear to be setting up isn’t working for me. At least when they did this with Drew and Sam, Sam actually believed Drew was Jason. But Kim knows this isn’t Drew. Oscar’s death has turned Kim completely crazy and delusional.

Dev developments

Sonny and Carly have enough on their plate with their unborn child’s health issues, so why on earth would Sonny want to go through all the trouble to adopt Dev at this point in time? Diane counseled him that it wasn’t going to be easy to pull off. Because Sonny cares about the kid, we the viewers are supposed to as well. Unfortunately, aside from Dev helping Sonny out in Turkey, there isn’t really much of a reason to care about him. If they insist on keeping him, delve into his past and make the character interesting. Right now he’s just another teen.

This is an opinion piece. Agree or disagree, please feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments.


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