Deconstructing GH: Oscar’s Brain Tumor Has Become Torturous Viewing

April 1 - 5:

Oscar is sick on General Hospital

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This week on General Hospital, the show and cast celebrated 56 years on air with a special episode, and Lucy began dropping hints about the upcoming Nurses’ Ball. 

The anniversary episode

The 56th-anniversary show with Gail’s will leading many of the veteran characters on a scavenger hunt to learn to appreciate each other and the hospital was cute, but I really was hoping to see more of an adventure for these characters. However, it was a nice distraction from serial killers and cults.

A record for forged DNA tests

Valentin forging the DNA test that Brad ran on Sasha for Peter and Maxie has now put him at three faked DNA tests, which may be a soap record. However, the storyline is tired and the DNA switch is one of those overused soap tropes. With the Nurses’ Ball coming up, where some devastating secret is often revealed, the truth about Sasha could finally come out. News also dropped this week that Michelle Stafford is departing General Hospital as Nina Reeves and returning to The Young and the Restless. So a truth bomb about Valentin is likely to blow up soon, making way for Nina’s departure, if only temporary. Nina and Crimson have become vital parts of the show, so it’s hard to think the show won’t seek to recast the role.

Not guilty

Nora Buchanan returned to defend Kevin, who pleaded not guilty after she twisted his arm not to throw himself under the bus for Ryan. While he has been honing up to his part in what happened, being locked in Ferncliff for six months might have been punishment enough, and he’s still paying. He’s also lost the trust and respect of his friends and clients. He got the news from Epiphany, who was epic in putting him in his place for his part in the Ryan fiasco, that he’s been suspended from General Hospital. And his marriage is on shaky grounds.

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Give them a hand

Lulu confessing to Laura that she’s barely holding things together and needs help was powerful and moving. Lulu often irritates me with her crazy antics, but I’ve found myself feeling for her and what she’s gone through, and Emme Rylan has been knocking it out of the park. Maura West and Genie Francis continue to kill it as Ava and Laura, and Friday’s show hinted at a possible team-up of these two powerhouses in dealing with Ryan, whose right hand surfaced, but not the rest of him.

Increasing the creep factor

Shiloh blindfolding Sam, circling her, getting up in her personal space while she wasn’t able to see him, and then watching a video of it after their session was over the top creepy. I’m invested in finding out what Dawn of Day really is about, but the balance and pace have felt off. For so long they were just this cheesy do-gooder group, now suddenly there’s been a drastic shift, and Shiloh has just become completely extra crazy on all fronts.

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Kristina’s trust offering

I thought in last week’s Deconstructing GH Kristina’s secret for Shiloh may be about Alexis, but this week after Shiloh indicated it would devastate her family given their status in town, I am wondering if it’s about Michael? Being a Quartermaine, his family is the one with the upstanding status in town, not the Corinthos clan. But Michael has become such a dullard, so what could she spill on him. And if Shiloh telling her that she had to fork over $10,000 dollars to become part of his inner circle didn’t set alarms off in her head, then I don’t think there is anything Michael or Sam can do to extricate her from this cult. Kristina is just plain dumb at this point! I’m going to lump Julian, who isn’t even in the cult, in with these idiots as well just because he gave Kristina a ten thousand dollar advance. Why? Because she’s Alexis’ kid?

Oscar and the tumor

Oscar and his tumor keep getting worse, but it’s also becoming a rinse and repeat situation. He and Joss go on an adventure, he collapses, his family gets the news that his time is running out. Now though he’s in a coma, and if he wakes up, he may not be the same. It’s time to either pull out the miracle cure or kill Oscar off. Van Etten and Altman have dragged this on long enough and now it’s just become torture to watch.

Good talk

While I enjoyed Liz turning to Bobbie for advice on Aiden’s situation, Franco’s sex talk with Cam was just plain painful to watch. If it was supposed to be comical, it was just odd and awkward. Liz should have been the one to talk to her son about this situation.

These are just my thoughts on this week’s shows. Please comment with your own!


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