Deconstructing GH: The show throws us a delightful twist in the midst of predictable storylines

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of June 27 – July 1:


Aside from the out of hand number of triangles on the show, one of the biggest gripes I and others have had has been the predictability of so many storylines. That’s why Friday’s cliff-hanger was a nice unexpected twist. Let’s discuss!

Still one step ahead.
As much as Sam and Jason are trying to be super-sleuths, Ava and Nikolas continue to elude them. Many viewers are torn over whether or not they like Ava and Nik together. I really do, but at the same time I also like Nikolas with Rachel/Hayden. I’m not sure which couple to root for. I have the same dilemma with Franco, Nina and Liz.

Setting a trap.
I was stunned that Julian even entertained the thought of killing Alexis, which to me really is the nail in this couple’s coffin. Sure, other soap couples have reunited after one has tried to kill the other, but Julian is just spiraling so out of control that it’s hard to see that happening. Who knows though!

It appears Anna and Sonny concocted a plan to get Julian to come clean by making him believe Alexis was pregnant. However Alexis was forced to take a pregnancy test by Julian, and it showed she was with child. Is she or isn’t she? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Not the father after all.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I was really hoping that they were setting up baby Teddy’s illness to reveal that he was Michael’s son, but it seems it was just a case of botulism and more about throwing Finn in jail for treating him. Without his green group, it was up to Rachel to rescue him, which she did. Rachel and Finn have amazing chemistry together, but again I also like her with Nikolas. These triangles and quadrangles I tell you, there are too many!

Parker who?

Parker who?

That’s how all pointless conversations should occur!
Kristina and Aaron’s story really isn’t doing much for me. In her time of need she reached out to Parker, not Aaron, which should hopefully make things interesting soon. Aaron seems sweet, but their scenes this week just seemed like filler. However if we have to watch filler, what a way to watch! I never expected Aaron to look like that under his clothes. Wowza!

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Nope, still not interested!
The Morgan, Kiki and Dillon triangle still is doing nothing for me. I believe Kiki and Dillon are better together, and Morgan needs to concentrate on Morgan right now. Given Kiki already has one crazy mother in Ava, why would she want the over-bearing and over-protective Carly also breathing down her neck? I asked readers on Twitter whether anyone was still rooting for Kiki and Morgan, and here were some of your responses.

Slow but steady progress.
Griffin finally began opening up to Anna and told her about his affair that forced him out of the priesthood. At this point we know for sure he’s Claudette’s lover. It was however nice to see that he realizes Claudette only used him. Nathan’s ex is really turning out to be a piece of work. She used Nathan for a green card and then what, seduced Griffin to get out of her marriage? I’m still not understanding why she needed a priest to do that. Now she’s seen Maxie and Nathan’s wedding announcement, and it seems she may still be carrying a torch for Nathan. Oh brother, Maxie better be on guard when hurricane Claudette arrives in Port Charles.

The end of Frina?
Nina gave Franco hell for the way he treated her and moving on to Liz because she is his new pet that he feels the need to rescue. She also made a great point that the lure of Liz and Jake may be his hatred of Jason. Michelle Stafford (Nina) was fantastic at lashing out at Franco, but it still broke my heart to watch the erosion of this once happy couple.

The hospital killer.
Friday’s episode continued to set-up Dr. Mayes as the hospital’s angel of death, what with him telling Liz how he hates to see terminal patients slowly die, and that he wanted everyone to know his current patient had a DNR order. Therefore it was a nice twist when Liz found Mayes dead on the floor! Bravo to the show for this, as now I’m wondering all over again who is killing people at GH. I didn’t like the look on Franco’s face as he walked in on Liz trying to save Mayes, especially after he just told Heather he had found a new way to express his creative juices. The show already reversed Julian’s redemption, I’d hate if they did the same to Franco.

These are only my opinions on this week’s shows. Please leave your own in the comments!

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– Dustin Cushman


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