Elizabeth keys into her studio and finds Jason asleep on the couch. Worried, she runs over to him and realizes that he's just napping. He wakes up with a start, saying, Sam! Liz feels his forehead to see if he's feverish. She has brought him more antibiotics. She tells him he should be in the hospital, but he tells her that he can't, he needs to find Spinelli.

Luke comes down the festively decorated stairs to see a familiar, beautiful sight. Laura is gazing up at the angel on top of the Christmas tree. He can't get her attention for a second, but then she comes back and tells him how beautiful the tree is. He nods in agreement.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that she didn't know he was working today. He says that his dad is volunteering at the clinic, so he might as well. Then, she assumes that he doesn't have any Thanksgiving plans. He corrects her by saying that after his shift ends; he's going home to a turkey sandwich and the TV. She has a better idea. She wants him to come spend it with her and her family.

As Lulu, Lucky and Laura are sitting on the couch; Nikolas and Lucky come in bearing gifts. Lucky takes all the credit for picking out good things and Nikolas wants to know where he comes in. Your credit card! Lulu smartly points out. They all enjoy the humor. Lucky wants to know where Lesley is and Luke replies that she's spending the night with Bobby so they can have the run of the house. Laura adds that Lesley wanted to give them time for their honeymoon. Nikolas smells turkey. Luke says that Mike makes them every year for the homeless, but this year he brought one over for them.

Laura wants to know what's next. Presents? She likes to see their faces when they open gifts. Lucky goes first. He opens a digital camera so they can take as many photos as possible of their day together. He prepares to snap a shot of Laura and Lulu but Laura is in a trance. Lulu gets alarmed, but Luke tells them that this happens on and off. He tells them to just give her a minute, she'll be back. They have time to exchange really uncomfortable, worried looks, and then she joins them again. She isn't herself but you can see her try to catch up. Nikolas makes light of it, and hands a gift to his sister. Laura interrupts and asks Luke to call a doctor. She wants to know how much time she has left.

**PAUSE FOR A LOCAL BREAKING NEWS STORY. (It was only about 2 minutes.)**

Patrick has come to the Spencer's and talks to Laura. He tells the family the news is not good, and she is relapsing. She has very little time and advises her to go back to Shady Brooke. Luke shakes his hand and tells him they can take it from here. After Patrick leaves, Nikolas tries to hand out more gifts. Laura stops him because she feels that their Christmas celebration needs to end early, based on what Patrick just explained to them. Not wanting to accept the reality of the situation, Nikolas says it smells like the turkey is done, and suggests that they go eat.

Laura stops him. No, no honey. Dr. Drake feels that it would be best for me to go back to Shady Brooke now, while I'm still able to.get there by myself. Um. I'd like to go now. Lulu asks how she can say that? Laura tells them that it's going to be alright, but Lulu screams that nothing is ever going to be alright! How can she just give up and leave?

Over at the Quartermaine's, Tracy is pouring a big drink on the rocks. Ned is casually sitting on the sofa. Monica and Alan are looking at books. Emily wants to know why no one came to the table with Alice called them. Twice! She wants to know if they realize that there is a turkey waiting, with all the trimmings. For once they don't have to eat pizza! Dillon pipes up that no one is hungry this year. Alan explains that no one wants to fake their way through saying grace anyway. Emily wants to know why they can't give thanks for all of their blessings? Monica agrees with Tracy for once there really isn't a heck of a lot to be thankful for.

Frustrated, Emily yells for Alice who comes running in to see why the normally polite Emily is bellowing for her. Emily tells Alice to pack up every scrap of food, the china, the works. Since the family can't be bothered to give thanks for all they have, we're just going to give the meal to people who will appreciate it.

Back at the Spencer's, Lulu is explaining her feelings. All of my life, I've heard about your love and your courage and your strength. And now you're giving up without a fight? The doctor says that you need to go back to Shady Brook and you're going to go without a problem? This is not fair! We finally get mom back after years of missing her.and we're supposed to accept that. She wants to know how Laura, who fought for Luke, jumped out of planes and faced mobsters, can give in to this illness so easily. She doesn't get how Laura could have lived through Nikolas's nutcase family, yet surrender to this. She demands to know why Luke isn't worth fighting for nowwhy aren't they all?

