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A good dose of mystery and intrigue made the week entertaining

August 22 – 26

It was a week of new beginnings for many but still looking for a few relationships to move from hesitant to ‘Hey, let’s get it on!’ If you’re not in it for the love, then the mysteries might have made your week.

Filling in for Dustin this week. Here’s my observations of how things played out.

The bling is back!
There’s new meaning to diamonds being a girl’s best friend after Rachel’s diamonds found a way back to Port Charles. Ava kept us bemused over her repeated reminder of bonding with Nik and wanting his boot. It was cute how Liz was on to that and found the diamonds however she needed to consider that she’s just as likely to go to prison as Rachel if she contacts the authorities and Rachel reports her as an accessory for attempted murder. Getting Liz deeply involved in this storyline is great. It means more drama between her and Rachel. Loving it! Also loving Heather and Naomi’s connection. This storyline might have a big payday soon. Franco’s involvement added more depth to the story, and given his budding relationship with Liz, this will be more than interesting. Loved Heather giving up Naomi’s relationship with Jeff Webber.

Not dead yet.
Enough with the apologies over missing Nikolas’ funeral. We all agree with Alexis; Prince Nikolas will return. The fans are waiting for that day and a few hope Nik and Ava have an affair. That wouldn’t be so bad.

Do you know what else isn’t dead? The likes of mature lovers like Laura and Kevin. Last week Dustin touted the work of Genie Francis as Laura Spencer since returning to Port Charles. Laura realized Kevin’s “guyness” and the two learned they were into each other which was fun to watch. The throwback to her past with Luke was well placed. Kevin wondering how she could have missed “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and her comment about being busy in 1981 hit the spot. Too bad about Kevin’s book and Laura cutting loose. That was too quick for fans but it was kind of disturbing for Laura to find. I know they’ve been kidnapped and he’s been shot and all, but the book should have come up over dinner or drinks, at least before video games and sex.

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Spookier than the GH Killer?
Nelle’s running a close second to the GH Killer at bringing a good dose of mystery and intrigue to Port Charles. My guess is Nelle put Carly’s earrings in Deidre’s bag causing her firing. Nelle’s creepy stare from the stairs at Carly and Sonny was disturbing. As much as Jax has his reasons for wanting to keep her away, she possibly has a reason to stay. A fan pondered the likelihood that she could destroy Sonny and Carly. Sonny and Carly are too comfortable and boring right now. Maybe Nelle will shake things up and disturb Jax’s peace of mind in the process. This storyline definitely became more palatable especially after Nelle lost her job.

Let’s give the GH Killer their due, Jordan’s aware it could be anyone, even Andre. It’s possible she didn’t mean that as a joke which probably cooled Andre’s jets.

From scary to ruthless, Sonny and Paul each made threats against the Jerome family. This story has us hanging by a thread the closer we get to trial. Everyone’s stepping up their game to put Julian away, including Scorpio who also visited Laura. Great to see him, and with a warning from Luke about Valentin. Luke lives on!

Out of the mouths of babes.
Jake wins the best line award this week for getting over wanting Liz and Jason back together when he uttered, “I used to want dad to be with you but I’m over that, I like Sam now. She makes dad happy.” Maybe he helped push her closer to Franco a bit. Gosh, she needs all the push she can get. Fans are taking sides on this one. The couple had a steamy kiss and while some are ready to move on from Liason, others are not embracing Friz.

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If it wasn’t for bad luck…
While Kevin and Laura may have been the biggest upset, more abounded. What disappointment for Lulu and Dante after overcoming all that had driven them apart to be thrown into despair over their unviable embryo. Can we hope that there’s a mystery afoot? At the expense of a Spencer suffering considerable loss again it doesn’t seem fair to Lante fans. Then, the pull away between Rachel and Finn left emptiness between the two. Rachel is better for it but alas no love on the horizon for Finn. He only has more in store for us in his battle of wits with Obrecht. Unfortunately, she didn’t hear the whole tape and believes he’s a murderer instead of someone who’s dying. I was looking forward to her sadness over his predicament. And let’s not forget the end to the Kristina and Parker saga. How much more can Kristina take? Time for Morgan to step aside as Kristina suffers her next downward spiral. The story was played out beautifully but it was time to close the chapter.

These are just my opinions on the week that was in Port Charles. I’d love to hear your own in the comments below.

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– Violette DeSantis


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