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Deconstructing GH: Did the PCPD actually solve a case

Rants and raves for the week of August 24 - 28:

This week saw an extreme focus on the murder of Silas Clay, as well as Ava’s unraveling. Overall it was a good week for “General Hospital” viewers, though some stories are still creeping along.

Mob wars, take 100.
I’ve previously noted that this storyline with the attack on Sonny’s organization was dragging, and it still is. When Ava mentioned to Julian that she felt they could take down Sonny and rule Port Charles together, it got me thinking that she may be behind the moves on Sonny’s empire. However Friday’s show seemed to indicate she’s not, and that Julian might really be the culprit. Anybody but him please! My guess is that at Sonny’s wedding to Carly is when this will all come to a head. Nothing beats a mob shoot out at mob boss’ wedding!

Dillon’s amazingly boring movie.
I adore the actor that they chose to reprise the role of Dillon and think he’s fantastic. However if his movie turns out to be half as interesting as the storyline about making the movie is, then nobody is going to want to see it. Seriously, the show needs to switch things up here, as this storyline is a bust.

What’s wrong with Morgan?
Carly and Sonny have been discussing that Morgan may be bipolar for two to three weeks now, before finally confronting him. I didn’t think that was ever going to happen given how they’d been dragging it out. I was also stunned when Carly suggested they put the wedding planning on hold to help Morgan. I didn’t think anything actually came before Sonny and Carly. Unfortunately Morgan thinks he’s just fine and won’t seek help, which he clearly needs.

So long Denise.

So long Denise.

Denise DeMuccio no more.
Probably the moment of the week, or one of the top two, was Scott revealing Ava during Franco’s trial. It was such an amazing scene, and as I said in last week’s Deconstructing GH, it’s been great seeing Scott used as a dramatic actor instead of just slapstick comedy. It’s about time Ava is exposed, but with Julian on her side, I’m sure the evidence against her will all but disappear somehow.

Lovebirds in jail.
I have always been a Franco and Nina fan, and this week these two shined like the sun. They were adorable sharing juice boxes from their separate cells, and it was so nice to see Nina saying she finally felt free of the crazy fog that has been in her head for awhile now. I can’t wait to see where the writers take these two after they are freed. They still have to deal with Ric and Madeline. Seeing those two go down will be sweet justice.

The PCPD actually solved a case?
It was shocking that Nathan and Dante actually seemed to have solved a case for once. I don’t think anyone was shocked that Ric was arrested for the murder, as most viewers figured it was either him or Madeline who actually did it. However Ric seemed pretty shocked to be arrested, which leads me to believe there is one final twist left. If Ric didn’t do it, then it has to be Madeline, who we found out in Friday’s cliffhanger visited Silas the night he died. Then again, what if it was neither of them? Nathan told Dante it didn’t seem to be Morgan who did it, but what if he did in a manic episode and doesn’t remember? I feel like Morgan as the killer would have the most impact.

Remember that these are just my thoughts. As always, feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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-Dustin Cushman


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