Lucky finds Luke at Johnny's garage, who broke in. Luke tries to lie, but then admits he knows the shipment Lucky is looking for is there. Lucky catches Luke up on his case and Luke tells him he fears Ethan is involved. Luke asks what happened to his head and Lucky tells him about his accident with Maxie. He also fills him in on Elizabeth and how Helena has been hanging around her. He can't forgive her yet, but still wants to protect her. He asks for Luke's advice and Luke says, "Key West is nice this time of year," and suggests they take off for a bit. Lucky isn't so sure about that, so Luke suggests he deal with his anger and the fact that he and Elizabeth are over. Lucky gets a call about Sonny's arraignment and they both assume Jason is already planning on busting him out. Luke warns that Lucky has to get himself together in order to safely deal with this situation.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny continues to try and convince Ethan to team up with him as Tracy comes aboard expressing her disdain. Johnny leaves and Tracy warns Ethan about him. He appreciates her concern, but he's lived by his wits for years. He's feeling too settled right now with a family and a stepmother who's worried about him. Tracy asks him to think about Luke, but Ethan doesn't want to start being the reliable son now.

Ethan meets up with Johnny on the docks while he's dodging bullets.

Jason comes home and says they may have to break Sonny out within the hour. He formulates a plan with Sam and Spinelli to get Sonny to South America, but Spinelli worries Jason will get arrested while helping Sonny escape. Jason says they don't have much of a choice right now and Spinelli gets back to work.

Jason, Max, Milo and Sam stand outside the courthouse ready to create a diversion in order to get Sonny out of there.

In court, the judge gets fed up with Alexis' constant interrupting and tells her to join the defense team or leave. She caves and agrees to Diane's terms that she join her firm and tells the judge bail has already been set so Dante doesn’t need to testify. The judge has to determine if Sonny is a flight risk, requiring him to revoke bail and calls Dante to the stand. Sonny wants his lawyers to protect Dante, but they remind him their job is to protect their client. Claire questions Dante who testifies Sonny has access to offshore funds. When asked about his shooting, Dante sticks to his story about shooting himself. Claire ends questioning and the judge calls a recess to make his decision about bail being revoked. Jax tells Claire so far he's not impressed, but she tells him she will do things her way. Sonny goes to shake Dante's hand and says he appreciates what he did. Dante ignores Sonny's gesture and tells him he doesn’t want him going to prison because he botched his arrest; he wants him to go to prison for killing Claudia. Sonny understands and says, "Goodbye, son." Sonny sits back down and Diane yells at him for talking to Dante. The judge returns ready to announce his decision.

At the hospital, Steve and Lisa look on as Patrick and Robin fight about Sonny and Dante. Patrick doesn’t care how nice Sonny was back in the day, because he is a professional criminal and worries about their daughter growing up in this town. Lisa wonders what's up with Robin and these mobsters. Robin defensively tells her they are her friends and that she doesn’t know their history. Lisa doesn't think there's much to know – they are criminals. Robin gets ganged up on and she tells Patrick he wins. Later, Steve tells Robin she was out of line and that's why they are getting out of there.

Steve brings Robin to Kelly's and buys her a chocolate milk shake, which he used to do for Liz when she got upset. They discuss Elizabeth's condition and then he asks what's going on with her because he can't have mobsters influencing patient care. She explains her history with Sonny and how she's seen a side to him not many others have. Right or wrong they have a bond no one can break. Steve wonders how she thinks that makes her husband feel and wonders if she's creating a boundary between them considering he can never understand what it's like to live with HIV. She's not trying to exclude him, she just doesn't want to be defined by her past and wants her life to feel normal.

Patrick angrily plays darts at Jake's, as Lisa enters, saying they need to sort this out for the good of everyone's working relationship. Patrick buys them a beer and they sit down to discuss Robin's connection to Port Charles' gangsters. He explains some of Robin's past, but notes she keeps that part of her life separate and he's not allowed in.

Next on General Hospital:

Lucky finds Jason in his car outside the courthouse.

Carly disrupts Sonny's arraignment.

Jason confronts Johnny and Ethan.

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