Deconstructing GH: Fans fume as Brad and Lucas’ wedding is a no-go

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of May 23 – 27:


Some people love it, while others hate it… it’s the Nurses’ Ball! It’s better some years than others, and I felt this one was amazing. There were great performances, but we weren’t hit over the head with three shows of just fluff. They filled it out with some amazing, though sometimes infuriating, storylines that made it work.

The Ball: The Good.
– Nina on the red carpet trying to be a sleazy tabloid journalist was hilarious, especially when she introduced noted homewrecker Ava and her sleazy lawyer Scott. Ava was equally funny when she muttered, “Who gave her a mic?”
– Ned and Emma’s performance was adorable, but Jake and Franco stole the show. Once again, when Roger Howarth is allowed to have scenes with the kids, he really shines.
– Kiki and Dillon were great together, and I didn’t feel bad for a hurt Morgan when he saw them kissing. He’s such a screw-up when it comes to Kiki and she deserves happiness.
– Ava and Carly’s cat fight over the flash drive was great, though it’s too bad she didn’t get the real evidence on Ava.
– For once Lucy didn’t end up in her underwear, which would have been overkill if they pulled that out again. Bravo!
– Anna and Duke’s final Tango and goodbye.

The Ball: The Bad.
– Magic Milo is getting a little bit stale, as are the Haunted Starlets. I know that may be blaspheme to say, but it’s time to shake things up.
– No sexy shirtless Detective Nathan West? What kind of ball was this!
– Nurse Amy has a beautiful voice, but her annoying gossipy persona is already old.
– Last, but not least, I can’t believe we didn’t get to see Doctor Obrecht’s amazing “Sound of Music” tribute! The past few years of her crashing the ball has been the highlight in my opinion. Other’s agreed with this sentiment on Twitter.

Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina…
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed how ridiculous the Puerto Rican mob holding Sabrina hostage was, and this week Jordan arresting her for aiding and abetting Carlos was just equally as dumb. Sure she did cover for him, but there was a lot of coercion on Carlos’ part as well. Someone just end this storyline and give Sabrina and Michael something better.

Meanwhile, Tracy has so tightly latched herself onto Sabrina’s baby that it’s clear she’s going to be able to give him up. It definitely seems that Tracy is going to try and fight Sabrina for custody of the kid, which would just be another storyline that is beneath these actors. Just when Tracy was turning over a new leaf too.

The doomed Brucas wedding is the epitome of what doesn’t work anymore for GH.
Lucas and Brad’s wedding not happening was really no surprise, as it’s become the MO of the show. Lucas was attacked with a syringe full of an unknown drug by the mysterious person killing Finn’s patients at GH. Fortunately, he is still alive, but as he can ID the killer, he’s going to be a huge target. Not only didn’t we get the wedding we’ve been waiting a year for, but we never got any resolution to what Brad and Rosalie’s huge secret was. That was just dropped like a hot potato and suddenly Brad and Lucas were free to marry. Whether or not one is a Brucas fan, most would agree that the dropped and drawn out stories just aren’t working anymore.

Twisted plan, or attempted murder?

Twisted plan, or attempted murder?

Nikolas wants to play “Let’s Make a Deal.”
Rachel and Nikolas’ game of cat and mouse seems to have reached a deadly conclusion. Nikolas tried to lure Rachel to Wyndemere with the promise of returning her diamonds, but it was Jason and Sam who arrived to find Nikolas’ body on the rocks below his castle. I pondered on Twitter that it seemed like he was trying to set Rachel up for trying to kill him, and others agreed.

However, did things go wrong? I doubt Jason would have pushed him, as we just went through Nikolas trying to frame him for the exact same thing not long ago. Would Nikolas really try the same “I was pushed” set-up again? Or could someone unknown have tried to take him out? With his body going missing, things are going to get ugly for both Rachel and Jason, who will be the prime suspects.

These are simply my opinions, and I encourage you to share your own in the comments below.

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– Dustin Cushman


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