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Deconstructing GH: The Nutcracker Gala brought out secrets, lies and betrayal

Port Charles rant and raves for the week of December 21 - 23:

Robin’s father Robert returned to help save his daughter, while The Nutcracker Gala brought even more drama for Sam, Jason and Liz. This week’s blog is early due to the holidays. Next week’s blog will discuss Thursday’s episode in addition to the other shows.

Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret.
What’s up with Kristina’s secret about college? I don’t know, but I am just glad to see them finally using the actress in a storyline. Poster Jeanine5 on’s message board has suggested an interesting theory that she’s involved with Raj, the gun runner in town. That would sure be something, though Sonny would be furious if his daughter was getting mixed up in that kind of business.

Nobody cares Liz!
Liz hit another new low this week in throwing Laura under the bus to Jason, especially after she was the one who pressured her into staying quiet using Nikolas’ possible guilt in Hayden’s shooting. Fortunately Laura, who looked stunning by the way, forgave Liz for her childish and drunken tantrum. Unfortunately she had the nerve to go into another one of her crying fits over Jason after she learned he was talking with Sam. Enough with these “poor Liz” moments!

Sam makes a bold move, and Jason lands in trouble.
I was stunned when Sam told Jason that she loved him, given he’s not the same man she actually loved. He has no memory of her, and I felt it put him in an awkward position. It also just seemed to help fuel his rage over what Nikolas did to him, and they got into a huge fight at the gala, causing Nik to go over the balcony!

After Nikolas took his tumble, which he survived, Hayden completely freaked out. At first it seemed she was genuinely concerned for him and really does have feelings for him. On some level I believe she does, but it didn’t take her long to claim Jason basically threw Nikolas off the balcony on purpose, which is not what happened. It seems clear that Hayden is trying to get Jason thrown in jail, likely to protect herself given her part in keeping his identity a secret. I’m looking forward to everything about Hayden eventually coming out.

Finally, a hidden paternity storyline avoided!
Hallelujah to Sabrina coming clean to Michael, though he had basically figured the truth out. Not only does he know that Carlos is the father, but Sabrina slipped up and revealed Carlos is alive too. Oops! While Michael is angry, and rightly so, I wonder if he will come around to her pleas and agree to raise the baby as his own. It’s definitely history repeating itself, but something tells me Carly won’t have it. She’s never liked Sabrina with Michael, and she won’t have Sabrina pulling one of her own schemes.

Paul goes all “Fifty Shades.”
Paul got kinky with Ava, only to be caught red handed by Tracy. I feel like I’ve been saying “poor Tracy” for weeks now. Thankfully she knows what a rat he is, and things should get interesting for Paul. Not only is Tracy onto him and Ava’s “partnership,” at least in bed, Michael is on to the fact that Carlos isn’t dead. Paul sure is in the hot seat now. It will be great to see him taken down a notch.

Robin’s missing, then she’s found. Robin’s alive, then she’s dead, now she’s alive again.
Good grief what a week for poor Robin. Is she coming or going? Who knows anymore with her character! Robert, Patrick and Anna managed to rescue her and nab Jerry Jacks, who will hopefully make it to jail without escaping. When Patrick thought Robin was dead, he sure got over his hurt over Sam pretty quickly and became all about Robin again. Given his character is on the way out though, it’s fitting these two find their way back together. He should probably chip Robin with a GPS tracker though, just to be safe.

Coal for Christmas.
Dante and Valerie shared a touching moment, as they made plans for Christmas and New Year’s. They sure love their holidays! I hope Santa brings them both coal. Later though Dante had the nerve to be there to support Lulu after she learned about Nicholas’ accident. They’ve really turned him into Sonny’s son haven’t they?

In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed Johnny’s lame revenge scheme. Well he finally kicked it up a notch in his plan to destroy Valerie’s reputation. He had a man photograph him giving Valerie money so it looks as if she’s a dirty cop. I realize the show is trying to make us feel bad for poor, naive Valerie, but I don’t!

As always this is just an opinion piece. Please leave your own comments, and have a happy holiday season!

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Photo credit: ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

– Dustin Cushman


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