Thursday, February 8th, 2018
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“General Hospital’s” Kirsten Storms took to social media to put a rumor going around online to rest. As readers know, Storms’ character, Port Charles’ Maxie Jones West, is pregnant on the show. Fans began to speculate online that the storyline was written because the actress herself is pregnant. She posted a photo on Instagram to show she was in fact not with child. She also wrote, “This is the only time I will address this on social media. 1. No – I’m not pregnant in real life. Just in ‘GH’ life (where they pad me up to look prego in maternity clothes). 2. I like to wear loose clothes because THEY ARE COMFY. and 3. If you wouldn’t say something to a person on the street, don’t say it to someone online. It’s still rude. And I don’t do rude. Just like I refuse to turn around and start judging your appearance by the photos you post. #keepitclassyladies.”

This is not the first time the actress has had to take to social media to address rude remarks from fans. In 2016 Storms marriage to former co-star Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) ended. A year later Storms took time off General Hospital for personal reasons. When a fan accused her of battling drug addiction, Storms addressed the rumor on-line and revealed she suffered from severe depression, which was the reason for taking time off. In recent months Storms has been dating musician Elias Paul Reidy. She has a daughter, Harper Rose, with her ex-husband. The two remain good friends and share parenting responsibilities.

When your man goes with you to the nail salon. ?? @eliaspaulreidy ❤️

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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
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Ryan Paevey is currently involved in a front burner storyline on “General Hospital.” Between receiving news that his character Nathan West is going to be a father for the first time and his mother Liesl Obrecht’s big reveal that Cesar Faison is Nathan’s father, it’s safe to say his life in Port Charles is currently full of drama. has seen rumors circulating online that the actor is planning to leave the ABC soap opera in order to work on other projects, perhaps a few more Hallmark movies.

On Saturday January 13, Paevey attended the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Winter 2017 TCA Press Tour at The Tournament House in Pasadena, California, which made some fans wonder if he had plans to star in future premieres for the popular romance channel. Not to mention, his character Nathan has teamed up with Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) in order to lure Faison (Anders Hove) out of the shadows. If Nathan sets out on this journey the storyline could very well be a means to give the actor some time off the daytime canvas for other projects or it could put the character in extreme harm’s way and possibly kill Nathan off for good? In any case, dealing with Faison is a dangerous task, which is why Obrecht wanted to keep the identity of Nathan’s father a secret and why she warned Nathan’s sister Britt Westbourne not to testify against Faison because he doesn’t forgive betrayal and punishes without mercy.

As of yet, there has been no official word from the actor or the network on his future with the show. will keep readers updated should details be released. Paevey created the role of Nathan West and first appeared on “General Hospital” on December 19, 2013. In 2016, he played Donovan Darcy in Hallmark’s Unleashing Mr. Darcy as well as Will Nash in Harvest Love.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
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It’s that time of year once again. The last few weeks the rumor mill has been at it again. Fans all over are still speculating if Billy Miller is leaving “Y&R” and if Steve Burton is returning to “GH” as Jason Morgan. This tweet from Michael Logan helped things along though the show’s rep has been unresponsive so far.

October 13, 2016 reported: With the news that Steve Burton has chosen to leave The Young and the Restless, rumors are swirling that the actor may return to “General Hospital.” The actor remains incredibly popular with fans as the original Jason Morgan. While “Y&R” fans would love to see Billy Miller, who is currently playing Jason, back as Billy Abbott, don’t expect “GH” to give up such a hot property so easily.

May fans are speculating the show could bring Burton back as the true Jason, while Miller’s character would be a plant by Helena Cassadine to mess with Sam Morgan and others in Port Charles. The plot would be similar to what “Days of our Lives” did in the early 90s when Wayne Northrop returned as Roman Brady, and Drake Hogestyn, who had been playing the role, learned he had been brainwashed and a pawn of Stefano DiMera’s. Hogestyn reverted back to his original character on the show, John Black, and began a twenty year quest to find his true identity.

Others believe the plot line, which worked in the 90s on “Days,” would be too similar and not accepted by fans. Some have suggested Burton would be brought on as a new character, similar to what was just done when Michael Easton returned to General Hospital as Hamilton Finn.

