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Deconstructing GH: Fans finally got the reveal they wanted as Jake learned he’s Jason.

Port Charles’ rants and raves for the week of November 2 - 6:

Viewers finally got long awaited payoffs with the truth about Dante and Valerie’s affair coming out, but more importantly Jake finally learned who he really was. The writers sure dragged that one out as long as they could with more lame stalls!

Let’s all blame Lulu.
Dante and Lulu’s affair has been outed, and it looks like the fallout may affect more than just them. Maxie was rightly furious with Nathan, but part of me sympathizes with the bind that he was in. Even Maxie admitted she would have told Lulu, which probably would have been for the best that it came out months ago. It would have spared them, and us, so much anguish.

As much as I had begun to like Valerie over these past few weeks, all that went out the door when she tried to spin things around and tell Lulu that she played a part in all of this with her lies to Dante. Excuse me? Dante didn’t have solid proof she was cheating, so Lulu’s blame if any is fairly minimal here. Likewise the respect I had for Dillon is gone right now, as he broke his word to everyone for his own personal gain, which so far hasn’t gotten him anything. It’s a shame that both of these characters are being ruined over this.

Kiki the drunk.
I really do not like this storyline at all, but perhaps it is a way for both Morgan and Kiki to heal over what has happened between them. Kiki clearly needs help before she does anything worse than just running Carly off the road, and I still feel Morgan needs to have himself checked out as well for his anger issues and mood swings. Who knows, perhaps they can even find their way back to one another. Right now though, I just don’t feel invested in either of them, and it seems many viewers aren’t either.

The custody battle from hell.
If Ava and Sonny act in court the way they acted in the hospital then neither of them is likely to get custody of Avery. Given that Sonny lost custody of his daughter once, I don’t know how he thinks that won’t reflect badly on him this time around. Then again, anyone is a step up from Ava. However with Ric scheming to move up the hearing, and Carly MIA, things don’t look good for Sonny. If he loses Avery, I could see him lashing out at Carly if she fails to show. It is only a matter of time before their latest marriage implodes.

I’m not a fan of Ava dumping Scott and turning to Paul for help, only because I loved the chemistry between her and Scott and would like to see it go somewhere. However it seems Paul was the way to go, as whatever he has planned looks likely to win Ava her daughter. Again with them kissing though, ew!

See Carly crash. See Carly drop her phone. See Carly fall. Poor Carly!
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I groaned over the cheap stall tactics involving Spinelli’s computer in order to delay the Jason reveal. Those were nothing compared to what they put Carly through this week! I had made a joke on Twitter about what might come next, and a few fans let me know what they thought about it.

While she didn’t end up with amnesia, the show put Carly through the ringer this week, but at least she was finally able to tell Jake the truth. Watching Billy Miller (Jake/Jason) struggle with the truth was great, and I can see him earning another Emmy nomination for his work this past year. Laura Wright (Carly) working to convince him of who he was was equally as amazing, and my heart broke for her when he initially rejected the truth.

Unhappy Wedding Day!

Unhappy Wedding Day!

The doomed wedding.
One great thing about the wedding is that it, along with Sabrina’s story, has brought Felix back. He’s such a great character and should be used more. They keep discussing his off-screen love interest, why not cast the role and bring him on and give them both a story?

I couldn’t help but feel there was a hidden meaning in Nikolas telling Liz before the wedding that the happiness she’s wanted is standing in front of her. Could the writers be hinting at reviving a Liz and Nik romance? I don’t think Hayden would like that one bit. Hayden meanwhile was grinning like the Cheshire Cat at the wedding as if she knew the truth would somehow come out. Unfortunately the scene we wanted most, Jake telling Sam and Liz the truth, has to wait until next week.

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– Dustin Cushman


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