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Deconstructing GH: Jason kicks some much needed butt, and the Nutcracker Gala kicks off

Rant and raves for the week of December 14 - 18:

Robin’s father Robert returned to help save his daughter, while The Nutcracker Gala brought even more drama for the residents of Port Charles.

Bye Felicia, er Liz!
Thank the stars that Jason walked out on Liz and didn’t give her a second chance to ruin his life. The things that came out of her mouth in desperation were unbelievable. Her poor kids are going to be fatherless now, thanks to Jason walking out on her. Hello, she was content to do that to Danny! Also she has some serious nerve trying to turn this all on Sam and make her feel bad for not dropping her suspicions and wrecking all their lives. Not the way to garner sympathy from others Liz.

Watching Nikolas get roughed up by Jason was great, though again, I felt a little let down. That’s all Nik and Liz are going to get for months of lying? Hayden sure was in a panic when she thought Jason could bring legal charges against them, as she didn’t want to get involved in any trouble. It made me wonder what she’s really hiding? Perhaps there is more to her story of being a fired wall street banker than she’s letting on.

Double trouble.
Franco reaching out to Liz was a stroke of genius on his part. Perhaps he thinks if Liz has a soft spot for him that Jason won’t put a bullet in his brain if/when he remembers his past. It’s also somewhat genius putting these two divisive characters together, much like the show did with Franco and Nina. However I’m worried about where this all may go, as are others.

Between Franco and Liz becoming new BFFs, Franco making Nina doubt Julian’s intentions, and Julian and Nina having weird chemistry at Crimson, it seems as if the show is just itching to create more drama for Franco and Nina. The two haven’t even made love yet, that’s enough drama as is! Please writers, don’t destroy “Frina.”

Johnny’s boring revenge.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed how Lulu going to the dark side and asking Johnny for help getting rid of Valerie could backfire on her. I was worried Johnny might do something that Lulu later regretted, or would just create sympathy for Valerie. Now I feel Johnny may need to push the envelope a little more. Making sure Valerie doesn’t become a cop, which became her dream job all of three weeks ago, is all he’s got? Johnny’s gone soft!

Sabrina’s big mistake.
More and more people are learning the truth about Sabrina’s baby, and it’s only a matter of time before Michael finds out. Frankly I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for her. She should have taken Felix’s advice and been honest with Michael from the start, who knows he may have stepped up given his own past. Now he will feel lied to and it will bring up his own daddy issues in a bad way. Hopefully though he will come around, because even Paul feels Sabrina is better off with Michael than having Carlos in her life. It’s pretty bad when Paul thinks you are slime! Carlos’ constant creeping around is wearing thin, and I’m starting to wish Anna would plug some more holes in him and push him back in the river.

Let's go save Robin!

Let’s go save Robin!

From Port Charles, to France, to Greece, and all in one day?
Patrick and Anna flew around the world fairly quickly to try and find Robin, and were joined in Europe by none other than Robert Scorpio. It’s great to see all these fan favorites back in time for the holidays, but perhaps Robert’s not the agent he once was. posters Jumps pondered in our daily recaps, “Say what? IF the WSB has been monitoring the Cassadines all this time, why the heck has he let Robin stay a captive?” Excellent point! If Robin had been on the island all this time, wouldn’t they have noticed before now? It’s difficult to invest in an “adventure to save Robin” if that is where things are headed, as she’s been missing and kidnapped more times than any soap character needs to be. Just reunite her with her family and be done with it.

The holiday gala begins.
So I can’t help but wonder if this whole Nutcracker Gala thing is going to become The Nurses Ball 2.0? I know I can’t be alone in thinking that either. So far it has been entertaining, and it gives us a chance to see more of Monica. It also looks to be a great set-up for more drama involving Jason, Sam and Liz. Hopefully though it doesn’t become another gimmick.

This is just an opinion piece. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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