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Deconstructing GH: Revolving psychopaths bring adventures and mysteries

March 13 - 17

It was another exciting week in Port Charles, what with Olivia finally being caught and Julian presumed dead. Thankfully we got a break from Nelle, but the outcome of Lulu and Valentin’s custody hearing was just as infuriating as Nelle’s storyline. Unfortunately the latest GH promo indicates Nelle will become part of Charlotte’s life soon.

Bombs away!
In last week’s Deconstructing GH, I pondered why they didn’t use a heavy object on the bomb plate instead on Jason jumping on it. While it would have been the logical thing to do, logic and soaps don’t always go together. Plus, watching Curtis and Jason diffuse the bomb was exciting, though we knew neither would die. The situation led Curtis to making inroads with Jordan. Given how she treats him, and treated Andre, I can’t fathom anyone wanting to be with her.

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Doctors and nurses.
For a while now many viewers have hoped something would happen between Liz and Griffin. This week the two got closer at the hospital through the bomb ordeal, and also when Liz was checking him out when he came to work sick. Personally, I wish they’d just let Liz and Franco be happy together. Neither of these two can get a break when it comes to love.

Dead in the water.
Olivia’s last stand this week was amazing. When she held Alexis hostage and ordered Julian to shoot her, well that entire scene was brilliantly acted. Julian was shot instead and fell off the bridge and into the water, leading the PCPD to believe he’s dead. Obviously, this is not the end of Julexis, but Julian’s whereabouts and condition are a mystery.

Julian’s letter of explanation to Alexis held no surprises, and it was everything we the viewers had figured out. But it was great to see Julian’s “ghost” appear across the table from Alexis as she read it. Of course I’m sure it wasn’t really his ghost, because he likely isn’t dead. Now we wait for him to resurface. Many believe he’s hiding out and faking his death, possibly because he feels his family is better off that way. I just hope they don’t do the predictable and have him resurface with amnesia as a plot to reform him.

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The end of Olivia?
I thought it was fitting that Olivia ended up at the hands of Carly given she was responsible for Morgan’s death. Carly momentarily going to the dark side and understanding Sonny’s drive for vengeance was a nice twist. So was Sonny talking her out of murdering Olivia in cold blood and turning her in to the cops. While Sonny promised to make her die a painful death, it is obvious that won’t happen. Tonja Walker has revealed the door has been left open for her return to General Hospital. I enjoyed her character and would like to see her back at some point. She dropped a few clues that she may be back when she teased Scott not to count her out, and claimed she knew a secret about Anna. Of course she took it back and claimed it was just her being crazy again and she didn’t know anything. Could she know about Anna’s past with Valentin?

Brainwashed Jake.
Jake quoting Helena’s storybook was completely creepy. We just got rid of one psycho in Olivia Jerome, and now another supposedly dead one is creeping back! I can’t help but wonder what she did to him, and what these adventures they had she speaks of were. I enjoyed watching Franco using art therapy to get Jake to open up. These two are fantastic together when they share the screen.

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Tracy and Lord Larry.
Lord Larry Ashton wrote Tracy a letter about something of urgent importance, but thinking he just needed money, she tore it up and tossed it. Jane Elliot expressed her desire to retire from GH this year, and a big exit story is supposedly in the works. It looks like this could be the beginning of it. I would love to see Anthony Geary return and be part of Tracy’s endgame. She deserves some kind of happy ever after.

The custody of Charlotte Cassadine.
Andre was called in as a court psychiatrist to evaluate Charlotte, and of course he recommended Charlotte stay with Valentin. Like I pointed out last week, this whole case has been a farce given that Valentin robbed Lulu of the chance to know her daughter. Andre at least recommended that Charlotte have supervised visits with Lulu, but the fact that Valentin was not punished for the lies he perpetrated over the years was insane. At least the judge set a date to revisit the custody after Charlotte gets to know Lulu, but I felt bad for Lulu. While I’ve always loved Nina, right now she’s on my naughty list for having no problem taking another woman’s daughter from her just so that she can fulfill her own desire to be a mother. Laura warning Valentin that a lot could change between now and the next hearing was great. Go Laura!

These are just my thoughts on the week. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions, feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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