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Deconstructing GH: Two women, a detective, and a convict

Port Charles rant and raves for the week of January 11 - 15:

It was a slow week in Port Charles, though Friday’s episode finally brought some much needed excitement and action.

Valerie gets burned.
Even though I was expecting it, I really dislike that the writers succeeded in making me feel sorry for Valerie. Screwing with her career was one thing, but now it seems Johnny’s gone full on crazy, what with kidnapping her and howling in her face. I can’t help but feel bad for her, and really dislike Lulu for siccing Johnny on her. Lulu has been blaming Valerie for a long time now for wrecking things with Dante, and she had every right to be mad, but now Lulu’s blowing up her own marriage. Dante won’t forgive her for lying to him about Johnny, nor her part in what’s happened to Valerie. Lulu should have listened to her mother and to Olivia and tried to talk to Dante instead of always screaming at him. She’s made it hard to feel sorry for her anymore.

Little Jake, child from hell.
It seems more and more like little Jake is the culprit who is terrorizing his own home. I pondered a couple alternatives to this in last week’s Deconstructing GH, and I am still holding out for a twist to reveal it’s not him. One fan liked the idea of Liz being haunted and even gave a great suggestion as to who could be doing it:

No matter who is doing this it seems to be succeeding in driving Liz and Jason back together. I wouldn’t be surprised if he forgives her, only to then get his memory and love for Sam back. I do wish that the writers would stop dragging this torturous triangle out and just end it one way or the other.

Nikolas and Hayden sitting in a tree.
Part of me was bummed that Nikolas didn’t go for Hayden’s marriage plan. I think she really does love him, even though she knows what he tried to do to her, and it seems she’s also petrified of being exposed to him and the rest of the town. I can’t help but wonder if she is related to someone in town? That would be a great twist. With Sam seemingly securing a witness to prove Jason’s innocence, I bet Nik will be marrying her sooner than we realize in order to put her plan to hold onto ELQ in effect. I am looking forward to the look on Nikolas’ face when he realizes he’s been played.

Kristina’s big fat boring lie.
So far the whole Kristina flunking out of college story gets an F. This is the huge secret? I hope there is something more behind why she is failing, as right now it’s a waste of a good actress.

A new doc for Sonny?
It didn’t take Sonny long to dismiss his new doctor due to the lack of bedside manners. He turned to Lucas, who made a call to someone about coming to town to help Sonny out. Who could it be? Hopefully it’s a blast from the past. Meanwhile Carly at least asked Lucas what was going on with Brad, though he didn’t go into much detail. Fans of Brucas are starting to get a little ticked at the lack of airtime they are getting.

Catching a boat out of town.

Catching a boat out of town.

So long Port Charles.
Due to Michael taking too long to make up his mind about Sabrina and the baby, Sabrina took Carlos’ offer to leave town. Now really, given how long she lied to him, she barely gave him a week to come around. However their departure seems to be nothing more than a way to write out Teresa Castillo, who was likely ready begin maternity leave at the time of filming. There is too much left for Sabrina and Carlos in town for them to be gone for good. At least Anna finally came clean with Jordan about Carlos and Paul, as her constantly telling everyone “she had a theory, but couldn’t explain it” was getting on my nerves.

Green is the new Crimson.
It’s been a great two weeks for Nico (Nina and Franco) fans. Last week they finally made love, and this week Nina made a smashing success out of Crimson’s green issue. Between Olivia clearly trying to come between him and Alexis, and Nina blowing up his plans to sink Crimson, Julian is going to lose it and soon. I just hope Nina keeps Crimson going somehow, and that we get more Nico on our screens.

These are only my opinions on this week. Please leave your own in the comments, whether you agree or disagree.

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– Dustin Cushman


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