At the Haunted Star, Luke is playing at a card table when Tracy enters and wants to know if this is how he grieves his wife.

In Liz's art studio, she comes in and finds Jason standing and trying to walk on his wounded leg. She ushers him to the couch, feels his face, and tells him his fever is gone. She brought him some breakfast. He tells her he is grateful for all she's done but needs to stop.

Ric welcomes Lucky back to duty, gives him back his gun and assures him he is needed. Lucky in return assures Ric he will do his job and stay clean. His first project is Jason Morgan.

While Sam and Alexis are discussing Cristina, Alexis tells Sam she is the one that has to make a breakthough in the little girl's mental state.

Alexis and Sam are in the interrogation room at the police department talking about Cristina and her trauma. Alexis explains how Cristina is clinging to Sam like a life raft after seeing the shooting, and although Alexis doesn't want to appear uncaring, her primary concern is for Cristina and she needs Sam's help. Lainey feels that Christina will best respond to Sam, but Sam doesn't know how she can help since she's in jail. Alexis assures Sam that she will take care of Ric.

In Liz's art studio, Liz assures Jason that he is safe in her keeping. She has informed Ric that she is painting again, and even sported smudges on her fingers to be more convincing. She tells Jason that she will seem him through this until his name is cleared, then they share the breakfast she brought. There are definitely some sparks in the looks they exchange.

At Sonny's mansion, he tells Carly he is going to be sad to see her and the boys go. When Cristina's name is brought up and and Sonny announces that she needs her mother right now, Michael refers to Ric as a ratface. Carly sends Morgan upstairs so she can talk to Michael about name calling. She explains that Ric and Alexis are divorcing and is taken aback by Michael when he asks, don't anyone's parents stay together?

At the Haunted Star, Tracy goes into a rage and clears the gaming table of all the chips and cards, leaving everyone scurrying from the place and Luke sitting alone, and slurring, this game doesn't seem to be going my way.

At Sonny's house, he is attempting to explain togetherness and respect to Michael and ends his talk with assurances that he will see the kids soon. He turns and thanks Carly for her help, while Jax looks on skeptically. After Sonny leaves, Carly is straightening up the room, rambling about how nice it will be to be able to let the boys watch TV again, and a comment about media coverage of Jason's death slips out. She catches herself too late and looks up to see Jax looking at her questioningly.

Alexis enters Ric's office to discuss Cristina and emphasizes the reason for her visit it to garner Sam's help in reaching the little girl. She relays to him that Lainey feels that Sam may be to make a breakthrough in Cristina's condition. Alexis asks Ric for access to Sam, to demonstrate that he cares about the child he professes to love so much. Alexis requests that Sam be brought to his office for a meeting with Cristina, but there should be no cuffs, no guards. She's willing to beg, but he agrees, under one condition.

At General Hospital, Epiphany chastises Liz for being late. She apologizes and takes the case file handed to her and heads out just as Skye enters with a phone to her ear, leaving a message for Alcazar to call. She overhears Monica talking about Jason and his recovery and hears Alan express his fear for the impending danger to Skye's baby. She turns and leaves via the elevator.

At the Quartermaine's, Dillon reveals to Lulu that Luke and Tracy are still very much married. Lulu looks shocked.

Back at the Haunted Star, Luke is picking the mess up from the floor while Tracy is chastising him. She wants to know if this is going to be his approach to life now that Laura is back in Shady Bookto carry on like nothing happened. He angrily turns to her and tells her that it is his grief and he has a right to handle it anyway he sees fit. She reminds him that he has a daughter with abandonment issues. Tracy wants him to step up and be an adult, but doubts he can rise to the occasion. Tracy confesses she is in no position to preach to Luke as her own selfish tendencies rival his. When he asks why she is in his face, she tenderly tells him, Maybe because I see you walking into an abyss. She's still angry about the fact that he married Laura on the Quartermaine grounds, and her recanting it sends him raving at her, asking if she wants tearsor for him to climb some belltower to show his remorse? He professes his self-hatred for opening old wounds, but identifies himself as a Spencer, and tells Tracy that the curse of being a Spencer is that they survive.

At Alcazar's, Skye comes in to see him announcing that the guard let her in. His only response is, Remind me to fire him. He looks pained. Skye tells him that she's been trying to reach him, thought that perhaps he needed someone to talk to. His angry response is that he wants to talk to his son, Diego. Skye apologizes for his loss, and although she deems the question ridiculous, she asks Lorenzo if he's alright. He nods and chokes back tears, telling her that Diego is going to be buried in the family plot with the rest of the family, Murdered in this miserable excuse for a town. Alcazar is distraught at his failed attempt to protect his loved ones, fearing this is the end of having Skye and his daughter in his life. Skye puts a hand on his arm and tells him that she's more worried about himthat he needs to take steps to protect himself because Jason is alive

