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Deconstructing GH: A Doom and Gloom Week Brought the Show Down

April 22 - 26:

Oscar plays guitar on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, between Oscar’s imminent death, the Dawn of Day cult, and Kristina’s brainwashing, it was a downer of the week.

The plan to trap Ryan

Kevin and Laura signed onboard Ava and Felicia’s plan to lure Ryan back to Port Charles by having Ava date Kevin to make him jealous. I find myself wondering why Ryan would believe this isn’t a trap, because he’s not an idiot. While he may believe in her grief Ava would be drawn to his twin, why would he think Kevin would want to be with Ava and just give up on Laura? It’s not working for me, and it really should have been Scott to play Ava’s lover. Ryan didn’t like him at all and that would have worked. However, I am glad to see Felicia and Mac finally being what seems to be a real part of this storyline.

Deprogramming Kristina

The minute Alexis dropped her phone and kicked it under the couch so it didn’t appear she was attached to it and ignoring Kristina I rolled my eyes because it was obvious Kristina would use the phone, which she did. Seriously, who kicks their phone under a couch? Meanwhile, Neil continued to drop hints that his past involvement with cult members may have been more personal than a professional, fueling the speculation he could be connected to Harmony and perhaps even Willow. There was a glimmer of hope when Kristina overheard Alexis telling Neil she doesn’t see her daughter in Kristina’s eyes anymore, and just wants her daughter back. It seemed like there was a little crack forming in Shiloh’s hold over her by the look on her face.

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Harmony the pimp

I speculated in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Harmony was Willow’s mom, and this week we found out she was. Willow gave Harmony hell and rightly so, accusing her mother of being so enamored with Shiloh that she pimped her out to him and it backfired when Shiloh turned his affections towards her and not her mother. This storyline is just making me feel dirtier and dirtier watching it. I sometimes think I should take a shower after an episode is over! I am however interested in seeing if Harmony can break away from Shiloh, or if in her desire to grow closer will out that Willow had his child. I don’t think for a moment she believed Willow miscarried, but Willow was right that her mother didn’t tell Shiloh about the child because she was jealous of her.

Join the trust, we have cookies

I get that some things have to be sped up for the sake of moving the storyline along, though normally soaps drag story plots out forever. However, Sam literally has had two lessons with Shiloh and has been fast-tracked into “the trust.” Really? Kristina at least went through weeks of courses and levels and had to pay out the wazoo to get into the inner circle, but Shiloh just lets Sam in. It also seems insane that someone as smart as Shiloh, yes he’s slimy but he’s not dumb, hasn’t realized Sam is conning him. I guess his obsession with her is overriding his common sense.

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Oscar’s last wishes

Watching Oscar coming to terms with the end of his life has been heartbreaking. I enjoyed the scenes between him and Monica this week, though that song he and Joss are writing is equally as depressing as watching these scenes unfold. Oscar wanting to take the Quartermaine name was a nice way to honor his family and their legacy, and I adored him asking Jason and Drew to get along as brothers. Drew supporting Oscar’s request for Jason to give him a bike ride, when Kim opposed it, was touching. If any good can come out of Oscar’s imminent death it will be Jason and Drew learning to co-exist.

These are only my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.


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