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Deconstructing GH: Laura’s Win the High Moment of a Depressing Week

January 7 - 11:

Kim loses it

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It was a week of bleak moments with a happy bit sprinkled in on General Hospital, as Laura was elected mayor, while Oscar learned his treatment didn’t work, and many were losing faith and hope.

Hank, Henry, Shiloh

When Hank first came on the scene and revealed he knew Drew, I was excited that we might finally venture into Drew’s past and he’d get a good story. Unfortunately, it quickly took the turn to Sam town, and now has become all about her past. The cult aspect still interests me, and I am hoping Shiloh provides Drew with some information about his past, but the Sam aspect has grown stale for me. If there are no new revelations about Sam’s past, why go down this road?

Will they or won’t they

GH has a history of tragic child deaths, so Oscar’s terminal diagnosis isn’t that much of a shock. With Ryan killing people left and right, it would seem over the top to add another death to the list. I’m waiting for them to send him off to Patrick Drake in California for his miracle, newly discovered, rare brain tumor extraction technique. I did enjoy both Carly and Sonny offering their support to Drew in the wake of the news. It’s nice seeing them acting like friends again. Watching Kim break down had me actually feeling for her for once as well.

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Port Charles justice

When the judge in Cam’s case stated she saw no reason he shouldn’t get the same twelve-month sentence in juvie as the dealer who sold to him got, for a moment I really thought Cam was in trouble. I also was annoyed that the judge equated their crimes on the same level, but whatever. Cam got probation for a year and now has to keep his nose clean to keep his record clean. I can only assume he’s going to land in more trouble in the future, otherwise was there a point to any of this little side plot? Maybe if someone actually ate the edibles there could have been.

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The election

The much delayed mayoral election finally happened and Laura won over Ned. I was glad to see Laura call “Kevin” out for the mixed messages he is sending her, and I really wondered what he was about to tell her in Sonny’s gym before Scott interrupted them. However, Ryan’s slow clap during Laura’s victory speech was epic, yet completely disturbing at the same time.

Nobody tells Lulu what to do

I discussed in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Ryan’s ability to get away with stashing bodies all over town was getting ridiculous because nobody sees him doing it. This week I’m feeling it isn’t as ridiculous as the PCPD leaking details of the killing, which is spreading around town. Granted Jordan and Curtis turning to Mac for help made sense, but then he turned around and fed the information to Ryan. Then there was Margaux tipping Lulu off to the fact that there is a connection between the current killings and the Chamberlain murders, but telling her not to print it. If you tell Lulu not to do something, she will just do it anyways. It’s no wonder Ryan is able to get away with what he has.

Dante, still MIA

Sonny and Lulu’s discussion about Dante was nice. It’s good that they aren’t just pretending he’s gone and never talk about the fact that he left his family behind in Port Charles. It’s time for the show to consider recasting the role at this point or have him presumed dead, because the “off the screen spouse” bit never works well.

A blinding headache

Oscar’s dying, Ryan’s killing citizens, and now Anna’s gone mysteriously blind. Add in Griffin losing faith in God, and Kim losing hope in medicine and we had one depressing week!

These are simply my thoughts on the week’s episodes. Please comment with your own.


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