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Deconstructing GH: Heaven and hell clash in Port Charles

Rants and raves for the week of April 11 - 15:

Compared to last week, this week seemed a little slow. Many scenes I felt viewers could have done without, as they just seemed to be talking for the sake of talking.

The reunion from hell.
I loved the brief reunion Franco and Carly had, and how Franco started off civil with her before letting her know he couldn’t care less about her husband or her worries about him. Ouch! I really loved Franco and Carly together and am still mad at how she screwed him over. Then again, we wouldn’t have Franco and Nina without that move. My heart is breaking for poor Nina since she got the news she can’t have a kid. Someone needs to smack some sense into Franco with how he’s acting as he’s going to screw up the best thing in his life.

Thank God the ELQ storyline finally came to an end.
The Quartermaines getting ELQ back was long overdue, and the entire storyline was just boring as all heck. Jason once again was the hero by blackmailing Nikolas with the same intel that Hayden/Rachel had in order to get the shares from him. I am at least happy to see that Sam is back to despising Nikolas, as everyone else just seemed to forgive what he did to the Quartermaines. When did Lulu suddenly became okay with it because “it was only business and was for Spencer’s future.” Lulu was one big ball of annoyance this week, and frankly I don’t think the viewers need to watch her and Dante do their marriage counseling homework. What a waste of time that was!

Did Tracy find God?
Tracy recovered from her almost fatal infestation of brain worms, and seems to have become a new woman. Did she have an out of body experience in the OR? Did she see some angels, or meet God? Between telling Monica that she loved her, thanking Jason for returning ELQ, and then telling Monica how proud she was of Jason, it’s like she’s an entirely different person. I don’t know if I love or hate this Tracy.

Father Carlos didn’t find God.
Anna and Sonny managed to take Carlos into custody, but not after a huge ordeal down in Ecuador involving and intense face-off between Sonny and Carlos in a church. Fortunately, Anna talked Sonny out of killing Carlos. I’m not saying that Carlos didn’t deserve to die, it is just that Jeffrey Vincent Parise is too good of an actor for the show to lose. I was confused though, as Sonny accused Carlos of shooting him and all sorts of other things that were supposedly Paul’s deeds. Are they actually rewriting history to pin this all on Carlos? If so, I am not a fan, as that’s all to try and lift Paul up.

Mysterious green goop.

Mysterious green goop.

Finn may soon meet God.
Carly found Finn after he shot up yet again, but unfortunately for us we didn’t find out what is really going on. He claimed to be diabetic, but Carly didn’t seem to buy it, and I’m not either.

Jordan and Andre, is this working?
Thanks to Paul putting an arrest warrant out for Anna, which if we are being honest she deserved after going nuts on him, Andre and Jordan found themselves at odds. Jordan finally learned that Andre knew criminal information about Anna, which in all fairness he couldn’t tell her about as it would have broken doctor patient confidentiality. Honestly, I just haven’t felt Andre and Jordan as much as I think other viewers have. I think he has far more chemistry with Anna. Jordan and Andre feel forced to me and this storyline just isn’t working. I asked viewers on Twitter what wasn’t working for them and got a variety of answers, though most leaned towards putting Julian back in the mob. I agree with that one! Julian going back to the mob is one of the worst twists to come about in a long time.

Laura’s quest for the truth.
I was pleasantly surprised by Kevin turning up this week as a part-time cryptographer who is going to help Laura with the book Helena left her. Kevin dropping it on the ground when he found out it was Scott’s old textbook was hilarious! In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed how great it’s been seeing Scott back, and the same goes for Kevin. I hope the show continues to use the vets more as they’ve been doing.

The Claudette thing.
Friday left us with an interesting little cliffhanger. In an attempt to save his relationship with Maxie, Detective West proposed to her. Of course we know he’s still hiding something about Claudette and his past from her. Griffin happened to see the proposal and apparently knows Nathan, and he didn’t seem happy to see him. Very interesting! Could he have been the other man in Claudette’s life? Could Claudette perhaps be a sister we haven’t heard about?

These are just my thoughts on the week. Feel free to leave your own, even if you disagree with mine.

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– Dustin Cushman


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