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Deconstructing GH: Nelle is finally called out, & Friday leaves us puzzled

October 24 - 28

It was another dark week in Port Charles, what with Morgan’s death still on everyone’s mind and the threat of Valentin looming. There were a few moments of comic relief and happiness though.

The man on everyone’s lips.
Valentin Cassadine is once again the name going around town ever since Claudette revealed he was who she was running from. Anna felt that he looked somehow familiar to her from his mug shot, especially his eyes, which made me wonder if there is a deeper connection to Port Charles. All we know is that he was one of Mikkos’ affairs, so could his mother be someone from “GH’s” past?

By the end of the week we learned that Claudette, who fled town, had been apparently taken by Valentin. Meanwhile at a party thrown by Laura to say goodbye to Wyndemere, Valentin snuck in wearing the same costume as Kevin and revealed himself to all as the new owner of Wyndemere. It was sneaky, though a little obvious given the fake Kevin wasn’t speaking. I just hope Valentin has Nikolas hidden somewhere.

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Grandma Anna.
Seeing Anna light up over the news that Charlotte was Duke’s granddaughter was great. It’s nice to see Finola Hughes sharing scenes with a child actor again, as she’s one of those actors that has that magical chemistry with kids on screen. Sure Charlotte is no Emma, but hey, nobody will ever be Emma. With Emma, Robin and Duke all more or less gone, it’s nice to see them making Griffin and Charlotte a new family for her. Her scenes talking to Griffin about how to deal with his newfound fatherhood were great as well.


How many black gloves are there?
In last week’s Deconstructing “GH” I pondered whether Nelle could be the black glove, who followed Ava and fished out Morgan’s meds from the trash can that Ava threw them in.

Nelle definitely remained busy ingratiating herself to Carly’s family members, this time getting to know Michael a bit better. Fortunately Bobbie is onto her games and let her know it. It’s about time we find out her game. If the glove isn’t Nelle, well others on Twitter suggested another person…

Indeed, we did see Curtis wearing black gloves when he broke into Sonny’s office, but as his job is to prove Sonny tried to kill Julian, why would he be following Ava? Could there be another person wearing the gloves, or is Curtis working both sides to nail both Sonny and the Jeromes as some way to prove himself to Jordan? Also who was the mystery person calling Ava, the one she thought might be Nikolas? They just left us hanging with that one.

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A rollercoaster week for Sonny.
Though he did lose his son in a horrible accident, it is hard to feel sorry for Sonny given how he is acting. His lashing out and blaming Jason for Morgan’s death because Jason didn’t kill Julian like the old Jason would have was pathetic. Robin showing up to help Sonny come to terms with what happened, accepting his own culpability, and stopping him from taking his own life was moving, as was her reminding him of Morgan’s namesake Stone. How though does Robin always know when to show up at these moments? The whole “Robin shows up on the bridge to save you” shtick is getting a little old, especially when you are making viewers wonder the entire time whether she’s real or in the person’s mind. By Friday we were once again scratching our heads when a disheveled Morgan turned up on Sonny’s doorstep. Now is he real, or just a figment of Sonny’s imagination?

Happy moments in a dark week.
There were some few lighthearted moments this week. Finn and Hayden found a short moment of happiness when Finn finally admitted he had feelings for her. However, his attempt to try and get Tracy to give her a job at ELQ had everyone miffed with Finn for his good deed. Back to square one for Finn and Hayden fans!

Franco and Liz shared a moment of joy as Franco was able to prove to Jordan that his mother targeted Bobbie and Lucas at the hospital. I was glad to see them actually elaborate as to how the heck Heather was able to get out of the asylum, which I commented on last week as just ridiculous that they were letting her have field trips out. Franco describing his mother as a combination of Harry Houdini and Lizzie Borden was hilarious, but not as good as the look on Tracy’s face when Jordan told her she had Franco to thank for getting GH re-opened.

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– Dustin Cushman


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