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Deconstructing GH: A Thanksgiving on the rocks, promising new traditions

November 21 – 23

Filling in for Dustin this week. Here’s my observations of how Thanksgiving in Port Charles faired. Port Charles didn’t exactly return to normal after the melancholies of Morgan’s death subsided post-funeral. Underlying worries over Hayden’s illness, Nelle insinuating herself into everyone’s life and Ava and Julian returning to their scheming ways made the lead up to Thanksgiving dark with a slim chance of happiness for a few.

Pulling together for Sonny.
Jordan’s concern over Dante’s conflict of interest was just what Dante needed to become more human and less of an uptight Dudley Do-Right. This isn’t a pass for Sonny and his crimes but it is nice to see some semblance of bonding between a father and son especially under the circumstances of Morgan’s death. The house arrest is interesting and a good call to make the story seemingly more realistic for the day – or just relief that there won’t be forced prison meetings to disseminate information to the viewers.

Carly and Jax – not again.
That didn’t happen, it really didn’t and it was refreshing for the two of them not to go down that road after they kissed. Honestly, I’m a recovering fan of the twosome but it seems like such an unlikely pairing now, even if just for spite against Sonny. It’s not worth going down that road and would markedly hurt and cheapen the whole storyline surrounding Morgan’s death. That’s a job best left to Scott and Ava.

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The Quartermaine Care Center.
Tracy Q. cares! Well she blamed caring about Hayden on Finn. Between Tracy, Finn, Curtis and Hayden, you couldn’t find a more unlikely group of caring individuals ever. It was like homecoming week at the Quartermaines. Tracy needs to adopt them all so each day could play out similar. The quips were the best from Curtis’ “For a homeless woman, you sure came up,” to Finn’s, “Well, I don’t hear any knives coming out.”

Sobering up Alexis.
In last week’s Deconstructing “GH” Dustin shared the outrage over the storyline Alexis has been given. While cavorting with Tom whose return to Port Charles warrants anger, I commend Nancy Lee Grahn’s portrayal of a professional woman unhinged by her drinking problem. In the realm of substance abuse storylines, she is outstanding and it’s possible the writers have succeeded here more so than with Luke’s drinking problem. Her story has more of a plot to it and is more in-depth than Luke’s story which seemed to just be a ploy to account for the death of Jake. The true test will lie in how they wrap up this storyline and how much it involves Julian. Grahn had fun with the storyline this week tweeting about Alexis’ accident involving her attempted-murdering former husband.

Two to watch.
Nuisance Nelle, who never means to interrupt, did just that constantly. The need to know her end-game is consuming and I can’t wait to figure out who she is and why she’s there. She seems to be showing her sinister side but her motive is perplexing. Andre, who is as much a nuisance, may have had his jealous side revealed to Jordan thanks to Curtis. If this is a triangle in the making, it’s not going to end well for Andre. Let’s hope Jordan finds a way to thank Curtis.

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Well, Dustin couldn’t have summed it up better. Thanksgiving in Port Charles is unique. It is a tradition unto its own served up without turkey at the Quartermaines. Was that about to change? Not on your life. Pizza again. However, here’s to new traditions. How sweet was it that Dillon and Kiki shared a turkey burger? And Dante and Lulu renewing their vows was special. It was hard to pick the most poignant moment between Laura touching base with Sonny over their shared grief for their sons; Julian trying to save Alexis from herself and Olivia telling Carly how Sonny tried to change for her. Carly envisioning Jax as Sonny and then worrying about Nelle was interesting, but not as interesting as Nelle showing up at Sonny’s to throw Jax in his face. I can’t wait for next week.

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These are just my opinions on the week that was in Port Charles. I’d love to hear your own in the comments below.

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– Violette DeSantis


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