Deconstructing GH: Long, drawn out mysteries are piling up and becoming annoying

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of May 31 – June 3:


This week seemed to suffer from post-sweeps slowdown and turned out to be a ho-hum one that dragged on. Everyone was focused on Nikolas’ attack, while poor Lucas got the shaft. The “I have a secret past” storylines are also overkill at this point and need to be wrapped up.

The PCPD blows it again.
What should have been a great mystery has gotten off to a rotten start, as the PCPD is once again focused only on proving Jason is the one who attacked and possibly killed Nikolas. That Jason was the only one who figured out the scene of the crime was over-staged made it even worse. However, this storyline still has potential. In last week’s Deconstructing GH I pondered whether Nikolas was trying to set up Rachel for trying to kill him. I still think he was trying to do so, and it seems now so does Jason, but as awful as they’ve made Nikolas lately, I don’t think he would fake his death and put poor Spencer through this. Spencer’s return and his refusing to feel anything over his father’s possible death was heartbreaking. It’s quite possible that something went wrong and someone did come after Nikolas. We never got any resolution to the mysterious painting that Helena left him, so perhaps this is part of a bigger plot of hers? I would love for the show to explore something along those lines, and perhaps find a way to redeem Nikolas along the way.

The mysterious Dr. Finn is losing his charm.
Michael Easton’s return was met with a lot of glee from the fans. His quirky character of Hamilton Finn and his service lizard Roxy were fun and a breath of fresh air initially, but that air has turned stale. We seem to be no closer to learning what is going on with him than we started out, aside from the fact that he had a wife that died from a horrible disease, one that he may too possibly have. The only person who seems to care about his past and what happened to poor Lucas at the hospital is Dr. Obrecht. As I noted on Twitter, even the PCPD seems to be lying down on the job investigating what is going on with the bodies piling up at the hospital.

By Friday, Obrecht was ready to provide the police with more information on what was going on at GH, but Lucas suddenly woke up. Unfortunately we now have to wait until next week to find out what, if anything, he remembers.

Griffin and Nathan’s mysterious past.
Griffin’s past, and Nathan’s secret, is another one of these storylines that has been drawn out and taxing viewers. Nathan at least has resolved to tell Maxie the truth, but we won’t find out what that truth is until next week. Griffin meanwhile is wondering why God has put Nathan in his path. I really hope there is more to this story than Griffin was the man cheating with Claudette and Nathan shot him, but that is exactly what it looks like it’s going to be.

A big return!
It was announced this week that Ingo Rademacher is bringing Jax back to Port Charles. With yet another mystery left dangling over us, the one that has to do with Joss’ kidney transplant, it’s probably a sure bet that is what is bringing her father home. Many see his return as a positive one for the show.

Ava and Sonny play let’s make a deal.
One storyline I was glad to see resolved was the mess between Ava and Sonny over their daughter. It was nice to see Sonny not only come out with the upper hand, but also be the bigger person and not keep Avery from Ava as she was intending to with him. Still, it is mainly self-serving, because Sonny realized history could repeat itself with the whole A.J. and Michael situation. I can’t help but feel Ava is going to burn Sonny and Carly still.

Casting news! Bradford Anderson returns to General Hospital

Kramer versus Kramer.
As I feared in last week’s blog, Tracy seems to be having a hard time letting go of little Edward, who Sabrina just also happened to name Eduardo, after Tracy’s father. Fortunately, Michael seems to have set Tracy on the right path, but with Tracy, who knows what she may do. It would be a great twist if they would learn that somehow, magically, Michael actually is the father of little Edward and this storyline could just be put to rest along with Carlos. It’s just not that exciting, and I’d rather see air time devoted to Ned and Olivia at this point. Where the heck are those two?

These are just my opinions on the week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, feel free to share your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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