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Deconstructing GH: Julian back in the game, or are we being fooled?

Rants and raves for the week of March 28 – April 1:

More fan favorites returned to Port Charles this week, the mystery surrounding Finn continued, and Julian made a mysterious deal.

Julian back to the mob.
I really hope that Julian’s deal with Hammer isn’t what it appears to be, because I hate the idea of Julian heading up the family business again. I not only wanted him to stay out, I like the idea of Ava getting out of it too. Sonny versus the Jeromes is getting old, which is why the storyline with Paul was so intriguing. There are still a million plot holes there to be dealt with, such as did Paul really shoot Sonny as he claimed? Will they try and rewrite it and make it Carlos after all?

Please grandma, can we keep her?
Emma returned to visit Anna on her spring break, thrilling viewers. This little actress simply lights up the screen when she’s on it, and the show absolutely must find a way to get her on more. The scenes between her and Griffin were absolutely adorable, and she was even charming with Sonny.

Ned is back too!
Tracy’s illness brought another favorite back, as Ned made his return to Port Charles. Hopefully this will also mean a Ned and Olivia reunion could happen, as Olivia definitely needs to stop being the third wheel for Julian and Alexis.

What is Finn shooting up?

What is Finn shooting up?

Finn and his service lizard.
Finn continues to remain an enigma, as does his service lizard Roxy. He shot up with a mysterious drug a few times, and Epiphany even noted that he looked pretty out of it and perhaps he should eat something. Is he sick, or hooked on drugs? One viewer on Twitter felt the writers were trying to use Finn to fill the void of a well loved show.

I noted on Twitter, Finn said before shooting up that “Roxy’s food was coming.” He also explained to Carly that when he found Roxy that she was very sick and that he nursed her back to health. Is he feeding her his blood after shooting up? I pondered this on Twitter, and one reader also thought he could be shooting up a concoction of her blood.

If he is shooting up some chemicals derived from Roxy, perhaps that is why she’s his service lizard? There is definitely more to Roxy than we are being told. Finn is definitely a mystery, but one person he’s already charmed is Carly. Oh brother! Keep it platonic there Carly, you are on your fifth try with Sonny after all.

Suddenly everyone remembers Rachel Berlin.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed what a disappointment Hayden’s secret was. This week it was only made worse when suddenly everyone remembered who Rachel Berlin was and that they knew she seemed familiar. For the worst criminal ever, her face was sure easily forgettable! We learned that Scott lost all his money thanks to Raymond and Rachel’s scam. At least they’ve made some attempt to make her relevant to someone in town.

Scott and his women.
I’m really enjoying the mystery of Helena’s will and what Scotty’s old law book has to do with Laura’s lost love. Scott was a bit presumptuous that it was he that Helena was talking about, but the idea of Scott and Laura getting back together is intriguing. However, he’s currently got his hands full with Ava, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m glad the writers saw fit to put these two back together, as they were magic before Paul swooped in and bedded Ava. Admittedly though, if they do become a couple, that would be awkward for Franco. Then again, Ava is pretty used to keeping things in the family what with Kiki and Morgan. No matter how icky it may be, give me more Ava and Scott!

The Captain and Tennille.
Lately I haven’t missed Morgan or Kiki’s storyline at all, in fact I’ve welcomed the break. That said, I did find their reunion at the clinic touching, and I even liked that Carly and Ava put their differences aside for Avery and their kids, at least momentarily. I’m sure it won’t be long until Carly and Ava are at one another’s throats again.

A bombshell Friday full of secrets on the cusp of being revealed!
Friday’s episode set up so many great scenarios, that I can’t wait for Monday. Nikolas telling Hayden it was over and he was tossing her out made her realize she has to finally use what she has on her husband. Oh is he going to be stunned. Meanwhile Sam and Jason came to the conclusion that Rachel/Hayden may have been the target of a second gunman, though they haven’t put it together and think Rachel was a target because of her and her father’s scam. Sam’s nickname really should be “So close Sam.” Elsewhere, Curtis seems to have nailed Julian as the saboteur, and Nathan told Maxie about Claudette, and he kept it a secret because the marriage ended badly. Interesting, but I’m worried this could be another bust of a reveal like the Hayden/Rachel story.

As always these are only my opinions. What did you think of this week’s episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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– Dustin Cushman


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