Deconstructing GH: Important Plot Point or Public Service Announcement

June 24 - 28:

Bobbie gets news on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, everything continued to play in Shiloh’s favor, Bobbie had a health scare, and Kim is completely losing her marbles. On the brighter side, it is beginning to look like the baby-switch storyline involving Wiley could be coming to its dramatic conclusion soon.

The luckiest man in Port Charles

Even though he violated HIPAA regulations to learn that Willow had his child, the judge sided with Shiloh and he wasn’t even held accountable for obtaining medical records illegally. Shiloh getting away with everything has gotten tiresome, and I’m so looking to his downfall. One thing I found interesting was that when Shiloh lost his temper with his lawyer, he cooled down by reciting his own teachings. Apparently, Shiloh believes the junk he preaches. I expected Dawn of Day to be a front for some bigger scheme, but maybe he is just as crazy as the rest of his cult. and now thank’s to Kim’s oversharing, he’s putting the pieces together about Wiley. With the truth about Wiley on the verge of being exposed, the constant mentions of DNA tests have me hopeful the whole truth will come out. This storyline is going into its second year and needs to end.

Trouble in Beechers Corners

Michael and Jason’s plan to use Carol’s information on Douglas Miller’s death to take down Shiloh blew up in their faces. Dawn of Day member Officer Billy arrested Jason for kidnapping Carol, which he didn’t do. Michael helped Jason escape by playing drunk and getting thrown in jail with him, and it brought some light-hearted fun to the episode. Even though it was a serious operation, it’s a nice change to see Michael having fun instead of always being uptight and furrowing his brow. However, leaving Carol behind as they did was a big mistake. I doubt anyone will ever see her again!

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Wilford Brimley jokes aside, diabetes is a serious problem in our country. It also appears to be the next socially conscience topic General Hospital has decided to tackle, even though they already did a storyline involving Lucas learning he had diabetes, which the powers that be only now have recalled. Now it’s his mother Bobbie who has been diagnosed with the disease. I’m all for the vets being given larger roles, but where can they go with this? Is it going to be an important plot point, or did they introduce it just for the public service announcement on the dangers of diabetes that Lucas and Epiphany made to Bobbie?

That cursed boat

Franco and Liz have had enough hiccups on their way to getting married and finding happiness, so why on earth would they accept Lulu’s invitation to have their wedding reception on The Haunted Star? At least they are married, so that can’t be ruined. But nothing good ever comes of parties on that boat! They are just inviting bad luck.

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Cousin Dev and the seance

As I guessed in last week’s blog, Dev was hiding in the bushes and rustled them during Joss’ seance to contact Oscar, though Joss still believed she made contact because of the water rippling in the glass. When Ava overheard Joss talking about the seance she appeared intrigued. Might she try to contact Kiki? It would be nice to see Ava have some closure unless Kiki comes through and blasts her mother from the other side! In an interview, Hayley Erin did say she’d be up to return as a ghost. Maybe she could haunt Ryan while she’s at it.

Kim’s lost it

In her grief, Kim has decided to have another baby, but neither Drew nor Julian wanted to be the baby daddy. With nowhere else to turn, she turned to Shiloh naturally. As I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, it’s become the Shiloh show. Does this guy have to be involved in every storyline? The scene with Oscar haunting Kim, and opening his mouth to have a baby’s cry come out, was pretty creepy. It sounds like Kim believes Oscar’s soul is ready to be reborn through a new child with all her talk of bringing him back. Oh, brother, this has the makings of a true horror film, because this is always how the Anti-Christ appears!

Please no

Sonny and Carly got the devastating news that their unborn child has Spina Bifida. After just going through the depressing storyline involving Oscar the last thing this show needs is another story about a child with a medical crisis. Why do the writers seem to enjoy children suffering on their show, and that we the viewers want to watch that?

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