Deconstructing GH: The Nurses’ Ball Entertained, Shiloh Terrified Us

May 20 - 24:

Shiloh hovers over a sleeping Sam on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, the Nurses’ Ball wrapped up, Ryan was back in town, and Shiloh finally showed us how scary he can actually be.

The Nurses’ Ball performances

Once again Chase’s number stole the show. It was light-hearted and fun, and pulling Willow up on stage was a nice touch.  I was also thrilled to see Obrecht back and doing a duet with Franco, and their choice to sing Guilty was a fantastic one. Franco’s disco threads and moves were hilarious. Ned and Olivia’s number was okay, and their seventies vibe played nicely with Franco and Obrecht. Cam did a great job for his first time, and Joss’ song was sad as expected. The fabric effect behind her, coupled with Oscar’s ghost watching, had a nice “I’m going into the light” vibe to it. James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) is a phenomenal musician, but just once I’d like to see him perform something more upbeat. It seems he’s always singing love songs to Nina, which basically feels like he’s saying, “I screwed up, I’m not worthy, but I love you.” We were spared Sabrina’s song as a closing number, which I am not sure if I’m grateful for, or disappointed in.

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Shiloh’s the daddy, but not really

After weeks of Shiloh acting enlightened while subtly creepy, we finally saw his true colors when he learned about Willow’s child. I’ve been waiting for this secret to come out but didn’t think it would in such an idiotic way. As careful as she’s been, Willow took a phone call about her child in a public place with people all around. And Nina, of course, happens to be the one to hear it, and make a stink about it. However, when Shiloh learned, we finally saw how evil he can be and it was downright scary. He was terrifying when he was up in Willow’s face. Then there was Lucas, who finally after all this time connected the dots between Shiloh, Wiley, and Willow, with Brad playing dumb. Michael has stepped up to help Willow and protect Willey, which I hope will not screw with Willow and Chase’s relationship. I’m just hoping Brad cracks under all this new-found pressure and confesses the truth about Wiley to end this storyline once and for all, though Julian’s already told him not to. This baby swap has been going on for a year now!

Sam and Jason’s not-so-brilliant plan

Sam and Jason’s plan to find the pledges didn’t work, so I’m not shocked that their plan to tape Sam’s assault failed when Shiloh took off with a drugged Sam. Neither Sam nor Kristina looked like they were in any condition to consent to sex with Shiloh after drinking the tea, Sam actually did say no, so I can’t wrap my head around Willow still believing that she consented. Thankfully Jason rescued Sam, but Shiloh is still alive, and Sonny is vowing to make him pay unless he hands over Kristina’s pledge. Why can’t Sonny or Jason just kill him at this point? I guess that would make too much sense for a soap!

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I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Finn’s engagement ring woes weren’t funny or entertaining. This week everything was fortunately straightened out, and while his proposal wasn’t as he had planned, it fits in with the theme of surprise proposals at the Nurses’ Ball. Of course with Hayden’s imminent return, we know this happiness isn’t going to last. Oh, and are we ever going to get back to who has Cassandra? Hayden’s return and where in the world is Cassandra are two stories I’m actually excited to see play out.

Here’s Ryan

Ryan is back, and the fake hand shtick with Scott was actually pretty funny, along with Epiphany thinking Scott had drunk too much when in fact Ryan clubbed him over the head. As evil as Ryan is, it was nice to have that bit of comedy thrown in. As Ava lured Ryan into her trap, Curtis realized that Ryan should be a viable donor for Jordan and may be her only hope. I get being desperate to save her life, but who would want a piece of Ryan in them. Jordan better find a better donor later and have that tainted organ removed! Friday left us with a great cliff hanger. Curtis stopped Ava from killing Ryan, but his one last dig that she clearly loved him because she couldn’t pull the trigger caused Ava to put a knife in his back. That was a fantastic twist. I wonder if he’ll continue to be so deluded to think Ava still loves him now?

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