Deconstructing GH: Terrifying Shiloh Is Still a Mystery Full of Secrets

June 3 - 7:

Shiloh threatens Harmony on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, Shiloh continued to grow creepier and more evil by the day, but we are no closer to any truths or backstory to his character, though Margaux gave us hope. Peter and Maxie have been stuck with a third wheel named Lulu, and all their storylines are a snooze. And it was nice to see Sam acting civil towards her father.

Pathetic, worthless Harmony

Shiloh grows more terrifying by the day. His insults to Harmony, calling her a worthless empty vessel who is jealous that he preferred her daughter over her, while partially the truth, were delivered in such a disturbing manner. That she stood there in tears and willing to do whatever he wants to get back into his good graces was equally unsettling. She clearly has seen the real Shiloh before, and as she told Willow, they both know what he’s capable of. While Wiley has become the focus of Shiloh’s storyline at the moment, we the viewers need more answers on Shiloh’s past. We still have no idea what secrets he fears Drew could recall, why he targeted Sam, and what the real purpose of Dawn of Day is. Margaux gave us hope that we may learn some of these answers when she suggested it was time David Archer’s past was examined. However, I’m starting to wonder if the writers even have an end game for this story, or if they are just going to eventually end it with a “Who killed Shiloh” mystery and we will be asked to just forget about all the other dangling, unanswered questions.

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Stella the nag

Who knew all it would take was Stella running her mouth non-stop to convince Ryan to donate his kidney. His agreeing to anything just to make her shut up and calling her the most annoying person he’s ever met was hilarious. However, it appears that when Ryan was mysteriously drugged that Kevin swapped places with his twin to give consent to donate his kidney. Kevin, Laura, Franco and Liz mentioned on Friday that their plan worked, and based on Finn’s comments earlier in the week, he might have been in on it too along with Curtis. It was a great twist, but I really loved the idea that Stella nagged the real Ryan into donating his kidney because it’s funny and so true. Sometimes you just want her to shut up!

Protecting Wiley

Sam and Julian were fantastic working together to help keep Wiley safe. As I said in last week’s Deconstructing GH, it’d be nice to see Sam and Julian work on their relationship. If Alexis can move forward from the ugly ordeal between them, Sam should be able to at least try. On soaps, almost anyone can be forgiven for what they’ve done with the right storytelling. It was nice seeing her compliment Julian, though I rolled my eyes hard when Jason had to snarky remark that Julian has an agenda and can’t be trusted.

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The quest to find Dante

Maxie and Peter have had some cute moments over the past year, but they haven’t reached that soap couple status for many viewers where you find yourself rooting for them. Frankly, they are a bit boring, and their storylines aren’t helping matters. All they currently do is babysit perpetual third-wheel Lulu, and Maxie is determined to find and bring Dante home to her friend. If they can finally wrap up the Dante storyline that would also be great. I’ve said it before, the off-camera spouse just doesn’t work on soaps. And Dante sporadically returning every few months for a visit won’t cut it either.

These are only my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please comment with your own thoughts.


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