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Deconstructing GH: Therapy is important, but not exactly thrilling to watch

Port Charles rants and raves for the week of April 18 - 22:

Many were reminded of Helena’s final words this week, and a fan favorite couple reconnected while others dulled up the screen, but Carlos and Anna’s arrests dominated the stories.

The Slammer.
The PCPD cells saw a lot of action, what with Anna, Paul and Carlos all in them at various points. I hate how Paul was able to slither out of his arrest thanks to that corrupt Mayor Lomax. Seriously, is she ever going to go down for rigging the election? I’m over her, as I think I loathe her more than Paul at this point. Meanwhile, slimy Paul’s declaration of love to Anna made my skin crawl, but I can’t figure out if he really does love her or is trying to play her. Robert warned her long ago that he had the hots for her. He’s definitely working hard to keep her quiet and in jail, and she’s become her own worst enemy. Andre is right though, she has become obsessed with seeing Carlos and Julian pay. At this point Anna may skate on the charges against her due to temporary insanity. Seeing Scotty show up on Friday and save Anna from Paul was great, and her wondering what she did to deserve Scott as her lawyer was hilarious.

Alexis taking Carlos on as a client just isn’t going to end well. Something tells me he will slip up and reveal that Julian is back in the business to her at some point. Sonny taking her to task for defending Carlos was actually a great scene, but I don’t like that he subtly mentioned she could be caught in the crossfire. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? It still remains to be seen how Alexis will get Carlos out of jail, though I still wonder if the show will bring Duke back from the dead again. Fans are still hoping for it!

Temper, temper!
Mr. peace and love Griffin finally lost his cool this week when he came face to face with Carlos, though he still vowed to find a way to forgive him. His preaching has gotten really old. Fortunately, the mystery involving him and Nathan has me intrigued. I pondered this in last week’s Deconstructing GH, and others on Twitter echoed my thoughts.

I did initially think he could be the man Claudette cheated with, though readers in our forums have another theory. They’ve suggested that Griffin actually is Claudette, who is a trans character. That would be a shock, and a great twist, though it brings up the question as to when he transitioned as Lucas supposedly knew Griffin years ago in med school. However given how upset Griffin seemed to be at Maxie and Nathan’s engagement party on Friday, I am really starting to think he might be Claudette. When he left the party though it seemed as if he heard a gunshot in his head. We know he has a mysterious scar on his abdomen, perhaps Nathan shot him at some point? This storyline has me captivated.

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Griffin isn’t the only one with a temper, as Finn has been losing his cool a lot lately. I’ve noticed that he usually loses his temper around the time he needs to shoot up his mystery meds, which had me speculating that “GH” could be teasing some type of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde storyline with him. Perhaps not a supernatural one where he transforms into a real monster, but more of a split personality. What do you think?

Drunk Nina and foolish Franco.
Drunken Nina was a hoot to watch when she went after Dillon, but I really hope she and Franco can get back on track. It seems though for now they are doomed to keep making mistakes with one another. Franco getting Nina a dog since she can’t have a baby was one bonehead move! At least they keep things exciting, which is more than can be said for other couples on the show.



Haunting Helena.
Sam was reminded of Helena’s deathbed curse during a happy moment with Jason, which spooked her. I was wondering if the show was going to let that go, or bring it back up. Lulu meanwhile seems to be fine trying to forget about the empty envelope Helena left her. Given how good things are going with her and Dante, maybe she should be just a tad bit worried. Laura however is forging ahead and trying to confront Helena’s final gift to her head on. I am loving her scenes with Kevin and wondering if we could be seeing a new couple emerging. The clue that Kevin figured out from Scott’s old book, “Heartbreak Hotel,” is intriguing, but doesn’t seem to be ringing any bells with Laura.

Some couples fizzled, others sizzled.
As with last week, I felt watching Lulu and Dante continue to do their marriage exercises was simply a bore. Jason and Sam talking about his memory of them was equally as dull unfortunately. Both of these couples need better stories than what they’ve got going on. Watching Michael chase after Sabrina hasn’t been that thrilling either. However, Ned and Olivia lit up the screen as they always do, and hopefully Ned will stick around Port Charles and they can make things work this time. Another surprising duo that caught my eye was Dillon and Kiki. After Dillon drove a drunk Nina home, he and Kiki just seemed to click as they chatted. Sure she’s still hung up on Morgan, but perhaps it’s time she give someone else a shot. I asked readers on Twitter what they thought about Dillon and Kiki. There is still time to vote in the poll!

As always, this is an opinion piece. You are encouraged to leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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