Deconstructing GH: Kiki’s Murder Expected, but Still Shocking

November 26 - 30:

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Thanksgiving dinner at the Quartermaines finally arrived this week, Oscar came to his senses, and Ryan’s claimed his next victim, which was predicted by many viewers.

A very Quartermaine Thanksgiving

For years I wondered why the Quartermaines just didn’t order Thanksgiving inspired pizzas given they always end up with a ruined turkey dinner. This year Monica did just that, only her fancy gourmet pizzas were accidentally taken as a donation to a local food kitchen. This was a fun twist on the tradition of having their dinner ruined, though at some point it would be nice to see them have their turkey.

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Oscar changes his mind

I was glad to see Oscar change his mind, thanks to Joss, and go through with the treatment. The lawsuit against his parents, and keeping Joss in the dark was getting old, and I’m happy this wasn’t dragged out through the holidays. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the expected miracle, because it’s unlikely they will kill the kid off.

Goodbye Charlie

Kim’s attitude toward Julian regarding Oscar really irked me. She hounded him from the beginning about how she wouldn’t tolerate him having anything to do with his old illegal life, but the first time she needed that kind of help, she was begging for it. When she realized Julian had no intention of helping her kidnap Oscar, she pretty much dumped him because she couldn’t count on him. Julian has been working his butt off to start over and build relationships with his children again, and she wanted him to toss that all aside for her precious Oscar. I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Kim and Oscar wouldn’t be missed by me if she had kidnapped him and stayed in Brazil. Julian is better off without Kim at this point, and his reconnecting with Alexis over Thanksgiving pumpkin cheesecake at Charlie’s was a great scene. By Friday though Kim was apologizing to Julian for how she overreacted, but in the wake of Kiki’s death, it looks like Alexis is going to be the one trying to keep Julian from doing anything rash. Hopefully, he’ll soon be saying, “Kim who?”

Wedding interrupted

Aunt Stella crashing the wedding only to ask for forgiveness for taking so long to come around to the idea of Jordan and Curtis marrying was pretty tacky on Stella’s part. She could have slipped in quietly and told them after the wedding. Then again, that wouldn’t have made for drama, and Stella seems to love creating drama and being loud.

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Ryan claims another victim

It was no shock when Kiki turned up dead since this has been speculated about for a while now. However, the look of hatred in Ryan’s eyes when he confronted Kiki at her apartment was chilling, and that he went and had sex with Ava right after was downright disgusting. I haven’t felt sorry for Ava much lately, but that she slept with her daughter’s killer, and unintendedly set Ryan upon Kiki, is going to destroy her when the truth is eventually revealed. Maura West showed what an amazing actress she was when she broke down over Kiki in the body bag and yelled at her to get up. I smell another Emmy! Naturally, Ryan used the same MO he did with Mary Pat’s murder and planted evidence making Griffin appear to be the killer. That Jordan is entertaining this insane theory that Griffin killed Kiki to get revenge on Ava for sabotaging his career is ridiculous. There may be a new actress playing Jordan, but she’s still the same terrible cop. One thing is for sure, it will be hard for the writers to top Kiki’s murder. The only thing they could do next is to kill off another established character that none of us saw coming.

Off to Cuba and Italy

Anna’s plan to use Britt to bring out Obrecht somewhat worked and she’s off to Cuba to nab the former doc, though refused to allow Finn to tag along and play superspy with her. She insisted he go find Hayden and find out what she needed to discuss with him. This was welcomed, as Anna and Finn’s spy games have gotten old. I want someone to break out the old line from Star Trek and tell Finn, “Damnit you’re a doctor, not a WSB agent!” Oh and are we ever going to hear from Cassandra again?

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These are just my thoughts on the week. Please leave your own in the comments!


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