At Liz's studio, Sonny comes to see Jason and Jason's first words are How is Sam? He knows that Ric is messing with her head and will not hesitate to kill her. Sonny assures him that she's fine for the moment and that Jason needs to get better for her. There are still no leads on Spinelli, and Jason fears that without him, Ric's case is stronger. Sonny agrees that it has been a good week for Ric. He's angry with himself for not letting Jason kill him when he wanted to, and for not pulling having the gun loaded when he visited Ric in his office and actually pulled the trigger. Jason tells Sonny not to kill his brother for him or for anyone. Even though Carly asked that Ric be killed, she only asked because she was upset. She understands.
Sonny looks like he's in distant thought as he sort of ramblesCarly understood, just like Carly understands me. Lots of truth came out that night, about what matters, what lasts. He's interrupted by a knock on the door and her voice. When he answers, she tells him she had no idea he was going to be there, and he's evidently just as surprised when he inquires about Jax and how she was supposed to be going home with him and the boys.

In Ric's office, he is trying to get a response from Cristina while Lainey and Alexis watch. The child doesn't appear to hear Ric although Lainey tells him that part of Cristina does. Lainey explains her hopes that Sam can help by putting Cristina back in the moment and allowing damage control. Ric agrees and Sam is ushered into the room. She thanks him for letting her come, but he tells her not to get cute and try escaping. Alexis tells him to shut up. Lainey kneels to talk to Cristina, telling her that Sam is here and is going to try to help. Sam takes Lainey's place in front of the little girl and tries to engage her. She takes her hand and speaks of her bracelet, trying to put her at east. Cristina's face is pinched, and the terrifying event flashes in her mind again. She starts screaming. Alexis pushes Sam aside and gathers her daughter in a hug. Cristina bolts across the room and cowers in the corner. Alexis is enraged that Lainey would see her daughter huddled in a ball as progress. Lainey explains that Cristina saw Sam, remembered, and allowed some release of the terror. Better out than in, she says. Alexis questions continuing the process, but is reminded that access to Sam is limited.
Sam kneels next to Cristina and hugs her, assuring her that all the bad stuff is over. She asks Cristina to look at her, telling her that everything will be okay. Alexis butts in and stops Sam, saying she doesn't feel right about continuing. Sam gets to her feet, looking guilty and apologizing for not being able to help. She leaves with Lucky. As she is going out the door, Lainey tells her not to be so sure she didn't help. The camera pans to a scarf-clad Alexis sitting on the floor cradling her daughter's head in her lap.

At General Hospital, Ric comes by to check on Liz. When she asks why is so concerned, he mentioned her passing out at the reception. She explains that it was just a long, emotional day and the baby rebelled, nothing more. He tells her that he also came to let her know that he has reinstated Lucky to the force, with the understanding that he not expect preferential treatment. He'll have to handle any cases assigned to him and that includes ones involving Sonny and Jason, if he's still alive. Liz asks him if that is what he thinks, and Ric responds that he will never underestimate Jason. He tells her that he only wants her to have the type of life she deserves, and if he can help in any way, he's happy to do it. After she thanks him for helping Lucky, he leaves. As soon as the coast is clear, Liz hurries to the elevator.

Back at Liz's studio, Carly is sitting talking to Jason about Thanksgiving and all the people that crowded around Bobby's table. Sonny laughs when he tells about how Max put strawberry jam on his turkey instead of cranberries because he was so busy ogling Carly. She admonishes him to leave Max alone, saying, no one gets to choose his one does. Her eyes are locked with Sonny's as she speaks.

At the Quartermaine's, Lulu is questioning Dillon about Luke and Tracy still being married. She wants to know if Tracy agreed to the bigamy. Dillon assures Lulu that Tracy didn't want any part of it and tried to voice her objection to the wedding. Wedding? Lulu shouts. She insists there wasn't one. It was just another Luke Spencer scam. You want to know the sickest and saddest part?" She asks. "I'm happy my mother doesn't know that my father's big declaration of love was just a show. He didn't mean it. She's angry that Luke would lie to avoid the risk of losing Tracy and her money.

Back at the Haunted Star, Tracy is berating Luke, telling him to stop wallowing, that his daughter needs him. He wants to know when she started waving Lulu's banner. Tracy tells him that Lulu is a young girl who needs her mother and under the circumstances, Luke wins the toss. He wants to know how he can help her when he can't even help himself. Tracy is quite precise when she tells him to stop moaning and listen to Lulu. Let her know how much she matters. Tell her that now matter what happens to Laura that she can count on her father. Tracy glares at Luke and says, Ask me what I want from you. That's it! I'm done. She storms out leaving Luke to ponder her words.

