Deconstructing GH: Twisted surprises involving Valentin and Olivia

January 16 - 19


Two pre-emptions took their toll on our Port Charles viewing this week, President Obama’s final White House conference and Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration. Still, we got a wedding, a huge return, and big secrets revealed. Not bad for a three-show week.

Naxie says “I do,” and it’s about time.
After never ending drama, including at their second attempt at a wedding, Nathan and Maxie were finally married. The last-minute catastrophes such as Lucy getting stuck out of town and being unable to marry them were a bit much. However, I did adore Obrecht bursting in and feeling insulted that “Mutter” wasn’t properly invited. Maxie welcoming her mother-in-law in German was also sweet. Of course, the flashbacks of Nathan and Maxie’s courtship were great, including seeing Maxie “eat Nathan’s meat.” That scene is still one of my favorites of the couple. Some though weren’t happy that Naxie couldn’t have their moment without another interruption.

Blake Berris took over the role of Spinelli for a few days during the wedding. While he did a good job being a last minute recast, the magic between Maxie and Spinelli just didn’t seem to be there as it would have been with Bradford Anderson. It’s hard to fill another actor’s shoes, and it was hard for me to still not see him as Nick Fallon from “Days of our Lives.”

There is a discussion about Maxie’s wedding dress in’s forum. Poster ‘deustch’ felt the dress was ugly, but ‘NJ SOAP LADY’ liked the dress, but didn’t like the coat and felt it was not the high fashion that Maxie loves. I agree with the later, the dress was fine, but the coat was a bit too much. It looked like they were going for winter bride, but somehow ended up with “Star Wars.”

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Spy vs. spy!
I discussed Valentin revealing Anna wronged him in last week’s Deconstructing GH and how it really put a twist on their relationship. Apparently it was a bigger twist than anyone could have imagined. Valentin used to suffer from some type of hunchback deformity in the past, was kept at the WSB for some reason, and had a thing for Anna. However she treated him as if he was invisible. I didn’t see this coming, so it was a nice surprise. Related to his fascination with Anna, a rumor has been making rounds that Robin could end up being Valentin’s daughter somehow. However, most viewers are against this rewrite of history because they don’t want to see Robert hurt that way. I agree, let Robin and Emma remain Scorpios.


All in the family.
Julian continued to tug at my heartstrings. He really wanted to tell Sam the truth, but his concern for his family, including little Leo, prevented him from doing so. I didn’t think the show could redeem him given what he’s done over the past year, but I’m feeling the urge to forgive him and give him a big hug. Still, many feel there is just no redeeming this character.

Tonja Walker made her grand return as Julian’s not-so-dead sister Olivia St. John. She blames Julian for Duke’s death, and wants revenge on both him and Anna for denying her the life she thinks she could have had with Duke. Move over Heather Webber, there is a new psycho in town! The flashbacks of Anna and Olivia, featuring their big 80s hair, was a nice treat.

Meanwhile, it was great seeing Ned and Olivia Falconeri back on the screen. ‘Shannon Michele Patrick’ posted in our daily recaps that she misses seeing them together, and wishes the writers would show more of them as well as Kevin and Laura. I agree. However, with a cast as big as “GH’s,” it seems we get bombarded with a few select characters for a few weeks, and must wait until the others come back into rotation.

Franco, wherefore art thou?
Seriously, he gets clubbed on the head and locked up in some locker, and that’s all we’ve gotten. Where is he? Who has him?

Tired trio.
Jordan, Curtis and Andre are still a snooze fest. Jordan and Andre have zero chemistry, so watching him ditch her at the wedding to go off with Curtis to get Buzz’s statement didn’t move me at all. Jordan and Curtis have so much more chemistry, and it seems obvious they are the end game. Andre needs to find his man parts and just dump Jordan. It’s too bad he didn’t do so awhile back and pursue Anna, though she wasn’t ready to move on from Duke’s death in all fairness.

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– Dustin Cushman


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