Deconstructing GH: Joss and Carly offered up emotional scenes in a dull week

January 23 - 27


It was somewhat of a slow week in Port Charles. Perhaps the writers are saving up the explosive storylines for February sweeps. Franco’s note began to test the limits of our patience, Lulu continued to do what she wanted, and some stories were better watched on fast forward.

Lulu gets herself into a big mess.
Lulu just couldn’t listen to everyone around her and opened her mouth and told Charlotte the truth that she was her mother. While I can’t blame her, she’s only gone and made it worse and likely will drive Charlotte closer than ever to Nina. It would be nice to see Charlotte accept Lulu, however I don’t think it will happen. Somewhere in the soap opera writer’s manual, probably around page 30, it states, “Every soap needs a little girl who grows up hating her mother.” Yup, Charlotte will be that girl! I give it two or three months before they’ve SORASd her to an angry teen.

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The Hunchback of the WSB.
Anna remembered her past with Valentin, who once worked as an analyst for the WSB and had a huge crush on Anna. However, he was severely disfigured because of Scoliosis. While Anna considered him a friend, he wanted more, but she rejected him. This apparently drove him to the dark side, and caused him to sell his skills to the highest bidder so he could afford medical care to fix himself up. So far this storyline isn’t making much sense. Are we supposed to believe everything he did, becoming a villain, taking back his family’s fortune, was all to somehow impress Anna? Because it doesn’t matter how hot he’s made himself on the outside, his insides are still going to be ugly to her. I can’t wait until Nina learns the depths of his feelings for Anna. Also, what is it about Anna that causes psychopaths like Valentin and Faison to become obsessed with her?

The continuing case of the murder of Tom Baker.
I didn’t think it could get worse having to continue to watch Franco stuck in that storage unit, but it did. Kiki picking up Franco’s “help me!” note that slid under the door only to write instructions on how to fix Franco’s broken phone was awful. Oh look, a piece of paper I can write on . . . Who picks up a piece of paper and doesn’t bother to look at it? Kiki does! Even folks on Twitter found this ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Alexis finally confessed everything to Sam about her drinking, running over Julian, and possibly killing Tom. Sam sprang into action to help Liz find Franco, basically because she wants to protect her mother. Too little, too late, because Liz finally went to the police, something she should have done days ago. Unfortunately, then Liz went and pulled a “Kiki” and followed Seth to his house after growing suspicious of him. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Julian takes down Jason.
Julian drugged Jason to confine him to the hospital. It not only looks like he tried to “take care of him,” but it keeps him from digging into Rudge and Olivia’s business. It would have been even better if Julian told Jason the truth. What irked me more than anything about this whole storyline was that they just dropped Olivia like a hot potato for the week. I was looking forward to seeing more of her, especially given how in last week’s Deconstructing GH it was a shock to find out Oliva was still carrying a torch for Duke.

Fast forward worthy storylines.
See Finn shoot up. See Hayden catch him. Watch Finn lie. Watch Hayden believe him. Fast forward audience, fast forward!

Seriously, Finn and Hayden, and Nelle and Michael’s scenes have become boring as heck to watch. I did at least love watching Sonny call Nelle out on her anger issues, and Carly drop the bomb on Michael that Nelle is seeing a married man.

Just when I thought the fast forward material couldn’t get worse, Nurse Amy’s gossiping took up the majority of Friday’s episode. What was the point?

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Joss returns home.
Joss’ return and making amends with Sonny was one of the sweeter moments of the week. Still, both she and Carly aren’t quite there yet on fully forgiving him and moving back in. Just when they are is likely when Nelle will drop her bombs. I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw Jax return at that point, especially since Carly brought him up again this week. With Ingo Rademacher moving back to L.A., perhaps we may see Jax permanently return to Port Charles soon.

Emotional moment of the week.
Carly and Sonny attempting to go through Morgan’s pile of mail was a real tearjerker. Sonny’s struggle over whether to delete his son’s name and number from his phone was equally as heartbreaking. Both scenes evoked strong emotions.

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– Dustin Cushman


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