Deconstructing GH: The nurses’ strike, hospital woes, aren’t exciting drama

February 13 - 17


Anna’s headaches and the nurses’ strike predominated the week, with Nelle taking a welcomed backseat. Still, what little we saw of her and Sonny was actually good drama for once. Finn’s drug addiction storyline is still stale, and Liv framing Ava was over the top.

Sonny steps it up with Nelle.
One of the highlights of the week was Sonny catching on to Nelle planting her bra in his bed and threatening to make her disappear for good. This is one time I wouldn’t mind Sonny using his mob ties to eliminate a character. He’d be doing everyone a favor.

The Nurses’ strike.
The attempt to save General Hospital from going under faced another hurdle when the nurses decided to go on strike. This storyline still isn’t doing much for me. It has had its moments, such as watching Hayden having to get her hands dirty with bed pans, though Amy coming to her rescue is worrisome. If she ends up head nurse she may make life hell for the others, and the viewers. Olivia putting Tracy in her place with the suggestion that the Quartermaines buy the hospital was a nice moment too. However, the only truly touching part has been Laura’s speech to Tracy about the staff being the heart and soul of the hospital. Otherwise the storyline hasn’t been edge-of-your-seat drama.

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From hero to zero, and then down and out.
Franco not being able to enjoy one second of happiness with Liz before becoming jealous of Griffin was a huge let down. It’s getting hard to root for Franco when he keeps self-sabotaging himself. It was at least good to see him step up to help Liz and the nurses, only to get the news that his art therapy program has been cut and he’s out of a job.


Headaches and heartache.
As quickly as Nina and Valentin became a hit with viewers, now Valentin and Anna are striking a chord with some. It does look like we could be heading for a love triangle, as Valentin was very concerned about Anna when she passed out in front of him. Odd given she is supposedly the one who ordered her execution. I wondered in last week’s Deconstructing GH if Valentin was connected to Anna’s headaches. It’s starting to look like there is a connection. Perhaps Anna, or someone close to her, drugged her to forget her connection to Valentin, and the drug is causing complications now that she’s remembering. Someone in the WSB is definitely keeping secrets and wiping out Valentin’s records. Valentin’s past is still a mystery, and it’s a good mystery. That’s why he is working as a character, he’s complex and multi-layered.

Seeing Nina walk in on Valentin holding Anna’s hand and looking so concerned was great. While he was quick to reassure her that she’s the one he loves, he couldn’t help but later call the hospital to check on Anna. Nina couldn’t bring herself to tell Valentin that she loved him when he said it to her because she’s afraid of getting hurt. It is looking like Nina is headed for a heartbreak.

Dr. Jitters.
Finn’s addiction storyline is getting a bit ridiculous, especially since Griffin seems to be onto him but won’t confront him with his suspicions. Someone is likely going to get themselves hurt under his care, I just hope it’s not Anna.

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Long lost sisters.
Liv’s framing of Ava for the bomb that killed Morgan had me feeling sorry for Ava, a feat that is hard to do. However, like Valentin, Ava is a great character because she’s complex. Most of the time you want to see her taken down, but then these little twists make you want to see her come out on top. There is also her undeniable chemistry with so many on the show, such as Scotty. These two just need to get together already.

What has been infuriating about this storyline is that nobody seems to remember that Julian and Ava have another sister. Sure she’s supposed to be dead, but how many people stay dead in Port Charles? On Friday’s show Sam finally remembered Olivia, but seemed to dismiss her quickly. If Anna was still at the PCPD she’d have this figured out in two seconds. Speaking of Anna, the Anna and Liv flashbacks have been amazing!

This is an opinion piece on this past week in Port Charles. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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