Laura sternly insists that they are all worth it. Luke asks if they think this is easy for Laura. He wants them to give her a break. Laura apologizes to Lulu; she has every right to be angry. Lucky asks if they can spend one more night together first. Laura explains that it's happening too fast. Then, she admits that she can't bear the thought of the staff at Shady Brook coming to collect her. She says she wants to get there on her own and sign her own name. She tells Lulu that there is no plane to jump out of this time; this is the only way that she can be courageous. She intends to face what's happening with dignity.

At the art studio, Liz offers to bring over some art supplies so that she can have a reason to be there and take care of him. He tells her that's not necessary. There's a knock at the door, and Emily says through the door that she brought Elizabeth some food because she knows how Liz looses track of time when she's painting. Liz lets her in and Emily is thrilled to see that Jason is alive! Emily explains how sad and upset their family is. She tells him that their grandfather insisted that the mayor had the river dragged for his body. Can't she tell them that he's okay? No, he won't hear of it. He thinks the more people know, the better chance he has of getting caught.

Robin finds Patrick and asks if he's ready to go to the Scorpio family Thanksgiving. Patrick reports that he has just come from seeing Laura and that she's fading fast. He tells Robin that he finally understands why she pushed so hard to give Laura the LS49. He thinks she's a remarkable woman, the way she's handling her awful situation. Just then Epiphany announces that there's been a car accident and they are both needed in surgery. Robin tells her to call Mac and tell him that they won't be home for dinner.

At Shady Brook, Laura's kids find her in her room with Luke. She's out of it. Luke explains that she faded on the ride over and was gone for about 20 minutes. He tells them that she focused enough to sign the papers and walk to the room, but as soon as she sat down, she slipped away again. Nik was to know if they can get through to her to say goodbye. Luke gets down on his knees and tries. When she hears that her kids need to talk to her one more time, she pulls herself into the moment.

Laura wants to start with Nikolas; she asks to be alone with him. He tells her to save her energy for Lucky and Lulu. She says he shouldn't always put them ahead of himself. She tells him how many wonderful qualities he has. His generosity of spirit. She tells him that even though it sounds strange, she feels that she understands him better than her other two children even though she didn't raise him. It's because they have the same heart. If he ever wants to know what she would say or think, all he has to do is listen to his heart. Tearfully, he tells her that he feels blessed to be her son. He promises to share all his memories of her with his son.

Lucky starts by telling his mother that he loves her. She tells him that they all have to face their demons in life and now that he knows he has an addiction, he has to keep going and fight it everyday. She tells him that she knows he can do it, because when he was a little boy and they were traveling around the world, he was very strong and adaptable. All of those qualities are still inside him. She tells him that she thinks there's a good chance that he and Elizabeth can work everything out. If it's meant to be, it'll be. They exchange forever I love yous and cry still more tears.

Lulu's turn. Laura comforts her when she says how scared she is. Lulu apologizes for yelling at her back at the house. Laura says that when she looks at Lulu, she sees Luke. Lulu is smart, feisty, rebellious and ready to take risks. Laura tells her that she is a survivor and needs to believe in herself instead of wondering what her mother's advice would be. She tells Lulu that when the time comes for her to fall in love, don't be afraid! You go for it, she told her. Lulu agreed to try.

Laura drifts in and out, but assures Lulu that she's not gone yet. She's just trying to decide something. She didn't want to tell Luke something and upset him. She tells Lulu that Luke thinks she killed her step father out of self defense, but that just doesn't ring true to her now. She tells Lulu that she thinks she's innocent.

Lulu confidently nods and perks up a little. Don't worry mom, I'll prove you're innocent. They give each other a tearful smile.

At the Quartermaines, Dillon announces that the pizza has arrived. It's stone cold and Monica is upset that it has ham and pineapple. Just then, Nikolas walks in and Emily gets up to greet him in the doorway. He announces that his mother has had a relapse and has checked herself into Shady Brook. The first one to speak is Dillon, wanting to know if Lulu is okay. Edward expresses his affection for Laura and calls her a fine woman. The only person who hasn't seemed to find any words is Tracy.

