Deconstructing GH: Franco and Liz have fans talking, while Julian has them reeling

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of June 20 - 24:


Triangles that have been slowly forming in Port Charles kicked into high gear this week. Some are interesting, others not so much. Julexis fans continue to watch the destruction of their couple, and “GH” pulled out the ghost plot again. The happenings in Europe were the best scenes of the week.

The triangle that’s been slowly building.
While Nina finally realized she wanted Franco back, even if it meant forgoing her dream of a child, Franco was busy locking lips with Liz. This truly was the most overdue and expected kiss ever. I have always been a Nina and Franco fan, but I am oddly finding Liz and Franco enjoyable as well. I asked readers on Twitter how they felt about this triangle, and Liz and Franco clearly walked away with the vote.

I truly am torn on which couple to root for, which to me is a sign of great soap storytelling. Usually when there is a triangle it’s easy to choose one over the other, but in this case I can’t!

The triangle that needs to go away.
If Kiki goes back to Morgan, instead of moving forward with Dillon, then I will be disappointed. However, it seems as if they are setting it up that she goes back to him mainly because so many people, Morgan included, keep telling her that he wouldn’t have made it through treatment without the thought of her. Kiki being guilt tripped into going back to Morgan is going to be painful to watch, especially since it could lead to him going off the deep-end again.

All tied up in the blue room.

All tied up in the blue room.

The other dynamic duo.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I complained how boring Sam and Jason were, and that they needed to get their adventure rolling. They did this week, but it was Nikolas and Ava who stole the show. These two, even with Nick Stabile filling in for Tyler Christopher, have been amazing. Of course I can’t wait to see Christopher back, but I wouldn’t mind if the show could find another role for Stabile. Perhaps a long lost Cassadine cousin or something? Ava and Nik taking on Huxley and Margarethe was truly entertaining, and they make a pretty hot couple. The banter between them was priceless. Margarethe attacking them was hilarious, and she is like a real life Broom Hilda. I’m curious as to what the Weeping Nyad statue that Huxley is after, and Ava had a forgery of, actually is. He described it as from another world. If “GH” is going to bring in aliens, then I don’t think I can handle it. Vampires were bad enough!

Soap opera twins Kevin Collin’s evil brother

Slime of the century.
Alexis was crashing and burning as the PCPD was building a case to nail her for Carlos’ murder. Her only hope was for Julian to admit the truth, and instead the coward suggested she go to trial and get acquitted for the murder. What a piece of . . . work! The writers are definitely destroying one of their most popular couples, and it is truly hard to watch. I am not sure why Alexis can’t just come clean with what she knows at this point. There may be ramifications, as Diane said she may lose her license, but it’s better than losing one’s freedom!

Meanwhile the show pulled out its go-to guilt trip method by bringing Carlos’ ghost back to haunt Julian. Now I know “GH” has a history of this, but they literally did the same thing with Anna not that long ago, and Carlos wasn’t even dead then. The wonky unstable camera scenes during which Carlos was egging on Julian only made me want to grab a Dramamine because they were giving me motion sickness. Alexis really better watch her back as Carlos’ ghost seems to be pushing Julian to commit murder again.

Blind date bust.
Speaking of slimes, Paul crashing Anna’s blind date, which never happened as the guy never showed, made me cringe. Anna is too smart to let a creep like Paul worm his way into her heart. I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t put it past Paul to actually be Sawyer, the supposed surgeon she was set to meet and has decided to give another chance after he sent her flowers and a card explaining why he didn’t show. Catfishing Anna just seems like something Paul would do.

Finally! Some progress with Finn.
Viewers finally learned that Finn is dying from an unknown and mysterious disease, and his injections have been keeping him alive for the time being. We also learned the same disease killed his wife. Most of us guessed this long ago, but it was nice to have confirmation and some progress finally. Finn has confided this in Rachel, and it seems the two are growing closer over it. Finn and Rachel could make a cute couple, though the last thing the show needs is yet another triangle given she still has feelings for her supposed dead husband. If she gets caught up with Finn, Nik’s return will throw a monkey wrench into things.

Baby blues.
A few weeks ago I had wished there was some way to make little Teddy turn out to be Michael’s son. Friday’s episode seemed to be hinting this may happen. First we had to listen to Carly complain about Michael getting involved with Sabrina again, whom she thought was just using her son for financial gain. Then we had Sabrina telling Felix that she’s afraid Michael will always see Carlos when he looks at Teddy. Finally, Teddy has come down with a mysterious illness that has him rushed to the hospital. All the pieces just seem to be coming together for a big paternity surprise.

As always these are just my opinions on this week’s shows. Please leave your own in the comments!

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– Dustin Cushman


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