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Deconstructing GH: Relationships are crumbling like gingerbread houses in Port Charles

Rant and raves for the week of December 7 – 11:

Liz’s lies were finally exposed, though just like much of this storyline involving Jason’s identity, the reveal fell flat. The return of some fan favorites actually stole the week, as did the performance of a younger actor.

Liz finally goes down, but hasn’t fallen hard enough.
Sam didn’t relent in her suspicions of Liz and pushed Jason to confront her, which caused the duplicitous nurse to finally admit all to him. Jason was fairly calm and cool as he walked out and gave her the “Bye Felicia” treatment. While I’m glad to see her finally exposed, I was left with a sense of “that’s it?” Hopefully we will see more punishment coming her way, as she deserves so much more than what she got. Perhaps Little Jake will turn into the devil child it seems he is and torment his mother. I just hope Jason doesn’t relent and give her another chance to screw him over. Hopefully he’ll listen to Sonny, who told him that he wouldn’t forgive Liz. The scenes on Friday between Jason and Sonny at the gym were great. It’s good to see them together again as friends.



Emma steals the week.
After two weeks of waffling over what to do about Sam, Patrick finally manned up and ended things. Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) once again stole the show with her breakdown over learning about her father and Sam. Her performance broke my heart! I really hope the show is able to find a way to keep her on after her parents inevitably reunite and leave together, but please no SORASing of this character and ditching this amazing young actress! Several on Twitter also dislike the idea of losing her.

Hayden’s confusing memories are as confusing as this storyline.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I commented on how Hayden’s revenge plot was moving at a snail’s pace. This week it got more bizarre, as she revealed to Nikolas that she’s remembered everything since waking up, including her own past. Say what? I can’t figure out if this is a lie to try and keep his trust, or a really bad re-write, as we saw so many scenes of her struggling with memories she didn’t understand. Fortunately Shawn’s old friend Curtis managed to help Hayden get the evidence she needs to hopefully nail Nikolas, but whether she’ll go through with it remains to be seen. I am still finding myself torn over this, as I like Nik and Hayden together. Speaking of Curtis, clearly Jordan recognized him in a brief scene shown last Friday. This however went nowhere this week. Dropping little morsels and then not following up on them for a week or more is incredibly frustrating, and I wish the writers would knock that off.

Maybe there is hope for Helena?
Viewers learned that Jerry Jacks has been holding Robin hostage in hopes she can cure Helena’s unknown disease, though now that Helena is dead he no longer needs her. However Robin said she was close to an immortality serum that could bring her back. Oh lord, just think of all the Cassadines that would end up reviving if it works! Hopefully that serum doesn’t see the light of day, as the “back from the dead” stories on this soap are bad enough at times. Some people need to just stay dead. While I love Helena, I don’t ever need to see Stavros again.

Mac is back too.
It was like an early Christmas for viewers with all the fan favorites popping back up on our screens. I loved seeing Mac working with Anna to find out what Paul is up to, though I don’t know what was up with his “Just For Men” hair. He hasn’t been gone so long that we don’t remember what color his hair was last time he was on, and it sure wasn’t that color.

Here’s Johnny!
Johnny Z returned as well, and it seems he came back just in time. Maxie picked this week to start acting like a grown up and tell Lulu that they weren’t in high school anymore and getting revenge on Valerie was childish. I was looking forward to what they came up with, but now a bitter Lulu has turned to Johnny to make Valerie go away. Frankly I’m scared to think what he will do, and I don’t need another twist to make me feel sorry for Valerie. Every time the show does that, I’m later reminded why I shouldn’t have felt sorry for her in the first place. While Maxie may have backed down, Olivia was a rock star in how she put Valerie and Dante in their places for their affair. Go Liv!

The not so exciting.
For awhile I was enjoying Kiki and Morgan, until Morgan wrecked everything by getting back with Ava. While I’m glad to see the show bring awareness to mental illness, Morgan and Kiki’s storylines have just been a bore as of late. It would help if they went somewhere instead of just repeating the same lines and plots. Case in point, at the end of Friday’s show Morgan ran off and forgot to take his meds, which will lead to another meltdown.

These are just my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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