Carly and Sonny's kiss goes on and on. She pulls away first; and then apologizes. She tells him that she is just really happy that Jason's alive. Sonny tells her it's okay (she continues to look at his lips.) She tells him that she needs to go see if Jason's okay. Sonny replies that the cops will be watching, but she assures him she'll be careful. He tells her that Jason is with Elizabeth even if Carly doesn't like it. Carly tells Sonny that he needs to get to Sam and tell her that Jason is alive.

Liz sits with Jason until he wakes up. She asks him if he remembers what happens. He tells her that he knows she was talking to him at the chapel, but he must've passed out it's too hazy to remember. He asks how she and the baby are doing with all this stress. She tells him that he was shot, fell off a building, nearly bled to death and he's worried about her? Liz tells Jason that the whole night has been a blur for them all. She says that she went numb when she thought he was dead. She thought about how much he means to her and all the years they've spent together. He tells her that he's still alive because of her. She's saved his lifeagain. He will always be grateful to her.

In the interrogation room, Sam asks Ric if he knows how Kristina is. He tells her that she saw her big sister shoot a man, what do she think? He says he might even have to bring her up on the stand, in fact.

Lorenzo lights a candle for Diego at the chapel. He prays that Diego can find some protection in heaven, since he was unable to protect him here on earth. Lorenzo asks God to grant him strength so that Diego's death can be avenged. He wants those responsible to pay for his son's suffering. Only then will Diego truly be at peace, Lorenzo cries and yells at the roof.

Back at the Spencer house, Lulu is very upset that Laura will be leaving again, so soon. Laura tells them that she wants to enjoy the time they have left. She wants to start tonight with one last Christmas! Nikolas is the first to speak that it's a good idea, but it's been a long day. (They all still have their wedding clothes on!) She tells them that she doesn't think it should wait. Luke says, What are we all standing here for? Mrs. Spencer wants Christmas; let's give her Christmaschop! Chop! Luke and Laura cheerfully hug while the three kids take off on a mission.

A little later, Lulu comes downstairs and tells Laura that she found the Christmas angel. Laura is troubled because she's holding an ornament with Lucky's name on it, but can't recall it. But then, she is excited to see one that is from when Lulu was a baby (that she remembers). Laura tells Lulu that when she was born, they were all so excited. She was the little girl they always wanted. Lulu gets upset again, and Laura tells her its time to talk about what she's been holding back.

At PCPD, Jax has come to see if Sam needs any help (on behalf of Alexis). Ric is being his normal awful self, but finally he leaves Sam and Jax alone. Sam is relieved to hear that Jax has spent time with her little sister. Jax tells her that it's not her fault. Sonny comes in to let Sam know that Jason is alive. Jax excuses himself so that they can talk privately. Sonny tells Sam that Jason was shot, but he'll be okay. She is to act like the grieving girlfriend until she hears back from him. Sam tells Sonny to give Jason her love.

At Liz's art studio, Carly knocks on the door. Liz lets her in and she rushes over to the sofa to be with her best friend. He tells her that he's okay, thanks to Elizabeth. Carly tells Liz that she can take care of Jason from here, but Liz doesn't want to step back. She reminds Carly that he needs medical attention. Carly tells Liz that she took a nasty fall at the wedding reception; maybe she's the one who needs medical attention. Jason was alarmed to hear that, so he agrees with Carly that she should go. Liz tells Carly how to care for Jason's wounds and leaves, after Jason thanks her again. When she's gone, Carly says, What the hell was that? She tells Jason not to get all caught up and let his gratitude to Liz turn into something else.

Liz goes to Kelly's and Mike talks her into getting more than just tea. She orders a grilled cheese, just to placate him. Lucky comes in to order a bunch of pies and cakes, and then explains to Elizabeth what's going on with Laura. Is that blood on your dress? he asks her. She looks down and sure enough, a big blotch of blood. Guess who else is at Kelly's for a bite, the DA himself. (It's unclear whether or not Ric has heard about the blood on Liz's dress.)

Jason asks Carly how Sam is doing and learns that she's in custody. But Carly is a wreck. For starters, she won't get off the Elizabeth tangent. She's warning JasonDon't get caught up in your old feelings and forget that the person that you're with is better for you.

Luke has found a pine tree to cut down, but it's on the Quartermaine grounds. Tracy finds him out there and lays into him. She demands to know what he is doing, steeling one of her trees. He keeps chopping and tells her that Laura is running out of time and she wants Christmas. Tracy is snotty with him and he cuts her to the bone with his words, I don't have time for your tantrums tonight.

Lulu finally gives in and talks to Laura about what's bothering her. She told her mother that over the summer she fell in love with Dillon Quartermaine -- even though he was dating Georgie Jones. Lulu tells her mother how, by telling a big lie, she was able to break them up. Laura thinks this is the extent of Lulu's story, so she comforts her and says that we all make mistakes. She smiles and tells Lulu that she can make up for deception, in time. Lulu breaks down and cries it wasn't just the lie, I got pregnant (Laura gasps)and I knew Dillon didn't love me. I had an abortion.

