Deconstructing GH: Will Sonny Screw Things up by Sleeping With Margaux?

December 3 - 7:

Sonny and Margaux in cemetery

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The investigation into Kiki’s murder dominated the week, and naturally, the PCPD was barking up the wrong tree. Sonny seems to be caring a bit too much about Margaux, and Sam could finally be getting an interesting story.

The search for Kiki’s killer

I was pleasantly surprised when the PCPD made a quick connection between Mary Pat and Kiki’s murder. However that Griffin remained the main suspect was ludicrous. I also felt bad for him being kept in that interrogation room for what seemed like days on end. Fortunately for him Sam, with Spinelli’s help, cleared him. It’s never the PCPD that clears anyone!

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Brotherly bonding

Kiki’s murder, as awful as it was, provided for some wonderful scenes where Drew tried to support a hurting Franco. These two actors are always great together and need to be utilized more. Likewise, Oscar’s devastating diagnosis even seemed to bring peace between Jason and Drew. Jason stepping up for Drew and warning Margaux to back off his brother was also a nice treat. More scenes of them coming to terms with being brothers would make for some great Christmas scenes, and prove Christmas miracles do happen!

Oh that “Kevin”

That nobody but Laura seems to notice how oddly “Kevin” is acting is starting to irk me. He has said very un-Kevin like things to Franco and Lulu over the past several weeks, and his sudden break up with Laura and taking up with Ava, which is not a secret, should be raising flags around town. Of course this being a soap, we have to suspend logic and go with this in order for the story to play out.

Sam’s past comes back to haunt her

Sam’s past schemes of marrying rich older men seems to have caught up with her when someone anonymous sent her an obituary of one of her husbands. For once this could be an interesting story for Sam that isn’t connected to Jason or Drew. By Friday she and Curtis had connected the paper to Mike’s new girlfriend Yvonne, who just as I predicted a few weeks back, is Marcus’ wife at the treatment center. However the real twist came when we the viewers learned Yvonne is being used by Daisy, who is a volunteer there. Daisy and her cult just became intriguing! Clearly she is not all goodness and light as she preaches.

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Soulless Sonny

Many viewers have speculated that Sonny and Margaux would hit the sheets. I wouldn’t have put it past Sonny to seduce her in order to get her to drop her vendetta against him, but that storyline has passed. Now though Sonny seems to be letting his feelings of guilt run amuck. He’s defending Margaux to Carly, and bonding with her in the cemetery. I wasn’t too worried before, but now I wonder how long before Sonny will end up cheating on Carly.

The bad seed

I was glad to see Lulu stand up to Nina in regards to Charlotte’s bullying. It was ridiculous that Nina took Charlotte on a vacation to see the ballet, which Valentin crashed, when they should have been sitting her down for a talk about the bullying. Lulu called Nina out and rightly so for ignoring it and rewarding her with cookies and constantly praising her as perfect. At least Laura has been clued in on the fact that it’s Charlotte bullying Aiden, and perhaps this storyline will end soon. If it doesn’t, Charlotte needs to get a stocking full of coal for Christmas.

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The Miss Tate triangle

I’m finding myself enjoy Miss Tate more and more, and it definitely looks like she could be Wiley’s mother and that’s why she’s at the bereavement group. However the blossoming triangle between her, Michael and Chase I’m not a fan of. Michael and Chase already have a past entanglement due to Nelle, so this one just makes things even more awkward. Also anyone who gets involved with Michael usually ends up dead, so Willow could become Ryan’s next victim if she doesn’t keep her distance! Personally, I just like her with Chase.

Havana calling

I was happy in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Anna insisted Finn go deal with Hayden, but thanks to Epiphany voicing her opinion, Finn crashed Anna’s trip to Cuba. When they both finally admitted they loved one another I thought, “Well that’s the kiss of death for sure!” In GH fashion I’m going to guess something will ruin Finn and Anna’s New Year’s kiss, maybe a little baby will be delivered to his doorstep?

These are my opinions on the week as usual. Agree or disagree, please leave your own thoughts in the comments.








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