Deconstructing GH: An unlikely pairing and some big reveals were treats for viewers

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of June 13 – 17:


Nikolas and Ava teaming up was magic this week, as was Brad and Lucas’ wedding. Trent Dawson’s arrival was a lot of fun, and TJ learning the truth about Shawn being his father was a nice unexpected twist.

A happy wedding at last!
Brad and Lucas were finally able to marry, and while it wasn’t a big production like they had planned to have at the Nurses’ Ball, it was a great little wedding with some terrific and heartfelt vows. Hopefully holding it in Alexis and Julian’s house won’t be a curse on their marriage, as these two have had enough problems making it to the altar as is. I guess though we will never get any answers about Rosalie and Brad at this point.

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Trouble in paradise.
Once again Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) was on fire as she finally told Julian that she was leaving him. He didn’t like that at all, and reminded her that he takes his vows seriously, especially the “till death do we part” portion. Woah! Was that a threat? I pondered this on Twitter, and here is what fans thought.

I saw it as a veiled threat, but I don’t think he’d kill Alexis. However it definitely seemed like he was making it known that he is never letting her go. Julian is starting to get scary! On Friday the police, using the evidence from the dagger, closed in on the killer. However it was Alexis they arrested, not Julian. I, along with many viewers, was expecting this to happen the minute he used that dagger to kill Carlos. Could this be a ploy by the PCPD to try and get Julian to confess to save himself? If so, I think they and Alexis will be shocked when he likely lets her go down for the crime.

Spit it out!
While Nathan finally came clean about the truth involving his shooting of Claudette’s lover, Griffin continues to hide his secret and his connection to Nathan. Griffin’s defense of Nathan and the man that Nathan shot was hard to watch, as he was doing everything but saying “I’m the guy he shot!” I really hope we do not have to wait until Claudette comes onto the scene this summer for this storyline to advance, as this plot is beyond stale at this point. At least Maxie has realized dumping Nathan was stupid, something I chastised her for in last week’s Deconstructing GH

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Don't I know you from somewhere?

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

The blue room.
Ava running into Nikolas on the plane to London was great, and Tyler Christopher looks delicious with that beard. He should keep it. However, the bigger surprise was Trent Dawson appearing on the same plane as the mysterious Huxley, who made a cryptic call to have the blue room prepared for guests. I was thinking it was like the red room of pain from Fifty Shades, though it turned out it was just a room named for his grandma. Huxley seemed to be after Nikolas, but once he hijacked them and trapped them on his estate, he revealed it was Ava he’s actually after. This was a great and unexpected twist I did not see coming. Bravo to the writers for this. Is Huxley perhaps involved in the arms dealings that Ava bungled? That is the only thing I can think of.

It’s about time.
After months of denying it, Andre finally came clean with the fact that he has feelings for Anna. So Jordan has been right all along about him. I feel Anna and Andre have much more chemistry than Andre and Jordan, and frankly Jordan and Andre’s constant fights about Anna have killed them as a couple for me. I was shocked when Andre chose Jordan and to stop seeing Anna on any level. What is wrong with this man? This won’t end well, especially with Anna seeming to be intrigued with the responses from the dating profile Emma made for her.

Another “at long last moment” came when TJ overheard Curtis and Jordan discussing the fact that Shawn is his real father. It’s taken forever for that little gem to come to the surface, and it’s not going to help mend TJ’s relationship with his mother. Curtis also admitted that it was he who spilled the beans to Tommy about Shawn and Jordan’s affair, but I still feel more was going on that hasn’t been said. Could Jordan have gotten mixed up with Curtis after breaking it off with Shawn, and in the wake of her husband’s death?

The real men’s issue.
Nina was on fire on Friday snapping photos of Curtis for her upcoming real men’s issue. It’s just too bad she couldn’t get Nathan out of his clothes, though what with her being his sister/cousin, that would have been a little awkward. Nina blackmailing Julian into stripping down for the issue was fantastic, though I’d rather she turn the scoundrel in at this point.

That’s all the thoughts and opinions I have for you this week. Please leave your own in the comments!

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– Dustin Cushman


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