While at the penthouse, Carly implores Jason to figure out if Ethan really attacked Kristina before Sonny and Luke go to war.

At the house, Ethan wonders why Kristina accused him of beating her and she recalls what a jerk to her he was when she wanted to hang out with him. He can't believe she is ruining his life just to punish him. He begs her to tell the truth in order to save his life and Sam walks in and calls the cops. Ethan tries to explain himself to Sam, who won't listen. After Ethan storms off, Kristina tearfully asks Sam to call the cops to tell them it was a mistake, but Sam tells her Ethan has to pay for what he did to her.

Lucky visits Elizabeth at Shadybrook and admits he overheard the paternity results. She tells him that while Nikolas is the father, they will never be together. Lucky wants to make sure she hasn't decided that out of guilt, because the two of them won't get back together. She's painfully aware that will never happen and he says they can work together to make sure they do what's right for the kids and for all of them. Lucky leaves and Nikolas comes in with Spencer so Elizabeth can explain about his new baby brother or sister. Elizabeth tells him he will have to teach him or her everything he knows and puts his hand on her belly. Spencer says he can feel the baby and asks some questions about where Elizabeth and the baby will live and if they've chosen names.

Lucky goes to the Haunted Star to arrest Ethan. Ethan tries to explain, but Lucky only sees what he did wrong and brings takes him in.

Lucky brings Ethan to the police station, where Alexis, Sam and Tracy are waiting. Lucky takes Ethan to the interrogation room and Tracy enters calling her stepson a fool for terrorizing Kristina. Ethan explains himself, but Tracy says if he is guilty she will never forgive herself for believing him and paying his bail. Tracy leaves and Luke walks in, much to Ethan's seeming relief.

Carly stops by the Davis house with some snacks and promotes the healing power of junk food. Kristina thanks her for treating her normally and not looking so serious around her. Carly recounts her own mistake with an older man when she was sixteen and how she got past it. She says no matter how big you mess up, you can always rebuild. They compare notes about being attracted to an older man and Carly gently broaches the topic of lying. She uses her own past as an example of how lies make things worse. She says if that's what happened to Kristina then the only way out is to tell the truth. She doesn't have to be afraid because everyone loves her. Alexis walks in and wonders what Carly is doing there.

Jason asks Lucky over and tells him there are some discrepancies in Kristina's story and whoever beat her up could still be out there.

At the hospital, Monica tells Maxie nothing can excite or upset her and tries to exude confidence that everything will be okay. Monica leaves, as Robin, Patrick, Spinelli and Mac look on with worry, but Maxie remains optimistic. Spinelli leaves on a mission for Maxie, as Mac tells her it's his job to worry, so all she has to do is get through this with flying colors. Robin exits the room and Patrick follows her to the hallway. Robin cries as she worries Maxie's time is running out. Back in the room, Mac tells Maxie he's sorry he's been so hard on Spinelli, but it's hard to let go of her and he's used to being the top dog. Maxie assures him she loves him as much as she always has. Patrick tries to make Robin feel better in the hall as Spinelli returns prepared to cheer Maxie up. He enters the room and Mac leaves. Spinelli opens his laptop and presents their life together in pictures, as a slideshow plays. Maxie laughs as they watch their past flash on the screen. Maxie falls asleep and has a dream of being on a red carpet and crediting Spinelli as being her inspiration.

Lulu and Dante are about to have sex in his loft when he realizes he doesn’t remember where he packed the condoms. He calls it a rookie mistake and they frantically look for them. Once they find them, they are interrupted by a call requesting Dante's presence in court.

Diane gives her opening statements in court stating Sonny killed Claudia to protect Carly and her baby. Claire puts Garrett Floyd on the stand and asks him about Claudia's party where Sonny threatened her. After Floyd is done, the judge calls for a recess and Dante and Lulu come to court. They run into Sonny who tells his son whatever he says on the stand, he is still his father. Dante reminds him he is also a murderer. Dante is then called to the stand.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly is convinced Kristina is lying.

Luke believes Ethan.

Dante is forced to implicate Michael as a witness.

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