Lulu brings Dante a housewarming gift at his new loft and he thanks her with a kiss. Lulu wonders why he chose to move in on the first day of Sonny's trial. He tries to distract her by coming on to her and kissing her, but she knows he's trying to evade talking about it. He says they'll call him when they need him and they make out on the couch, but Lulu gets a call from Maxie and she has to run off. Dante continues to move his stuff in as Olivia stops by, but after calling this time. He tells his mother even though she makes him crazy, after all the business with Kristina he truly appreciates how wonderful she is.

In her hospital room, Maxie tries to work, as Lulu and Spinelli encourage her to take it easy. She is determined, but then starts coughing. They want her to take care of herself, but she won't dwell on how sick she is. Spinelli tells her she's in denial and it could be dangerous. He won't let her jeopardize her health and goes to find Robin. Alone with Lulu, Maxie recalls being six years old and getting the transplant. She remembers being in a plastic bubble where people needed to wear protective gear and she doesn't want that again. Lulu reminds her how strong she is and asks her what she can do for her. Maxie wants her to get out of there and do something fun, like have sex with Dante - anything that makes her feel happy to be alive. Lulu leaves and Spinelli returns with Robin who says she has to put her on an oxygen mask, which Maxie does not want, but reluctantly puts on.

Lulu returns to Dante and cries as she worries about Maxie's heart giving out on her. Lulu thinks she could learn a lesson from Maxie by the way she lives large and puts her faulty heart on the line. Dante admits they all could. Lulu says they have wasted so much time and shouldn't take each other for granted. She loves him and doesn't want to miss any minute of them. He say he loves her so damn much and kisses her.

Carly comes to Sonny's house to make sure he's ready for court, but she finds him slumped in a chair. He wonders how he could have let Kristina get beaten. He talks about his mother and how Kristina looks like her, especially now with the same bruises and cuts. Sonny feels like he failed by allowing someone he loved to go through what his mother did. He gets choked up as he says none of his power or money protected his daughter and Carly embraces him. Sonny says it's a dad's worst nightmare to get a call like the one he got from Patrick saying his daughter was badly beaten. He tells Carly how Dante stopped him from killing Ethan, but he wishes he had blown his head off. He's outraged that Ethan is now accusing Kristina of lying, just like Deke did. Carly tells him this isn't the same as what happened to his mother, but Sonny thinks it is because Kristina is protecting the man who abused her just like his mother did. Sonny blames himself for not being there to teach her about guys like Ethan and Deke and wonders if it made her vulnerable for the pattern of abuse to continue. Carly reminds her he and Adele had no one to turn to, but Kristina has a number of strong female role models and a loving father. Carly just thinks Kristina made a mistake by picking the wrong boy and will learn a hard lesson from this, but she will never make the same mistake again. Carly wants him to fight for himself right now and get exonerated so he can be there for his daughter.

Floyd walks into court and trades barbs with Diane. Claire walks in and finds Jax and tells him she's prosecuting this case for herself and not for him, but promises he won't be disappointed. Alice and Lisa report for jury duty, as a dressed up Coleman appears with Kate as well. He thanks her for the wardrobe and for the moral support, but doesn't think he will get picked to be on a jury. Alice is excited to do her civic duty, but Lisa isn't as enthusiastic and thinks she'll be excused anyway because she's a surgeon. Sonny walks up and sees Kate kissing Coleman goodbye. He questions her choice in men, but she doesn't want to talk about it with him and just wishes him luck. Sonny walks into court and the jury selection process gets underway, with Lisa, Alice and Coleman all getting picked. Opening statements are made and Diane says Sonny did in deed kill his wife.

Ethan goes to the penthouse to talk to Jason, but Sam can't believe he has the gall to show his face. He just wants to tell Jason the truth and let him come to his own conclusion, but Sam lashes out at him for hitting her sister. She tells him he will pay for what he did and orders him away. Ethan leaves and Sam asks Jason to not believe a word out of Ethan's mouth. Jason wants to be there for Sam, but has to trust his own instincts. Sam gets upset, but calms down and says she has to stand by her sister and make sure this never happens to her again. After Sam goes to see Kristina, Carly comes over to tell Jason about Sonny's dark demeanor. Jason worries he's having another breakdown and Carly agrees it's bad. Jason shares his theory with Carly that Ethan is innocent.

Kiefer comes to see Kristina at home and brings her a stuffed bear. He wonders how she's feeling, but realizes she's still mad at him. He reminds her he said he was sorry and doesn’t know what else to do. Kristina flinches as he raises his voice and moves closer to her. He apologizes for scaring her and thinks they can get through this. He loves her and thinks she's the most gorgeous girl in the world. Alexis comes in and thanks Kiefer for being so supportive of Kristina, as Kristina cries. Alexis asks Kiefer to visit later and he asks if he can come back tomorrow. Kristina says sure and he leaves. Sam visits Kristina and offers to help cover her bruises with makeup. She thinks it will help her confidence and make her see she will eventually feel whole again. Kristina says she feels broken, ugly and stupid. Sam says those are bruises of the spirit and they will heal. After Sam works her magic, Kristina thinks Sam is the best big sister in the world.

Alexis finds Ethan getting into the safe at the Haunted Star and asks if he is running away. Alexis thinks that will just invite Sonny to kill him, but that won't help her daughter. She wants him to be man enough to face what he's done. Ethan says he can't help her, but she will see him in court and informs him of a restraining order against him.

Ethan visits Kristina and asks why she lied about him being the one to beat her.

Next on General Hospital:

Ethan violates his restraining order.

Dante and Lulu make another attempt at consummating their relationship.

Maxie's health continues to deteriorate.

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