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Deconstructing GH: Writers hell bent on destroying popular couples

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of May 9 - 13

A lot of big reveals came out this week, along with two moments fans have been waiting for. However, with the good came the bad, as some are seeing their favorite couples utterly destroyed.

Several characters hit new lows.
Paul arranging Carlos’ transfer and basically abetting his escape by giving him his pen to use as a tool might have been a new low even for him. An innocent officer died, and others could have as well. I was just saying in last week’s Deconstructing GH how boring Dante and Lulu had become, so him getting stabbed and almost blown to pieces in the accident Carlos caused while escaping at least gave them a more exciting storyline, even if only for an episode or two.

Julian hit several new lows, and even I am finding a hard time liking him right now. I was proud of Sam for calling her dad and mom out, but there is definitely something hypocritical about all these characters who have their own shady pasts lecturing Julian and Alexis. Carly and Sonny discussing how Alexis could possibly stoop to helping Julian was just completely laughable.

I never thought I would see the day when Julian actually turned on Carlos and stabbed him, in the front as well as in the back. That actually made me feel a tiny ounce of sympathy for poor Carlos to be taken out by his friend.

By Friday Alexis had almost convinced herself that Julian didn’t kill Carlos, until Jordan revealed he was stabbed with “one hell of a blade.” She knew it was the Cassadine dagger, which makes Julian’s betrayal all that much worse. He betrayed Alexis with the weapon that killed her mother. Poor Alexis!

Franco and Nina is another couple the writers seem hell bent on destroying that have a huge fan base. It feels like this is all to play up the chemistry between Nina and Julian, the latter who may soon be single, as well as pairing Franco with Liz, which will really push Jason’s buttons. Obrecht once again delivered an amazing performance and had me back on her side as she lectured Franco for being selfish and unfeeling when he seemed to only be able to focus on himself and nobody else. Bravo!

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GH pulls out another reunion with the dead.
Anna, locked in a meat locker and suffering from hypothermia, had a vision of Duke coming to her. Rather than an actual ghost though, as the show is known to use often, it seems this may have all been in Anna’s head. Still, fans finally got a bittersweet scene with Anna and Duke, including Duke learning about his son Griffin. The acting from Ian Buchanan was simply phenomenal.

Andre came to Anna’s rescue, and once again I felt like there were some major sparks between these two. I don’t care how much he denied it to Jordan last week, he cares for Anna and I think he’s blinded himself to it because of their initial doctor-patient relationship. Even Anna seems to brighten up a little when she’s around Andre, and Griffin is the only other man that seems to do that for her.

Dammnit Jim I'm doctor, and a priest!

Dammit Jim I’m doctor, and a priest!

Griffin comes out.
A lot of information on Griffin was slowly revealed before he himself dropped the bomb that he in fact is a priest. That one wasn’t a huge shock though, as many viewers had guessed it based on all his speeches about God and forgiveness in the past. Griffin admitted to Anna that he had wronged God, and hadn’t forgiven himself for what he had done. He also mentioned to Maxie that he owed it to Nathan to save his life, which seems to indicate he wronged Nathan too. It definitely seems like Father Griffin betrayed his vows with Nathan’s ex Claudette, and Nathan in a rage possibly shot him. That just seems too easy to me, and I hope there is a better story ahead that none of us saw coming.

Carlos meets God.
Carlos couldn’t escape a second attack on the pier and actually met his maker, and went without confessing his sins and Duke’s murder to Griffin. I’m stunned that they actually killed him off, though storyline wise it keeps Julian out of jail and oddly enough, Anna as well. They have Anna’s confession that she shot Carlos, but the case hinges on her confession only and will likely be thrown out by Paul.

Jason finally remembers!
The moment fans had been waiting for finally came this week as Jason, involved in the accident of Carlos’ transfer mishap, finally remembered. An entire episode was dedicated to his memory, and I polled fans on Twitter what they thought. The overwhelming majority absolutely loved it, though a few weren’t over the moon about it.

As much of a fan as I am of Billy Miller’s Jason, I’m in the minority and thought the episode was overkill. Even though I knew what was going on, that Jason was having visions of his friends as his memory came back, it just seemed odd and muddled to me. I would have been happy with him just waking up and having a series of flashes of his past to let us know he was back. I wanted to see more of his reunion with Sam than we got. I do hope though that Jason won’t go back to who he was completely and stays more of this new and improved Jason.

War of the roses.
Rachel and Nikolas are both plotting to make each other as miserable as possible given they are stuck together. Oh please, they won’t be able to deny their feelings for each other for long.

This is just my opinion on the week’s episodes. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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