The phone rings and Emily is the one who answers it. She passes the phone to Monica. We see Monica's stunned and ecstatic reaction, but hear Jason's voice through the phone. It's me. I can't say where I am, but I wanted to let you know that I'm alive and I'm sorry that I worried you. He tells her Happy Thanksgiving and his mother finally speaks, We will now! The family goes from one extreme to the other in just a moment, now they are thrilled with the news that Jason is alive.

Lucky goes to Audrey's house to tell Elizabeth that he just had to say goodbye to his mom. She says, Honey, I'm really sorry. He talks about how amazing it was to feel her unconditional love for a while. He thanks Liz for all she did during Laura's recovery; he knows it meant a lot to her. As he starts to walk away, Liz stops him and says, Lucky, do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?

Back at Shady Brooke, Luke is holding Laura's hand as she stares blankly off in the distance. He tells her that the kids have all gone home and whatever she talked to them about must've made them feel better. Then he gets down on his knees and makes one final plea. Sweetheart, Laura... come back. Laura, come back! She is trying so hard, her eyes flicker a little.

Luke says, 'I wish I had the words to express to you how wonderful having you in my life has been all these years." He thinks she's gone again, but she's snaps out of it and tells him that when she drifts off, she goes to a beautiful place. She adds, But nothing is as beautiful as looking in your eyes and knowing that we love each other. Always will. He agrees. Always." He moves in to smile at her, very closely, and then they kiss.

In the Quartermaine study, Edward starts the (traditional Thanksgiving) song, We gather together Everyone joins in. They all look very happy and relieved to have heard from Jason. There are two very sober looking faces in the room, however. Tracy and Nikolas. Emily reaches down and holds his hand.

(A slow, haunting song titled "Angel" by Robin Thicke plays... under the following montage of scenes)

1. Patrick and Robin are out of surgery. They exchange a loving, but tired look and walk over to join the hospital Thanksgiving buffet.

2. Sam is crying alone in jail, looking out the barred window. At the same time Jason is looking out the window at Liz's studio. Then, he limps over to the sofa and sits down.

3. Lucky and Cameron are playfully nuzzling, nose-to-nose. Elizabeth and Audrey are watching them.

4. Lulu has been crying, but she gets up when there's a knock at the door. It's Dillon.

(The song fades away.)
Dillon tells Lulu how sorry he is about her mother. She tells him that her mom was totally brave. She, of course, had a tantrum like a 5 year-old and totally flipped out. He tells her she's allowed to flip out, there's nothing else you can do. She tells him that there is something she can do. I can prove that she's innocent.

Luke is finally alone with Laura. It looks as it she's mentally gone now. He talks to her anyway. I hope that you've gone to that place you were talking about. The one you couldn't see, but you know was there. I'm picturing you in a garden, you're garden. Surrounded by flowers and sunlight. Wherever you are. I'm there with you. And I will be until the day I die.
He shakily bends down to kiss her hand. Then he gets up and walks to the door, but before he goes, he stops to kiss her on top of her head one last time. She's gone. He walks out of her room, closes her door and cries openly.
Back inside of Laura's room, although she's staring at the wall, she blinks every once in a while. We watch her face, but we're hearing two very young voices exchanging wedding vows. I Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, take you

The camera leaves Laura's face and we see footage of her first wedding with Luke twenty five years ago. We see their wedding kiss and their giddy joy as they come back down the aisle as husband and wife. We hear the crowd's enthusiastic applause. The footage is moving in slow motion now; young Luke and Laura are running into the rest of their lives and the haunting song about an Angel is all we hear.

Finally, we see Laura's face again from her chair at Shady Brooke. She blinks and smiles ever so slightly.

Ric tells Lucky that his first assignment is Jason Morgan.
Carly tells Sonny that she and the boys are moving back to their house.
Alexis tells Sam that she's the only one who can help Kristina.

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