At the PCPD, Luke tells Ethan he will stand by him whether he attacked Kristina or not. Ethan swears it wasn't him and Luke knows what it's like to be judged without all the facts. Ethan thanks Luke for having his back, but suggests it's time for him to run. Luke thinks he should stay put so they can clear his name, but if that doesn't happen Luke will help him completely disappear.

Jason shares the discrepancies in Kristina's story with Lucky while at the penthouse. They go over what they each know and Lucky asks if Kristina has any reason to lie. Off the record, Jason tells Lucky Kristina was the one to run Claudia off the road last year. Lucky still wonders why she would lie about her attacker and Jason says that's what they have to find out. Lucky says he will look into this further and leaves.

At the hospital, Patrick checks in with Robin to see how she's holding up. Robin is still worried for Maxie and Patrick encourages Robin to visit her cousin. Robin explains Maxie wants her to go out and enjoy her life, but she doesn't know how to do that right now. Patrick thinks they can seize the day in honor of Maxie. He makes some plans and tells her to meet him in the park by the gazebo. Lucky walks off the elevator and asks the Drakes and Epiphany about the night Ethan brought Kristina in. Epiphany thinks he seemed appropriately concerned, but Patrick says he seemed jumpy and didn't stick around to find out how she was. Off the record, Patrick thinks Ethan did it and he brought her in because he was remorseful. Once Lucky is gone, Epiphany and Robin discuss Sonny's case and then Robin remembers about Patrick's surprise and runs off.

Alexis walks in her house and finds Carly with Kristina. Carly tells Alexis she thinks Kristina identified the wrong man as her attacker, but, in tears, Kristina swears it was Ethan. Kristina runs off and Alexis orders Carly out. Kristina returns after Carly leaves and apologizes, but Alexis assures her daughter she's done nothing wrong. Jax comes over and Alexis confides in him that she didn't know Kristina was on the pill. Alexis breaks down as she explains how Kristina didn't want her to see her flaws and admits her daughter is a mess. Jax comforts her and tells her all Kristina needs is her love and support. Lucky comes to the house after Alexis has stepped out and asks Kristina if she remembered anything new. Kristina recounts the story leaving out a name as she recalls her abuse. Lucky implores an emotional Kristina to tell him who did this to her.

Carly comes to Jason's and tells him about her encounter with Kristina and Alexis and that she's convinced Kristina is lying.

In court, Claire questions Dante about his shooting and he sticks to his story. She then questions him about the night of Claudia's murder and asks if he thinks there was a witness to the murder. After trying to dodge the question, Dante is forced to admit he believes Michael witnessed it. Dante is dismissed and runs out of the courtroom. Lulu follows him and he fears he just ruined his brother's life. Back in court, the judge instructs the jury not to discuss the case with anyone and adjourns. Sonny asks Diane about Michael and Diane thinks by keeping him in hiding Sonny is essentially admitting his guilt. Alice and Coleman muse on where Michael is as Garrett approaches them to urge them to lock Sonny up and throw away the key. Lisa brings Garrett to task for doing so and walks away. Dante tells Lulu he loves her and her presence helped him get through his testimony. She leaves as Dante lashes out at Claire for making him bring up Michael. She knows what kind of misery Michael is about to absorb, but blames Dante for throwing him under the bus.

Sonny goes home and encounters Luke.

Lisa happens upon Patrick at the gazebo with a romantic setting and learns he's trying to help Robin feel better. Lisa shares she landed on Sonny's trial and he asks how it went. She tells him what little she is allowed to, as Robin runs up and sees them together.

Johnny gets a list of questions from the federal prosecutor at the garage so he can rehearse them before he takes the stand. As he reads the ones about Claudia, he gets mad and throws things off his desk. Olivia runs in wondering what's going on and Johnny responds he got upset thinking of what Sonny is capable of. Olivia tells him Sonny's going through Hell right now and they talk about Kristina. She tells him Ethan confronted her at her house, violating his restraining order.

Next on General Hospital:

Kiefer is suspected.

Luke clashes with Sonny.

Ethan learns about Luke's past.

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