Deconstructing GH: Brainwashing Bonanza in Port Charles

March 25 - 29:

Shiloh wants Kristina's trust on General Hospital

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Between Ryan’s brief brainwashing of Lulu a few weeks back, Shiloh’s brainwashing tactics coming to light, and Dante realizing he’s been brainwashed, it just feels like it’s an overload of brainwashing stories on General Hospital. 

Slimy Shiloh

I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH Shiloh’s cult leader status finally started coming across as scary and creepy instead of the benevolent do-gooder he has been portraying himself as. His interactions with Willow, and simply her describing his tactics, are straight out of the handbook on how to run a cult. I found it odd that Jordan, who couldn’t catch Ryan the serial killer when he was right under her nose, seems to have picked up on the fact that something with Shiloh seems off. Maybe she only figured that out because of the strangulation message Jason sent him or perhaps Drew running her down gave her a knock to the head and now her neurons are firing.

For Wiley’s sake

Willow was all set to flee town until she found out Brad has fallen under Shiloh and the Dawn of Day’s spell, and realized she needed to stay for Wiley. I’ve long felt she was at some point going to try and abscond with the boy, and half expected her to this week when she seemed to have an issue giving him back to Brad after he let her hold him. At least Van Etten and Altman are bringing the story back around to Wiley and the secret Brad is keeping. It’s been months now and the baby-swap storyline has been so dormant. By the time Michael learns the truth, Wiley will be in medical school and I as a viewer will no longer be invested in seeing the secret revealed.

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The trust secret

Kristina offering Shiloh her sign of trust with a secret about one of her family members has me intrigued. Everyone knows Sonny’s real business isn’t importing coffee, and aside from the Croton mess, he usually doesn’t leave any evidence around to implicate him in his crimes. So if Kristina outs one of his secrets, it likely can’t be used. She could potentially tell him something about Sam, but what? I think it will be something on her mother Alexis, such as she was the one who ran down Julian while drunk. If he has leverage over Alexis he could force her to defend him, or reveal the truth about Willow and the baby seeing she organized the adoption along with Diane.

Franco’s new look

I’m not sure what is behind Franco’s new look. Are they trying to make him look more clean cut? More fatherly? It’s not working for me.

Dante’s scars

Dante’s ordeal has left him with PTSD, his back shows signs of torture, and he’s been brainwashed, confessing to Anna that he thinks he’s been sent to kill someone. The story has been compelling so far, and it’s been great having Dominic Zamprogna back and in these edgy scenes that are so different from what we are used to with Dante. But just like that, it appears to be over. Anna advised Dante to seek help and offered to send him to a deprogramming clinic in Wales, and he told Lulu he had to leave town. So what? We don’t get to find out what the mission he needs to complete is? What happened to him? Typical General Hospital, hint at a big secret and then just let it sit until it can be returned to down the road.

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They better not dare

Anna and Peter had a great talk about their relationship, and Peter’s feelings that she’d never be able to look at him with the love in her eyes as she looks at Robin or Griffin, her stand-in-son as he called him. Peter, however, doesn’t seem to be giving Anna a chance, and I was glad to see her point out that he’s dished out forgiveness to others who have wronged him in much worse ways. This talk about her children, and Valentin’s previous warning to Anna that delving into Alex’s memories could cost her what she holds most dear, really have me worried that they are going to somehow make Robin the daughter of Alex and Robert. Alex even quipped before she was taken off that she was sad she didn’t get to see Robert. I’d like to think the writers wouldn’t dare go there, but they already have re-written Anna’s past with Faison in a shocking way.

These are just my thoughts on the stories this week. Please leave your own in the comments.


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