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Deconstructing GH: Characters turning dark and evil has fans unhappy

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of April 25 - 29:

Things in Port Charles took a darker turn this week, and many viewers aren’t happy that some of their favorite couples are in peril.

Julian betrays Alexis and the fans feel betrayed.
I’ve mentioned in several of my past blogs that I can’t stand seeing Julian back in the mob. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this week he betrayed Alexis by snooping in her work files to find out the name of the witness who has come forward in Duke’s murder and has made calls to have him taken care of. I absolutely hate this turn of Julian’s, and I’m not alone.

Not only do I hate Julian acting so out of character, I don’t like Alexis stooping to defend Carlos just to save Julian. Molly lashing out at her mother over her lack of ethics was right on, and usually I can’t stand Molly’s preachy rants.

Now on the matter of Hale Garrett, the witness who has come forward… Is there any doubt this is Sonny’s doing? Everyone has mentioned how convenient it was that he suddenly appeared.

Franco goes back to the dark side.
The Franco and Nina break-up has been equally as heartbreaking for their fans. What is the show thinking destroying this great couple and turning Franco back into a monster? Do we really need a replay of him being obsessed with Jason again? They really seemed to want us to believe he was Jason and Sam’s stalker, but I think it may be Liz who still hasn’t let him go. Something tells me the Nico break-up has been orchestrated simply to pair Franco and Liz together so they can torment Sam and Jason.

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An unexpected twist to a rather boring story.
As I wrote in last week’s Deconstructing GH, watching Michael and Felix search for Sabrina has been a snooze. I actually wish Michael listened to his parents and would just forget about Sabrina at this point. I did love them as a couple, but this storyline is the worst. At least Carlos revealing that he and Sabrina are married was shocking. However, it’s probably so she can’t testify against him and nothing more, if Carlos is even telling the truth that is. I asked fans on Twitter what they felt about this story and most agree, it’s not thrilling television. You still have time to vote!

Down, but not out!
I can’t believe it, but I actually felt bad for Obrecht when she lost her job. Her tears over it to Nathan actually shows she had a heart, and that the job meant a lot to her. I am not counting her out though, not by a long shot. Obrecht always has something up her sleeve, and I’m expecting to once again see her crash the Nurses’ Ball.

I'm sorry, this means you're out. Auf wiedersehen.

I’m sorry, this means you’re out. Auf wiedersehen.

When Obrecht had her heart-to-heart with Nathan about keeping his mouth shut about Claudette, it became obvious that Nathan too has a dark side in his past. Some fans are suspecting that Nathan may have shot Claudette’s lover, that being Griffin, and that explaining his scar. Others still are firm in their belief that Griffin was Claudette, and perhaps there was no lover, but instead he was leading a double life as he came to terms with his gender identity. Either way, it seems that Nathan may have done a bad bad thing!

Is he popping pills now too?
We still don’t know what Finn is injecting into himself, or how Roxy is his service lizard… excuse me, bearded dragon, and now it seems he could be popping pills. A big deal was made about missing pills from the storage room, and of course Finn seems to be the number one suspect. I’m dying to learn what is going on with him.

Many fans are not happy about Carly and Finn’s growing closeness, as Carly has a history of cheating on Sonny. Others however are loving the chemistry between these two. Once again though, it seems like the show is determined to cause chaos for fan favorite couples.

Holy forgotten stories Batman!
I was really pleased to see the show addressing stories that have been MIA for awhile. We are finally having the truth about where Joss’ kidney came from looked into, though as Finn warned Carly, it probably won’t be pretty. On Friday we also got some Brucas scenes! It’s been forever since we have seen these two, but unfortunately it was only for them to realize they can’t seem to find a wedding venue on the dates they have free to get married on. It seems though, given the one day that seemed to work was the Nurses’ Ball, that we could get a wedding as part of it. Wouldn’t that be fun!

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Shipping Dillon and Kiki.
In this otherwise unhappy week, I adored Dillon and Kiki’s scenes. Dillon finally getting Kiki to leave the apartment was great, and these two are so cute together. I do feel a little bad for Morgan, who may finally get out of the hospital only to realize he has competition for Kiki. I hope it doesn’t cause him to spiral out of control again, and I hope Kiki doesn’t feel obligated to choose Morgan because of his fragile state.

Agree or disagree, please leave your own thoughts in the comments. Remember, this is only an opinion piece.

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– Dustin Cushman


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