Carly finds Jax at the Metro Court. She wonders why he doesn't seem upset to learn that she and Sonny kissed. Jax says unless they slept together, he understands. He knows that she's an emotional person and had been upset about Jason when the kiss happened. He tells her to calm down; they love each other and are fine.

At the PCPC, Sam asks Alexis why she is obsessed with being perfect. Sam tells Alexis that she's a good mother and she does the best job possible. Alexis tells Sam that she is her daughter too, and she needs the kind of lawyer who knows all the players. Sam needs her. Sam tells Alexis to focus on her chemo treatments and recovery.

Alcazar tells Ric that Jason called the Quartermaines on Thanksgiving, therefore he is alive. Ric says he'll be waiting when Jason risks everything to see Sam. The bigger problem, Ric thinks, is that Spinelli has dropped off the face of the earth with all of the evidence.

Jason tells Liz that Ric wants her back. He explains his theory: of Jason and Lucky go after each other, one of them will kill the other, leaving her free. Lucky knocks at the studio door at that very moment and Jason ducks in the closet so Liz can let him in. Lucky tells her he thinks it's great that she's doing her painting again. He asks to see what she's been working on.

At Kelly's Diner, Lulu and Georgie talk about how weird it is that Diego is gone. Georgie wishes she had the chance to say goodbye. Professor Pete comes into the diner and compliments Georgie's most recent essay. He chastises Lulu for blowing it off. Finally, she tells him that the reason she wasn't able to do her paper is that her mother has had a relapse. Pete coldly says, Your mother has a medical condition that keeps her from being a part of this world. What's your excuse? He gets a text message and leaves. As he walks outside, he is questioned by Lorenzo's goons regarding Spinelli's whereabouts.

At the hospital, Skye asks Emily if she has a minute to talk. She wants to know why Emily didn't seem surprised to learn that Jason is alive. Skye asks if she is in contact with Jason, and if so, she wants to talk to him. Emily says that Jason and Alcazar are nothing alike. Jason isn't a cold-blooded killer. Skye implores Emily to let her ask Jason to spare Lorenzo's life if they end up fighting.

At the studio, Liz changes the subject and asks Lucky what he's doing there? He tells her that his first assignment is to find Jason, dead or alive. She tells him that she's sure he will handle his assignment totally professionally, not to let personal feelings get in the way of his job. Lucky has to ask, does she know where Jason is? Liz says that she has no idea. Lucky apologizes again for asking her that, and then tells her he is glad that she is able to express her pain through her art.

At the PCPD, Sam would rather that Alexis beat the cancer than fight for her. Alexis says the cancer hasn't left her helpless; she can still fight and win. Then, she admits that she doesn't want to let her daughter down when she needs her. Sam says, Alright then, you're hired.

Lulu storms outside of Kelly's to continue her argument with her Professor. She finds that he's talking with a couple rough-looking guys. Pete turns his back on them to hand Lulu a text book. (He's hidden his cell phone in it as some kind of clue to what's going on.) She's puzzled when he pronounces that she'd better read the book before class. Then, Pete turns back to the thugs and announces that they can go now. After he walks away, Lulu opens the book and reads the text message from Spinelli. Hiding out from cops and gangsters, need your help. Dillon walks up to her and asks what that was all about? Lulu hides the phone and says that Pete was riding her hard about her school work. Just then, Georgie joins them and Dillon reports that he's learned from Skye that Diego will be buried in South America. As he tries to comfort Georgie over the death of her friend, Lulu sneaks a peak at Pete's cell phone and reads a new text: BBQ chips and money at the surf shop. Lulu tells them that she's off to do some extra credit, and takes off.

The thugs have brought Pete to Lorenzo's, where he is questioned. Pete tells Lorenzo that he has no idea where his computer assistant is, but he'd like to file charges too. Lorenzo warns that he had better hear about it if Spinelli tries to make contact.

Ric visits Sam and reports that Jason is alive. Sam acts as if she didn't know by asking Ric if he is playing one of his twisted mind games. Ric advises her to cooperate or her boyfriend will end up in a body bag. He interrogates her, but she sticks to her story that she has no idea where Jason is. She tells Ric that he'll be hearing from her attorney.

At the art studio, Lucky and Liz have a nice talk about trying to get past their bad times. She admits that they have enough good memories to try to get over the bad times. After he leaves, Jason comes out of the closet limping from having to stand so long. He's sorry that she had to lie to Lucky on his behalf. Liz says she's been lying all along to Lucky about Jason. Jason tells her that if she needs to admit to Lucky that they slept together, he'd understand. Liz says, no way. Jason tells her that if the baby was his, it would be different, but it's Lucky's. Jason thinks that being honest might give Liz and Lucky another chance. Liz thinks that some secrets are just better kept. Just then, Stan (Jason's techie researcher guy) pays them a visit and reports that he's found Spinelli, but all he has is clues in cyberspacesomething about docks. Jason tells him to keep digging.

Carly has closed the Metro Court for a private party for her and Jax. She pulls him down on a sofa by the Christmas tree and covers their laps with a blanket. She wants him to pretend that they are on a sleigh ride tour of their future. She points out their new little boy and girl in their front yard with Michael and Morgan. She points out the coast to coast hotels that they own. She tells them that their anniversary will be on New Year's Eve every year. He agrees that they will marry on New Year's Eve and as they kiss, he sprinkles fake snow over their heads.

Lulu, arms full of BB chips and soda, enters the surf shop. Spinelli pulls her inside and starts devouring the snacks. He asks if Professor Pete has sent her, then explains the whole mob story to Lulu. He tells her that Sonny and Alcazar want him dead. He implores her to help him disappear and she agrees to talk to Sonny on his behalf. He's not thrilled, but agrees it's better than sitting there like a cockroach in a refrigerator light. As they leave, they are abducted by Lorenzo's thugs.

Skye visits Lorenzo and tells him that she would like Lila Rae to be raised Catholic like her father, and given the Alcazar name. He wants to know what it will cost him. He tells her that won't lie; he is not leaving his business. Skye tells him that she's come to accept that, all she asks is that he doesn't go looking for revenge over Diego's death. He agrees that he for her and Lila, he can hold back. As they hug, his stern face seems to betray his words, however.

Georgie and Dillon start to argue about Lulu, again. Georgie doesn't understand why Dillon feels as if he needs to be Lulu's personal guardian. They kiss and make up, but Pete runs in and asks where Lulu went. Dillon jumps, Is she in trouble?

Lucky asks Sam if she knows where Jason is. When she finds out that Jason is Lucky's first assignment, she explains that he's being played by Ric.

Stan is working away on Spinelli's location while Jason explains to Liz that he'll be taking off soon.

Alexis pays Ric a visit, and he thinks it's a social call. He asks how Kristina is and wants to know if he can help. Alexis tells him that he can drop the charges against Sam. Then, she tells him she will be serving as Sam's attorney. Ric yells at her for putting her health in danger and Alexis fights back that he's just intimidated by her in the courtroom. As she starts to leave, she weakens and starts to fall. Ric catches her but her scarf comes off. Alexis is vulnerable and tries to hide her balding head as Ric sadly looks on. She breaks down in tears.

Robin holds herself responsible for the Spencer's pain, and Sonny tries to help.

Sam asks Lucky if it's crazy to think that Ric could want Elizabeth back?

Lorenzo tells Lulu that he's sorry she got caught up in this.