Deconstructing GH: Dawn of Day & Willow Twist an Unexpected Surprise

March 11 - 15:

Willow sees Wiley GH

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General Hospital has simply been on fire these past few weeks. While we don’t know if Ryan is dead or alive, oh let’s get real he’s alive, we finally got answers as to where he’s been. Liz and Laura both are dealing with the fallout from the lies of their loved ones, and Sonny is desperately trying to find Dante.

The Ryan reveal part two

Ava’s meltdown and the slow realization that she had never been with Kevin, only the man who murdered her daughter, played out marvelously. She went back and forth from seeming to understand one minute, and in total drunken denial the next, which felt realistic. Ava is one of the most hated people in Port Charles, but even Laura felt bad for her. When it finally all hit Ava leaned on Scott, and if anything can come from this then perhaps she can find happiness and peace with him. I always felt they were a huge missed opportunity by the head writers.

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Laura also is dealing with Kevin’s betrayal and keeping the truth about Ryan a secret, which ended up leading to his escape and the murders. I would assume the staff at Ferncliff, who also kept this secret even while Kevin was locked in there and before that, should be held culpable as well. But that probably won’t ever be addressed. Having Ryan been involved in the DVX was an interesting twist, no doubt which will tie into Cabot’s work on twins. I’m rooting for Kevin and Laura to work out, but he does need to suffer for a while for his part in all of this. Then again, the months he was locked up might be punishment enough. In the real world, he’d for sure be stripped of his license, but this is Port Charles and Kevin is one of the good guys.

A family in crisis

In last week’s Deconstructing GH I was shocked how quickly Cam turned on Franco, and this week he did another miraculous 180 and felt bad he didn’t believe in him as Liz did. This kid is giving me whiplash. Meanwhile, Liz is worried about how her relationship with Franco is impacting her children. I can understand that as a mother she needs to put her kids first. At the same time, I was glad Franco basically told her, “Sorry, not sorry” about having to lie to her. He was in a no-win situation thanks to Kevin framing him, and Jordan’s threats that the case was airtight and nobody would believe him. Plus as he pointed out, he was helping to catch the killer, which kept others safe, and he avenged Kiki. Also the dude got stabbed, manage to escape and warn people! Sorry Liz, or not sorry.

Yes it is a cult

Weeks into the Dawn of Day storyline and the people in Port Charles are just now realizing and calling it a cult? At this rate we won’t get to the bottom of things surrounding it until next year. In my blog last week some readers commented that the storyline could be about sex trafficking, and the tattoos are Shiloh’s way of marking his women. While it may be about trafficking, I think the tattoos likely mark the women in his circle of trust, who seem to be his concubines. Harmony is clearly in love with him, Daisy is another devotee, brainless Kristina is falling in line, and there is a mystery woman out there he’s determined to find. It didn’t take long for it to be revealed that woman seems to be Willow, who has the DoD tattoo. This was a fantastic twist I never saw coming. Bravo! It is looking like it was Shiloh’s baby that Willow gave up for adoption. Finally, we have the makings of a real story from this cult mess. The pieces are falling into place for Shiloh to find Willow, demand to know where his baby is, and maybe just maybe, the truth about Wiley can come out.

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Across the world

Sonny still can’t seem to learn his lesson and let Robert lead the way, disobeying him and doing things Sonny style. Well, I’ll hand it to him, he did manage to find Raj and Dante, but also to get himself caught by the arms dealer who Dante appears to be working for. I find that difficult to believe, and he must simply be deep undercover. Sonny better not blow Dante’s cover, but boy is it good to have Dante back!

This is just my opinions for this week. Please feel free to comment with your own!


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