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Deconstructing GH: Lately everyone in Port Charles is a hot mess!

Rants and raves for the week of May 2 - 6:

Port Charles was filled with drama this week much of it was titillating, though some was infuriating.

Too much sexiness for one room!
Nathan and Griffin’s shirtless locker-room talk was definitely the eye catching episode of the week. With all the muck on them it’s a wonder they didn’t end up having their conversation in the showers! We still don’t know the details behind Griffin’s gunshot, and he confided in Anna that he feels he once let God down. What is he hiding? The suspense is killing me! Apparently it’s irking Nathan too, as he is determined to find out his secret, much to Maxie’s dismay. It was hilarious that she was on one hand telling Nathan to mind his business, while on the other hiring Sam to dig into Nathan’s past.

The lies kept coming out of Julian’s mouth.
Julian is officially on my “list” now with the way he has completely disrespected Alexis. Not only has he put her career in jeopardy, along with jeopardizing her freedom, but he is just lying to her face about his involvement in the kid’s death. Fortunately, she’s not as dumb as she has been acting lately, as it seems she knows deep down not to trust him. This is going to destroy them, and it makes me sad.

Car accident! Bryan Craig involved in an automobile accident

Another relationship filled with mistrust.
I just don’t get Jordan and Andre. How can they go from insulting one another and slaps across the face to making love? It’s clear she doesn’t believe him when he says he doesn’t have feelings for Anna, and he can’t stop psychoanalyzing her. I love both these characters, just not together.

Nikolas and Rachel are still on fire!
There was something insanely hot about Rachel and Nikolas ending up in a draw as they both had damming evidence on one another. Nikolas preparing to “serve” his Princess in the conjugal way was hilarious, and I was shocked she turned him down. They are a hot mess and yet still burning hot.



A breath of fresh air.
“GH” got a new nurse this week in nurse Amy, a gossipy nurse who is a throwback to nurse Amy Vining. She was insanely fun, bubbly and infectious. I laughed out loud at her very first line to Maxie, who came into GH looking for help… “I’m sorry we don’t do voice transplants!” I love her already and hope they make use of her as more than as just simple comedic slapstick.

How far would Obrecht go?
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I actually felt sorry for Obrecht after she lost her job. Well it didn’t take her long to remind me why I shouldn’t feel bad for her. Obrecht and Finn’s feud seemed to reach a new level of insanity when Finn’s hypochondriac patient suddenly died, and of course Obrecht was there claiming it was his negligence. I wondered if Obrecht was possibly setting him up, and others on Twitter wouldn’t put it past her.

Poor Franco!
I wish Franco would hurry up and get his act together, as I’m tired of his dark and stormy mood. Between him and Julian, it just seems like the show is setting their character development back. I adore his and Liz’s friendship, and I couldn’t believe she let Jason convince her to stop Jake and Franco’s art therapy. I asked viewers on Twitter if they felt this was a good move and most seem to feel she shouldn’t have let him go. However other viewers don’t feel that Liz should have anything to do with Franco given their history.

Kristina’s entire storyline is just a hot mess!
As adorable as Aaron the part time knitter, foodie, and culinary student is; what the hell are they doing here? I get that Kristina has said she’s confused about her sexuality, but this storyline is just a confusing mess!

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A boring hot mess.
Dante and Lulu have become a boring waste of time. They need a story other than “reconnecting,” which we get they are doing and don’t need to keep watching. Friday’s episode appears to have given us that story, since during his transfer Carlos freed himself and stabbed Dante in the chest. An accident then occurred, and the transport van just happened to hit Jason, who was driving by on his bike. It’s been awhile since we had a great Friday cliffhanger like that.

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– Dustin Cushman


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