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Since arriving in town, Nurse Amy Driscoll hasn’t done much but gossip around the halls of General Hospital. Recently though we’ve learned Amy went to Port Charles High School along with Dillon Quartermaine and Maxie Jones. She and Dillon were in the film club together, and she secretly had a crush on him. Amy and Dillon were paired together to work on their 10-year high school reunion, and Amy was thrilled that he remembered her. However, she did not approve of Kiki, because she didn’t appreciate film like Dillon.

Now though it appears Amy has set her sights on someone new. Amy was furious that Maxie left town and couldn’t help with the Nurses’ Ball as planned. This was just another slight from Maxie, who also bailed on helping her and Dillon with the reunion. However, neither compared to Amy revealing to Nathan that Maxie, who was head cheerleader in school, blackballed Amy from making the squad because Amy didn’t look the part. While Amy comforted Nathan, who was heartbroken that Maxie was extending her stay out of town in Portland, she secretly stole a photo of Nathan and Maxie and tore up Maxie’s half of the picture.

With Kirsten Storms on an extended leave from General Hospital, rumors are swirling that Amy will sabotage Nathan and Maxie’s marriage. Now that she’s befriended Nathan and guilted him into helping her plan the Nurses’ Ball, a long work evening together may turn into drunken sexcapades and sweet revenge for Amy. But what about Dillon? Will Amy stop at getting revenge on Maxie, or should Kiki also be worried?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

As reported last summer, James Patrick Stuart joined General Hospital as Valentin Cassadine, and since then he’s been a man of mystery. While initially only appearing for a handful of episodes, in which he killed Prince Nikolas Cassadine in order to take over the Cassadine fortune, Stuart returned to the role of the Cassadine heir in October 2016 on a more permanent basis.

In recent weeks Valentine married Nina Reeves, and it was revealed he and Lulu Falconeri are the parents of Charlotte Cassadine. Charlotte was created with the egg that Stavros Cassadine stole from Lulu in hopes of creating his own child with her. More recently Anna Devane has struggled with her memory and how she knows Valentin. While under hypnosis she recalled that he was at the WSB training camp while she was there on one of her birthdays. Anna has assumed he did something to her, but he recently revealed that Anna wronged Valentin in the past.

Rumors are running rampant that Anna and Valetnin had sex on her birthday, but she quickly cast him aside because of her feelings for Robert Scorpio. Shortly after Anna became pregnant with their daughter Robin, who could possibly be Valentin’s daughter. While some fans have noted an age discrepancy between the actors and characters, age is relative on soaps. Should Robin turn out to be a Cassadine it would open a whole new can of worms, but also revitalize the family line.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Since the revelation that Julian Jerome is being manipulated by an unknown person calling themselves Oscar Jessup, fans have been speculating on’s forums and Twitter that Oscar Jessup is actually a pseudonym for Julian’s sister Olivia St. John, or Olivia Jerome. Olivia died on screen in 1990, the same year that Jason and Sam learned Oscar Jessup died. Jessup was a former henchman for the Jerome family.

Olivia St. John came to Port Charles in 1988 and was portrayed by Tonja Walker until the character’s demise. Like her half-sister Ava, she was an art dealer and part of the Jerome family crime organization. She battled with her brother Julian, then played by Jason Culp, for control of their father’s organization. Julian won out in the end, but enlisted his sister Olivia in his vendetta against Duke Lavery. Olivia became infatuated with and seduced Duke, but when he rejected her for Anna Devane, she became jealous and tried to kill him. However Anna became caught up in Olivia’s murderous plot and in an accident lost her and Duke’s unborn child. Duke would go on to fake his death to keep himself and Anna safe, but Julian thought he returned to Port Charles with plastic surgery as Jonathan Paget. He decided to put a hit out on Paget, which Olivia attempted to thwart by warning Anna. To keep his sister from ruining his plan, Julian shot and killed Olivia in 1990. Julian was believed dead from a gunshot during a struggle with Paget, only to return in 2013 under the alias Derek Wells and played by William deVry.

After departing “GH,” Tonja Walker went on to play Marie Green on “Guiding Light,” Grace Nancier on “Passions” and Alex Olanov on “One Life to Live.”

