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Deconstructing GH: Answers About Shiloh’s Past Bring More Questions

July 22 - 26

Shiloh is free on General Hospital

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Like last week, this week on General Hospital seemed to be largely another filler week. Statistically, July is the most popular month for vacations, so maybe the powers that be have been taking some too, or just decided not to advance the stories much while people are away. There was a lot of recapping of backstories, such as Finn and Hayden’s relationship, and a lot of talk about Cassandra Pierce. One big development we saw was the nature of Drew and Shiloh’s relationship, and what he doesn’t want Drew to remember. Friday’s show also began to move the truth about Wiley ahead a little with Harmony confiding in Nelle about who she thinks is her grandson.

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Dante vs. Dustin

Lulu is grappling with Dante serving her with divorce papers, while viewers are wrestling with the idea of Lulu without Dante. In a recent poll, we asked whether the divorce was something that had to happen, or if General Hospital should have recast Dante. Most feel the character should have been recast at the time this column went live, but it was a close vote. If they aren’t going to recast the role, then this storyline is necessary for Lulu to move on. My heart broke for poor Rocco, who feels as if his father has abandoned him. The scenes with Peter reading him the outright depressing story, and his crying about his dad, were devastating. Meanwhile, Lulu bumped into Dustin again. While it is far too soon for her to move on, I have to admit I like Dustin. But hey, he’s got my name, so I’m a little impartial. Seeing a character on a TV show with my name, let alone a soap, makes me giddy.

Shiloh’s past

After what seems like a century we finally got answers about Shiloh’s past with Drew. Drew busted him and a fellow Navy Seal for selling fuel to the enemy to make a fortune. The Seal was killed in the IED explosion and Drew saved Shiloh, which we already knew. However, he planned to turn him over to the authorities for committing acts of treason. Seeing that Shiloh obviously never went to jail, I’m guessing Shiloh somehow was involved in delivering Drew to Faison and Helena. I hate Shiloh, but I’m glad to see we are finding out more about his and Drew’s past. This is far more interesting than watching his creepy cult activities.

Locks of love

The minute Oscar and Joss put their love lock on the footbridge I knew it was going to end up being cut off. However, the twist that it was Cam who did it, as part of his community service, was unexpected. Fortunately, he and Dev were able to recover it for Joss. I blogged in last week’s Deconstructing GH that a Dev and Joss pairing seems to be inevitable. The storyline still isn’t doing much for me, but I can see Dev is going to be trouble. With all the mentioning of Cam’s continued community service, I’m expecting Dev to get Cam into hot water somehow.

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Cassandra on the cover

Whatever Hayden and Jax are planning, and how it involves Cassandra Pierce, they need to hurry things up. What’s happened to Cassandra has been a storyline I’ve been waiting for months now to be resolved. Watching everyone discussing Cassandra is getting a bit old. Let’s see her and what she’s up to!

Therapy time

Neil tried to convince Alexis to fire him because he felt she no longer needed him, and also encouraged her to begin dating again. Alexis, however, can’t seem to let the good doctor go. Come on Alexis, he was basically giving you the green light to end their professional relationship and start a personal one. I’m really hoping Neil and Alexis will eventually become a couple because they have great chemistry together. He will also be good for her unless there is a deep dark secret he’s hiding. Alexis never seems to fall for the good guys!


After Harmony filled Nelle in on Shiloh attempting to get his hands on Wiley, it looks like Nelle could finally come clean about the baby swap with Michael to protect their son. Of course, that’s probably wishful thinking on my part, and she’ll keep quiet when Michael says something he shouldn’t to her.

New psychic in town

Franco ran into Chelsea, the new psychic in town, and she warned him about getting into a car and taking a drive. So we have a warning about a possible car accident, and Franco soon not feeling like himself. It’s almost sounding like they are setting up an amnesia storyline, as if this soap doesn’t have enough of that going on with Drew. Can’t they just let Franco and Liz be happy? There has to be one happy couple on this show!

These are only my opinions on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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