Back at Leslie's house, Luke stops in the entryway and stares at the Christmas Tree he chopped down for Laura. He walks to it, kneels and picks up a present, while staring up at the angel atop the tree. Lulu comes down the stairs with a packed bag, and when he asks where she's going, she says, Back to the stepmonsters. She faces him and tells him she is aware of what he did, mentioning bigamy. Luke tells her that it wasn't bigamy at all since the minister was an actor. He explains that her mother wanted to be married and that was the only thing he could give her. When Lulu insists that her father lied about everything, he says, You think so? You think I lied about loving your mother? If I didn't I would have left her in peace, but you needed her, Lulu and so did Lucky. So I let the doctors bring her back, didn't waste time with apologies and made the marriage happen, and I'll be damned if I care what anyone thinks.
Lulu tells him that she was all set to hate him, but thinking about how her Mom loves them both, she will do what Laura would want and forgive himwhether he thought he needed it or not.. She leaves but turns and gives him one last look.

At Alcazars, he questions Skye about Jason still being alive. She explains what she overheard and begs him to let it be, but her plea falls on deaf ears. Alcazar blames Jason for Diego's deathit was his girlfriend who shot him. Still Skye beseeches him to not start a war in Deigo's name.

Back at the Studio, Carly is rambling about how much she relies on Jason. He asks her what she means, and she continues trying to convince herself that Jax is the man she should be relying on and trusting. She tells Jason that Sonny told her if she was stranded in the middle of the Amazon, she would expect Jason to fine her. She would, but she argues with herself over why it wouldn't be Jax. The problem is, she needs Jason and the only person who can understand that need is Sonny. When Jason looks at her with puzzled eyes and asks if there is anything he can do to help, she tells him he cannot get shot again. She sits down next to him and talks about how she reached out to Sonny, how she doesn't want to live with crisis anymoreshe rambling and Jason tells her to count to ten, take a deep breath and figure out what she wants. Liz comes in the door and says she needs to speak to Jason alone. She asks Carly not to fight her on it. Carly tells her that luckily she has someplace to be, and leaves. Jason sees the seriousness on Liz's face and asks her what's going on. She announces to him that Ric has given Lucky his job back and Jason is his first assignment

At Sonny's house, he walks into his living room to find Jax. Jax tells him that he came back to get Michael's game, but Sonny finds it amusing that despite all his wealth and ability to buy a new one, he elected to drive all the way back for this one. Jax tells Sonny that he considers the boys a priority, but Sonny insists he only did it because he wants the boys to like him. Jax responds, no, he wants them to love him because he's going to be their stepfather. As a parting jab, he tells Sonny that he really enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner and hopes it will become a tradition. Sonny is quick to tell him that he isn't part of the family yet!

Back at Leslie'shouse, touching music is playing in the background as Luke is standing next to the Christmas tree. He takes an ornament in his hand, crunches it, then throws the tree to the floor. He walks to where the angel landed, picks it up and falls to his knees. Clutching the golden tree topper to his chest, he begins to cry.

Back at Sonny's he and Jax are still discussing the pending marriage. Jax tells him that he and Carly will be wed and it will be much easier if Sonny can respect that. Sonny responds with assurances the he is not just going to go away. He has children and history with Carly and there will times when they need each other. A ring on her finger and a different last name can't change that. Sonny tells Jax he wouldn't blame him if he couldn't handle it, because God knows Sonny couldn't. He has too much pride. He encouraged Jax to have the decency to walk away. Jax is stunned. Why would he walk away from a woman he loves and two children he adores. He assures Sonny if putting up with him is the price to be with Carly, he'll gladly pay it. Carly enters the room to their admission that they were just clearing the air. She asks Sonny to give her a moment alone with Jax, and despite his protest that it's his house, he does. When she's alone with Jax, she says, Okay, it's true. and openly confesses to the kiss she shared with Sonny, leaving Jax with a stunned look on his face.

At the jail, Alexis comes to see Sam. Sam wants to know how Cristina is doing, but there has been no change and she's at home with the sitter. Sam tells Alexis she should be home with her, and Alexis says she knows that, but wanted to apologize. She takes full responsibility for everything that happened, including ever telling Sonny that she was pregnant with his child. She should have left to avoid the 'endless cycle of absuridity', and fears what will now happen with Molly. Alexis looks at Sam and says, Let's not even talk about how I royally screwed you up. Then confesses that as a mother, she stinks. Sam shakes her head, and says, No, no you don't.

Alcazar storms into Ric's office, raging about Ric's ineffectiveness. He tells Ric to take his men off the river and put them on the street because he has confirmation that Jason is alive.

Back at Liz's art studio, Jason and Liz are discussing Ric's intentions for helping get Lucky's job back. Jason explains that by doing that he is putting Lucky and Jason on a collision course, making her hate whoever kills the other, and leaving her free game for Ric. A knock on the door, and Lucky's voice interrupts them. They give each other that whadda we gonna do look.

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Carly & Jax discuss "the kiss".
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Alexis gives Sam assurance that she is still her daughter and no matter what she's done, Alexis plans to deliver.
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