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Deconstructing GH: Saving Tracy and ELQ

Rants and raves for the week of March 7 - 10:

It was a game of who’s who in Port Charles this week but more pressing was what was wrong with Tracy and how one can kill time while waiting for the reading of Helena’s will.

Filling in for Dustin while he's off. These are my observations of the week...

The heart has a long memory sayeth Lila Q.
A walk down memory lane between Carly and Jason brought them to the Quartermaine crypt (they got a lot of use out of that set this week). Jason had a memory of Lila and post haste had to share his experience with Sam in addition to his regret for dropping the ball in trying to get ELQ back. Aunt Tracy would be proud if she wasn't worried about losing her own mind.

Tracy, not ready to die.
It’s not likely that viewers are ready for her to die either. There’s only a handful holding the history of Port Charles with their screen presence, and Tracy leads the crew. Her scene in the crypt talking to Edward, Lila, Alan and A.J. was full of life for a moment performed in a spooky place. Monica’s abrasive but loving bedside manner was well placed in the hospital scenes.

Cursed Helena!
The buildup to the will reading has been slow and somewhat steady. Viewers can ponder until next week if it will really close the chapter on Helena Cassadine. Chances are it won’t and many on Twitter had fun at Sam’s expense over her worries of Helena’s curse on her and her family. None will soon forget Sam’s poke at Helena though.




In search of Rachel…
Sam Spade, I mean Sam Morgan, doesn’t appear to be willing to drop the case against Nikolas’ best wishes. Sure, Nikolas deserves love and happiness, but not at the expense of the viewers who want to know who Hayden really is. Liz’s observation that Nik was doomed was excellent, and she should know given how many times she’s lost at love. It is nice to see Nik and Liz slowly becoming friends again. Her advocating to Sam for the interest of Spencer was admirable. Curtis’ interest in Hayden’s worries were touching too. Will he be there to catch her when Nikolas tosses her off the island? Hayden should get a grip on reality. Just because Spencer likes her doesn’t mean she’s safe. Spencer liked Britt too.

Yes Dustin, Paul is the slimiest of them all.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH, Dustin nailed the tail on the snake. Paul seemed set on going after his agenda of using Carlos to go after Julian. He mostly cared about clearing himself, and maybe Anna. He’s a one trick pony always coming up with immunity deals to keep himself off the radar. Could there still be a mystery to what exactly he is up to? Time will tell. It’s nice that he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, being both Anna and Carlos who are keeping him in line.


Who is Dr. Munro?
And why is he stalking Anna Devane? Well speculation abounds but kudos to the writers for this little gem of a mystery. It may seem obvious in a soapy way, unlike the question of who Claudette is, but it will delight many viewers who love having Anna in town.

The real fairytale.
After Sonny and Carly regrouped from last week’s Morgan drama, the two of them brought a sadness not seen in years which was lackluster. There has usually been passion and great drama between the two. It just didn’t feel like they were going anywhere. Carly’s plea for Sonny to make a "safer mob" seemed laughable, especially by week’s end when revenge on Carlos was lurking behind Sonny’s eyes. Maybe I’ve just become more interested in the mob drama than Sonny’s love life where Carly’s concerned these days. Her diatribe on Sonny being the alpha male and her wanting to crawl on broken glass to be with him just wasn’t selling it after she complained of the tragedy that befell Kiki. Carly couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of there being no such thing as a safe mob. Tragic is right.

Ten easy steps.
Lulu and Dante continued to work on their ten easy steps which were starting to seem like one step forward and two steps back. Someone put those two on fast-forward because things were getting hot and heavy even after Mamma Falconeri interrupted (her M.O. like she does with Julian and Alexis). It has taken long enough for Lante to become a thing again. I questioned this week how it was that we could have Sonny and Carly back together and not Dante and Lulu already? It's about time they're working it out.

These are just my opinions but I’d love to hear your own in the comments below.

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- Violette DeSantis


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