Deconstructing GH: Between crazed and vengeful to drawing many over the edge

December 26 – 29

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Filling in for Dustin this week, and what a week it was. There were numerous threats closing out the year…from a wedding being threatened by outside forces, to everyone involved in Charlotte’s life being threatened by one another, and Franco under threat of losing Elizabeth. Time to ring out the old and ring in the new.

Christmas done right.
This week saw the close of Christmas celebrations. Nothing was more touching than Sonny hanging Morgan’s stocking. It was a beautiful moment, and then Nelle arrived. It was too weird having her sit creepily in the corner behind the tree watching the family.

Who’s the mommy?
Angst over the knowledge that Lulu is Charlotte’s mom continued to draw everyone over the edge including Laura who couldn’t even be talked down by Anna. Laura, who seemed ready in recent years to move on from a life of adventure and terror at the expense of the Cassadines, was now only too willing to contemplate murdering Valentin if Lulu doesn’t get her way. Laura’s proclamation wasn’t as exciting as the interaction between Lulu and Nina which lit up the screen.

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Digging deep.
Anna asking Andre to hypnotize her could prove critical in more than one storyline. Besides dying for her to finish the walk down memory lane to see who’s at the end of that corridor in her visions, it’s hopeful that the outcome could possibly affect Valentin’s custody battle. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. It’s more likely we’re stuck with Valentin since he’s the only Cassadine left in town. At the very least it will cut short the storyline surrounding Anna’s connection to Valentin, which is more boring than Franco being erroneously arrested.

All about Franco.
In last week’s blog, Deconstructing GH, in discussing the darkness of Franco, there was a feeling of much ado about nothing until Tom got killed. As one tweeted their thoughts about Tom coming to Port Charles being a good thing, they pointed out what many of us have been thinking. Making it about Franco was a bad idea. This story should be more about Tom and Elizabeth but it turned into yet another story of Franco dealing with his demons, bouncing between crazed and vengeful to planning a Christmas celebration with Elizabeth’s boys. And what of Elizabeth? Yet again she might be bouncing away from a man. Who’s going to catch her next?

You will be sorry Caroline.
When? Sweet cheese and crackers, what is up with Nelle already? I don’t know which exact moment she’s going to find right enough to ruin Carly’s life but get on with it. This girl’s getting too cozy in Port Charles. There’s an apartment set for her already – so she’s staying we gather. I’m game, Hayden grew on me so we do need a new non-mob/non-Cassadine related nemesis on the show. She can fight for that spot with Franco because apparently, they aren’t investing any time in truly rehabilitating him in any meaningful fashion. Let the games begin.

Episode # 13713

The wedding that wasn’t.
Oh yes, surprise, surprise, another wedding derailed. Between Maxie drugging herself and Nathan learning he was still married to Claudette it was a lucky break that we wouldn’t have to see Valentin escort Nina to the wedding. While watching the interaction between Nina and Lulu over their differences is fun, it’s questionable if Maxie deserves her best friend to lose it on the most important day of her life. Twitter fans had a lot to say of the event that was travelling downhill fast. The most positive was the arrival of Robin, who for whatever reason was there without Anna and Emma, which others duly noted as well.

All in.
No surprise that another couple would get married, but a surprise at which one. Nina upped the ante by proposing and marrying Valentin on the spot at the empty church to give Charlotte a family. The reveal to others is sure to be exciting.

The cure.
Some time has passed since Hayden’s cure and with her on the road to recovery, the question arises of why Finn hasn’t gotten around to curing himself. Tracy’s already announced he has his job back even though he’s ducking out on Hayden to writhe in pain from his illness privately. This story brought Brad back, and Lucas made a return soon after. These are the little pluses of near-death characters. Here’s hoping both soap couples have something to celebrate in the New Year.

The story of Dillon and Kiki trying to make a new start for themselves in the coming New Year, and then ending up on a bus to LA together, was a fitting vignette for what may be in store for them. It’s so much better than the inevitable return of Carly to Sonny.

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And the story that has everyone guessing continues. Who’s manipulating Julian? Rudge is a welcoming thorn in Julian’s side but hopefully there’s a bigger payoff in relation to who the mysterious figure is. A Chinese model ship named Reincarnation is the most significant clue yet. Is it a throwback to another mob family, perhaps the Wu family who oversaw the Asian Quarter?

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These are just my opinions ending the year that was in Port Charles. Share your own in the comments below.

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– Violette DeSantis


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