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Deconstructing GH: WrestleMania comes to Port Charles as Stone Cold takes down the competition

Rants and raves for the week of April 4 – 8:

Every day in Port Charles was filled with excitement! Between the fights, the ice picks, the dead birds and the love making, we have a lot to discuss.

Let’s get ready to rumble!
Obviously the moments of the week, if not the year so far, were Nikolas crashing and burning and Jason and Sam’s reunion in the bedroom. I didn’t think it could get better than Hayden revealing to Nik that she knew he had her shot, but then we got to see Jason wipe the floor with him. What was Nikolas thinking trying to get back up and take another jab at Jason right after he took him and Curtis down? Fortunately for him, Sam talked him out of killing Nikolas, and this lead to the two making love. As they pillow talked the next morning and Jason tried to alleviate Sam’s concerns, I felt like I was finally seeing some sparks between these two. The chemistry is there, but it’s hard to deny it’s been better between Liz and Jason.

Nik and Hayden on the other hand have so many sparks between them that they may short-circuit my television. Even though he currently hates her, it was undeniable that he still loves her after she tended his wounds from his fight. How funny was it they both slept in the same bed with knives and ice picks on their nightstands just in case?

Nathan’s half-truth about Claudette.
So Nathan came clean with Maxie about Claudette being his wife, who he married to keep in the country, only to quickly fall for. Sadly, the marriage ended when Nathan learned she was a serial cheater. However, he hasn’t told her the entire truth, something remains. It seems like they are hinting that Claudette may have had a baby. If that is true, shame on Nathan for not being there for his kid! Then again, it would explain why he pushed Maxie not to abandon Georgie when Levi wanted her to. Viewers definitely weighed in on this couple on Twitter this week.

Sonny and Anna, the dynamic duo.
Sonny and Anna are off to save the world by avenging Duke and taking down Carlos and Julian. It pains me to say this, but I’m starting to agree with Paul and Carly. Anna has let this take over her life, and Paul trying to stop her and make her see this may be the one good thing he’s done. Sure it’s also partly self-serving, but I do think he actually cares about her. As for Sonny, Carly was definitely right in telling him he needs to put his children first.

The Nurses’ Ball is back!
How cute were Griffin and Emma this week? I can’t believe Emma’s already been shipped back to California. Fortunately, with The Nurses’ Ball around the corner, and Robin coming home for it, and Emma will be back too. Speaking of the ball, I asked who people would like to see return for it and got a surprising answer.

We could possibly get a flashback, given how much Anna’s been talking about her and Duke’s tangos. However, I’ve really been thinking “GH” may finally bring Duke back to life somehow, as it seems to be the only way to keep Carlos and Julian from going to jail. Plus, fans would love Duke back!

Alexis sees the error of her ways.
The scenes involving Parker, Alexis and Kristina were great tearjerkers and definitely Emmy worthy for next year’s awards. I don’t understand why Kristina is afraid to tell Sonny though, as for all his faults, he’s always been there for his children. Well, except for when he shot Dante, and killed Michael’s father. Hmmm, never mind, I guess I see her point!

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"That's all!"

“That’s all!”

The trouble with Julian.
Nina proved this week why she is one of my favorite characters. She was amazing when she took control of Crimson and put Julian in his place, which was long overdue. However now Julian isn’t going to settle his IRS issues, that means the government is still gunning for him.

In last week’s Deconstructing GH I was really hoping that Julian going back to the mob wasn’t the case, but he made it clear he is back in control of the family. With Carlos alive, Ava being threatened and the IRS breathing down his back, it seems his hand was forced. Alexis is going to be furious when she learns the truth, and she will make Nina’s rampage look like a three-year old’s tantrum.

Ava and the bodyguard.
Scotty may be the worst bodyguard ever, but together he and Ava are electric. When she tried to fire him, but he wooed her over with bagels, the looks between them were golden. That’s why I was so disappointed when for a moment Ava considered going back to Paul for protection. I really hope the show sticks with Scott and Ava, because it’s also been great to see more of Scott on our screens.

These are just my opinions on the current week. As always, you are encouraged to leave your own.

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– Dustin Cushman


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