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Sources are saying Nick Stabile will return to “General Hospital” as Nikolas Cassadine this November. Valentin faked his death and has him imprisoned in the same cell under Wyndemere that Anna and Robert trapped Faison in for so many years.

As previously rumored, Steve Burton may be returning to GH. Billy Miller’s Jason is said to be an impostor sent by Helena to ruin Sam’s happily ever after. Steve Burton would return as the real Jason after his stint as Dylan is over on “The Young and the Restless.” This would throw Sam’s life into a tailspin given she’s pregnant with fake-Jason’s child.

We’ve heard that Nelle is actually a child Carly gave up for adoption years ago. Jax knew Carly’s secret, and when Joss needed a kidney transplant, sought the adoptive parents out and paid them for the kidney. Nelle found out the truth after her adoptive parents passed away and came to Port Charles to make Carly’s life hell, as she blames her for everything that’s gone wrong in her life.

Nelle is rumored to be the one who actually put the bomb in Julian’s car in order to wreak havoc on Carly and Sonny’s marriage, and accidentally killed Morgan in the process.

It’s being said that Charlotte is actually Lulu and Stavros’ child, and that Helena paid Claudette to carry the child. However Claudette ran with the baby rather than turn her over to Helena. Valentin has his own nefarious interest in the child, which is said to be a big twist nobody will see coming.

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Only two people know who Nathan West’s real father is, and neither is talking. For years Dr. Obrecht tried to claim her true love Faison was the father of Nathan, as she knew he so badly wanted a son, but he was not the father as Maury Povich would say. She later swore that Victor Cassadine was the father, which Nathan currently believes to be the truth. However, moments before Victor’s possible death in the explosion at Crichton Labs, he confronted Obrecht with a DNA test that revealed he wasn’t the boy’s father. Obrecht was too afraid to reveal who Nathan’s real father was, and only she and her sister Madeline Reeves know the truth.

Only one villain has been truly feared by even the most heinous of villains on “General Hospital,” and that is Valentin Cassadine, the bastard son of Mikos. Helena Cassadine and Luke Spencer both mentioned in passing as to how evil this bad seed actually was. With the appearance of the mysterious Theo (James Patrick Stuart) on Cassadine Island, who many believe based on his tattoo of the Cassadine family crest on his wrist is Valentin, the mystery of Nathan’s father may no longer be a closed case. Is Valentin/Theo the true father of Nathan West? If so, what does this mean for Nikolas, Spencer and the Cassadine fortune?

Thursday, June 16th, 2016
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Back in June five-year-old Jazmyn Skye Vale landed the recurring role of Athena, which has fans speculating that Claudette will be appearing in Port Charles with a daughter. We know that Nathan married Claudette to keep her in the country, but fell in love with her, and recently learned that he shot her lover, which turned out to be Griffin. Maxie is having trouble trusting Nathan again and we can’t imagine she’ll be okay if Claudette turns up with a daughter – Nathan’s daughter. Or, could Griffin be the one who’s going to receive the ‘you’re the daddy’ news?

Other rumors indicate that the little actress will be playing Lulu and Stavros Cassadine’s daughter. Stavros used one of Lulu’s eggs to create an embryo, but it was frozen and never used. Helena may have had the child born via a surrogate and raised it along with Jake on Cassadine Island. Helena left a cryptic empty envelope to Lulu in her will and a book to Liz indicating she and Jake had a secret.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Now that “Nashville” has been cancelled by NBC, where Daytime Emmy winner, Jonathan Jackson, starred as Avery Barkley, could the actor be returning to “General Hospital” in the role of Lucky Spencer that he originated back on October 29, 1993? The last time we saw Jackson was during a brief return in December of 2015 during Luke’s exit storyline and Anthony Geary’s retirement from daytime television. While Lucky’s storyline was left open, so far we know he won’t be returning for the 2016 Nurses’ Ball, considering during today’s General Hospital episode Lucy mentioned planning the Nurses’ Ball and that unfortunately Lucky wouldn’t be able to perform there this year. Would a Lucky return with Jackson taking back the role he originated work for you?

– Christine Fix, Amy Mistretta


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