Deconstructing GH: Hoping the Scorpio Brothers Will End the Shiloh Show

July 1 - 5:

Robert asks Felicia and Mac for help General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, Port Charles got a new Commissioner and DA, DNA seemed to be a hot topic, and SORASing is hitting the town’s kids. Even without a Fourth of July episode, it was overall a good week with a lot of storyline progress. Friday’s show was one of the best in weeks.

The Scorpios ride again

It’s great to see Mac back as PCPD commissioner, even if only temporarily. Now Robert is in as the new DA, and we learned that he actually holds a law degree. This is one of those “only on a soap” plot twists. We are expected to believe nobody ever knew Robert graduated from law school and passed the bar, and the next day joined the WSB instead of going into law. While he has international law enforcement experience thanks to being a superspy, it’s probably been years since he’s been in a courtroom, let alone handled a legal case. Good thing he went to school with the governor of New York who handed him the job! Hey, at this point if these two can finally put Shiloh behind bars, I’ll go with it. Between Sam getting to Carol, and Jason getting to Harmony on Friday’s episode, I finally started to feel hopeful that Shiloh could be going down soon!


Shiloh finally figured out Wiley was his son with Willow, and he’s literally the last person in Port Charles to learn that, but of course, Wiley’s not his son. He swiped a little DNA from Wiley while confronting Brad about his stress and issues, and I’d love to think this will reveal the truth, but we all know Brad. I’ve already accepted the predictable twist that Brad will somehow fake the DNA test just to save his own ass, even if it means losing Wiley to Shiloh.

Meanwhile, out of nowhere Stella has joined some Ancestry/23andMe site and submitted her DNA to them, but when the results came in, she didn’t seem to care. Where out of left field did this come from and what does it mean? Knowing the writing history on this show, we will likely revisit this in two years. I’m still waiting to learn why Rosalie and Brad had to get married.

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First, they aged Danny, and now Emily “Scout” Cain has been aged to about five. The scenes with her and Drew were cute, and it was nice to see him with his daughter. We haven’t seen scenes between them in a while. I expect Avery will be in Aiden and Charlotte’s class next year at this rate.

Bad therapist?

A week or so ago I blogged that Neil was a nice break from the Shiloh show, and I still feel that way. The tension between Neil and Alexis came to a head this week when she accidentally let it slip she knew his daughter died tragically, and he felt she crossed boundaries. She technically did, but in this day in age, who doesn’t google others? Especially a therapist! If you are going to divulge your deepest secrets to someone, you want them to have a good reputation in the medical community. And certain personal facts are bound to come up in a search. So I can sympathize with Alexis, who wasn’t even the one to google Neil. As she pointed out, he’s possibly lashing out at her because he’s not dealing with his grief properly. I’m counting down the days until they have inappropriate doctor-patient sex in his office. Later, Kristina’s need to come clean about the pledge got Alexis back in to see Neil, and Kristina revealed she lied in her pledge about seeing Alexis purposefully run Kiefer down. Hallelujah they did not try and re-write history!

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Scott’s proposal to Bobbie was absolutely painful. I always felt that the powers that be missed the mark in not putting Ava and Scott together. And they seemed to make it apparent this week that ship has sailed, and so what? They are going to just throw Bobbie and Scott together in some 8000th try at love gone right? Though she said no, after Carly convinced her mom to be more open to things, Bobbie agreed to go as Scott’s date to Franco and Liz’s wedding reception. As I said in last week’s Deconstructing GH, with Bobbie’s diabetes diagnosis, I’m all for vets being given a story. But I want a good story, not a pity storyline thrown their way.

The Elephant in the room

I was glad Laura talked to Cam about his issues with Franco and addressed the fact that underneath his dislike for the artist might be the fear of watching another failed relationship for his mother, and another father figure walk out the door. While Cam is old enough and feel he may not need a father figure anymore, he’s lost several and obviously doesn’t want that for his brothers.

As always, these are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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