Laura takes Lulu in her arms and tells her it's okay. Laura can't imagine how difficult that must've been for her to make such a hard decision without her mother there to help her. Lulu asks if Laura hates her. What? How can you say that? If you weren't ready to be a mother, then I respect the choice that you made. I just feel horrible that I wasn't here to hold your hand and support you through that. Lulu tells her that she came to Shady Brook and talked to her about it. Laura tells her that if could have heard it, she would've said that she loves her and supports her and she always will.

In the dark yard, Luke apologizes to Tracy for being so short with her. Tracy tells him that his wife is waiting. Luke tells Spanky that he didn't mean to hurt her. She tells him that his love for Laura is deep and abiding and that he merely cares for her, so how badly can she be hurt? Then she leaves him alone with his tree to chop down.

At Kelly's, Liz quickly makes up a story about spilling some punch on her dress. Luckily, Mike brings Lucky three pumpkin pies at that moment. Lucky asks Liz to come along (to Laura's Christmas) because it would mean a lot to her. Since Ric is lurking around, and probably overheard the comment about the stain on Liz's dress, she said she'd love to go. They hurried out the door together.

At the art studio, Carly told Jason that she thought he might really be dead this time. She tells him that he is everything to her. Jason wisely asks her what's really going on, why is she rambling? She denies that anything's going on; she was just worried about him. He says that he'll listen, whatever it is. She finally gives in and tells him that she loves Jax and that he's a good man. He makes her a better person. Then, she finally stops rambling and explains what happened between her and Sonny tonight. She explains that when she found out that he wasn't really dead, everything came back. Everything about her and Jason and Sonnyand how they are family. Everything from all the yearscame back. (Sonny walks in the in the door, but her back is turned to him and she doesn't know it). Carly goes on to tell Jason, ...Sonny and I kissed and everything came back.

Carly stops talking when she realizes that Sonny has come in. She quickly tells him that Jason is doing okay. Sonny tells them that Sam is fine, and that Jax was there to support Sam. He begrudgingly admits that it was nice of Jax to do that. Carly rushes off and barely looks at Sonny as she leaves. After the door closes, Sonny tells Jason that Carly almost had him convinced that he was dead tonight. And, when something like that happens it either messes you upor makes things perfectly clear.

Lorenzo goes to the Quartermaines because he needs to hold his daughter. Skye tells him that she's asleep upstairs. Edward comes in the room and demands that Lorenzo leave. Lorenzo screams that his only son died tonight and he won't be turned away without seeing his daughter. Skye is saddened to hear about Diego, but tells both men that it's time to mourn both losses (Jason and Diego) and break the cycle of violence.

Outside at the Quartermaines, Dillon has found his mother crying. He talks with her awhile and learns that Luke didn't really go to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. So, that means Luke and Tracy are still married, Dillon realized. For what it's worth, Tracy tells him.

A merry scene is getting underway at the Spencers. Luke comes in with a mighty ho ho ho and says he found a tree that was dying to be a Christmas tree. Emily and Nikolas arrive; Lucky and Liz are already there. Liz pulls Emily aside and tells her that Jason is okay, but that she can't say more. Laura is staring blankly and Luke is trying to get her attention. Finally, she snaps to and nervously asks, Why is there a Christmas tree? No one knows how to react.

At PCPD, Sam finds Rodriguez and begs him to get the flash drive for her. He tells her that he can't, but she's implores him to help her. I can't be patient while Ric does more damage!

Jason tells Sonny that Sam can't stand to be trapped in jail; he has to go get her. He's worried that Spinelli will be online soon, messing around. Sonny pushes fluids on Jason because Carly told him to. Jason says that he's not sure Carly knew what she was talking about.

Carly goes home and runs in to Jax's arms. She kisses him and tries to get him to make love to her (even though the boys are just upstairs). Jax wants to know what's going on. She tells him that she wants him to know that he's the only man for her. So, off they go. Let's just hope they're quiet!

Lorenzo is holding sweet little Lila on his lap and talking about her older brother. He wishes he can take back some of the mistakes he made with his son. He's sweetly telling her that he missed most of her brother's life, but he won't do that with her. He wants to give her love and security. The baby actually smiles and we see that Skye is crying now. Lorenzo's sweet talk slowly turns angry as he vows that no one will ever hurt them again. Now, Skye looks concerned.

Edward has found Tracy on the grounds and learns that Luke is still married to her. The minister was an actor, Tracy tells him. Edward calls Luke a scoundrel and then realizes that he's still part of the family! Tracy says, coldly, Until I choose to divorce him. Edward hugs his daughter and tells her that she deserves more.

At the Spencer house, everyone explains to Laura why they are celebrating Christmas. She asks Luke to put the angel on top of the tree for her. She cries, Thank you for doing this for me. Now I get to make my wish. I wish that all of my children can find the same kind of love that I've found with you. He kisses her and they wish each other a Merry Christmas.

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