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Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
John Paschal/JPI

It’s that time of year once again. The last few weeks the rumor mill has been at it again. Fans all over are still speculating if Billy Miller is leaving “Y&R” and if Steve Burton is returning to “GH” as Jason Morgan. This tweet from Michael Logan helped things along though the show’s rep has been unresponsive so far.

October 13, 2016 reported: With the news that Steve Burton has chosen to leave The Young and the Restless, rumors are swirling that the actor may return to “General Hospital.” The actor remains incredibly popular with fans as the original Jason Morgan. While “Y&R” fans would love to see Billy Miller, who is currently playing Jason, back as Billy Abbott, don’t expect “GH” to give up such a hot property so easily.

May fans are speculating the show could bring Burton back as the true Jason, while Miller’s character would be a plant by Helena Cassadine to mess with Sam Morgan and others in Port Charles. The plot would be similar to what “Days of our Lives” did in the early 90s when Wayne Northrop returned as Roman Brady, and Drake Hogestyn, who had been playing the role, learned he had been brainwashed and a pawn of Stefano DiMera’s. Hogestyn reverted back to his original character on the show, John Black, and began a twenty year quest to find his true identity.

Others believe the plot line, which worked in the 90s on “Days,” would be too similar and not accepted by fans. Some have suggested Burton would be brought on as a new character, similar to what was just done when Michael Easton returned to General Hospital as Hamilton Finn.


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